Republic Monetary Exchange

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On August 29, 2014
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Republic Monetary Exchange

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The economic stagnation can sweep all your savings away at any time beyond your control. One smart strategy to shield yourself and your lifesavings against such consequence is to invest in a gold IRA. It keeps your savings safe and also helps you earn capital gains over the time as its value increases steadily.

Republic Monetary ExchangeThis article will be about Republic Monetary Exchange. We will check out what they offer to their customers and see whether you can invest in them to protect your savings and your future.

Republic Monetary Exchange Services

Republic Monetary Exchange (RME) is an official IRA custodian and they are willing to help you build up your precious metal IRA, including starting a gold IRA from the very first step and performing 401k rollovers.

Their website also provides lots of information related to precious metals like silver, gold, and information on investments. If you are an investor who wants to do lots of research for your investments, the information offered by RME will be very useful to you.

Regarding their products, RME provides a wide range of both silver and gold coins and junk silver. A thing I found on their website and felt somewhat weird is that there is a section referring to platinum, but there is no platinum product listed or offered, and the company asks you to give them a call about platinum products. It is quite confusing.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read some reviews from customers of Republic Monetary Exchange to see what people say about this company and their attitude towards the company.

This customer has some complaints about the quoted price at RME:

“You’d better run far from this place if you want to be a smart shopper and to spend money widely. They charge over 30% higher than any other store. You can easily find many places with cheaper prices. Do not buy at this place.” – Danny

This review is quite positive towards the company:

“I placed two orders with them this year (2012) and had no problems. I just purchased 1 oz. maple leaf (gold). When I called, the quoted price was $1705/oz. There is a $65 “premium” charge, under 5%, I’m happy with that. Silver “peace $” was about 10% mark-up.” – Havier

Another customer feedback that complained about the overcharged price:

“My brother just purchases some silver for his IRA. The amount of money he had to pay was nearly 3 times the spot price of the silver. He also had to pay $150/year for asset storage and another $100/year for bookkeeping. This investment is totally out of his expectation. Instead, if he had just purchased that silver and kept it safe down under his backyard, he would have earned $600. This is so unacceptable.” – Jordan

And the general scores given to Republic Monetary Exchange by these customers are therefore not so good:


1.5/5 – Google Reviews

4.5/5 – PMBull

2/5 –

1.5/5 –

1/5 –


To be fair here, RME seems to be a merely average gold IRA custodian. They are almost the same as many other gold IRA firms, except for one thing: there is no platinum product offered at RME.

Regarding their business approach and customer feedback, they seem to receive lots of negative reviews about overcharging their customers. This is something that you must take into careful consideration, because you are seeking a safe and profitable investment channel, so the high price will decrease your chance of profit and also reduce the returns. This overpricing issue is very remarkable and my final score for RME is mostly influenced by this issue.

So the final score I give to Republic Monetary Exchange is: 4/10

Republic Monetary Exchange

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