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On August 25, 2014
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Are you afraid that one day you will lose your entire hard-earned savings because of the current chaotic economy? You should be, because it has already happened to many people out there. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening to you by starting to invest in a gold IRA.

The biggest question is, which gold IRA Company should be entrusted with this mission?

In this review, we are going to discuss a gold IRA Company named Tulving that filed for bankruptcy on March 11, 2014. The reason why we do this review even when Tulving is no longer around is that there is some lesson we can learn from what happened.

Tulving Services

This part usually lists out the kinds of service the company offers. Since Tulving’s website is no longer available, I had to do some research to find something about their business. This is how the company operated before:

  • Had been in business since 1990
  • Tended to handle high volume orders
  • Was open 24/7 for both phone and email orders
  • Had relatively competitive pricing

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to learn about a company is through their reviews. Like most companies that went bankrupt, Tulving did not receive very positive feedback from their customers.

The first customer complains that he has hosted his entire life savings to Tulving:

“We placed our order on Jan 20th. Almost 2 months later, nothing happened yet, so we come to find out what’s going on.

This guy ripped us out of our life’s savings, which was well over $350k in our case.

This is so sickening, and I think it needs to be addressed as a criminal case not a civil case.” – Gregg 

This detailed review comes from a customer who did business with the company many times and believes that there was a sharp decline in service:

“I bought gold products that was listed as available on their website and paid by wire transfer. On 8/15/15 they sent me an email with an invoice and stated that they received the funds. 3 weeks later the items still didn’t show up. I’ve dealt with Tulving many times before, last time in late 2012. And each time their shipments only took a few business days at the most. This time is totally unexpected and I’m worried since I don’t know what’s going on with them. I tried calling their representative Karen a couple of times and each time they only states that they’re running behind and cannot offer a firm date of shipment.” – Jim 

This customer had a similar experience:

“I had the same experience as others: placing orders is as easy as a piece of cake, but receiving them is another story. It might take two, three months … nobody knows when you’ll get the items, and nobody knows what is going on either.” – Ann 

From the reviews above we should be able to have a picture of how Tulving did business. Below are some ratings for Tulving I collected on the Internet:

  • Alert Issued – BBB
  • 2/5 Trust Link
  • 1.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews


To conclude this review, we should find some lessons to learn from Tulving’s case. The most important lesson, in my opinion, is that your assets could be gone forever with your gold IRA Company in case the company goes under.

Normally in this part, I would give the reviewed company my own score, but I think it’s unnecessary, considering Tulving is no longer in business. Instead, what I would be willing to give you is a fair warning: the choice of a gold IRA company is very critical, because you could lose everything when they go out of business.


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