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On July 3, 2014
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Regal Assets

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Many people are wondering how they could protect their lifetime saving from such a chaotic financial environment like what is happening nowadays when financial assets such as currency, stocks… are losing value faster and more spontaneously than ever before.

To protect their money, traders are turning assets to physical gold but they still face another challenge, the lack of a prestige service provider. Therefore, this review will introduce you an official gold IRA company, the Regal Assets, which would effectively assist you in securing you money by setting up a safe gold IRA. Take a look at this  regal assets review and find out whether it suits you or not.

regal asset reviewServices and Benefits

One special thing about Regal Assets is that they provide some particular services that you hardly find in any other company. Those specific services are listed as follow:

  • Regal Assets buy back products at the spot price so you would gain the highest benefit.
  • Smaller assets would be delivered via insured mail while other larger assets would be taken care of by Brinks, an armored delivery service with secured facility and armed guards.
  • They have a very competitive flat fee in the industry which eventually covers your expense in the first year.
  • Their policy ensures a 7-day period for all assets such as gold, silver, and platinum to provide fastest access to your products.

However, those are not all bonuses that you would enjoy at Regal Asset because there are some more services at this company that you would not expect at a Gold IRA company:

  • They purchase the IRS-approved gold
  • They help setting up a self-oriented IRA
  • They ensure the security and safety of your asset
  • Their asset list allows you to trade with diverse valuable products such as silver and platinum.

Finally, unlike other companies which might leave you alone after the purchase, Regal Asset not only acts as a gold broker but it also takes further steps to help investors direct their trade and manage their accounts.

Reputation and Track Record

I must confess that I did have to forget my first attempt to seek for some negative points about this company. In other words, I would say it is one of the best and most honesty company that I have ever reviewed in the gold investment industry. What I find about Regal Asset are the over-expected reputation and the unimaginably flawless track record. You may not believe what is written below but I could guarantee that they are all true. The Company has:

  • Perfect score with the BBB
  • Perfect score with the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance)
  • Perfect score with TrustLink

What could we expect more from a gold expert? Anyway, it is just some points from the market. In the next part, we are going to see how the market, our customers talk about this company.

Customer Feedback

“I absolutely recommend this company. The sign-up process was amazingly fast and I was updated continuously. All the transition and transfer are smooth as well. I have a personal advisor, Christian Howard, who guided me devotedly to help me understand the situation thoroughly and made sure I could have the best deal. Don’t worry if you are a novice. This is a great company for anyone!” – David J.
“This transaction is such a successful deal, and we could do it thanks to the help from Collin Plume and his associates Adam M.& Leah K. It my truly my pleasure to have chance working with such a great company.”– Andrea P.

“Professional and respectful. That’s what I feel when I first contacted with Christian Howard of Regal Assets. Back those days, I quit my job and have to make end meets with my 401K. Gold investment was my choice because I believed it was a good industry and I could easily earn money from there. Well, I was wrong as my first attempt to enter the market by contacting some companies showing no positive results at all. Most of them cared nothing but only how to take my money as soon as possible. I was quite disappointed as I intended to leave but then I changed my mind when I met him. He is such a professional expert, caring and up front about everything I need to know. He is a good adviser.”– Chris L.

There are tons of positive feedbacks like this and you could get more under my review, but I believe some like these might help you get the image now. What about negative comments? I swear I didn’t find any. This is unbelievable that I couldn’t find any complain about this company among thousands of online feedbacks. However this is the truth! We have some scores for Regal Assets:

Education for Potential Customers

Regal Assets has differentiated it from other companies by a very smart move – it provides customers with a Gold IRA Rollover Kit, which is a collection built with all basic information needed for a potential client to penetrate the market, but that’s not all about this product.

Inside that Kit, we could find a documentary about the Federal Reserve as well as a free copy of the 2013 Forbes magazine where it is featured. Hence, new and potential clients could grasp all their need inside a small but thorough Kit.

IRA Rollover Process and Customer Service

regal assets goldThe first step to begin trading with Regal Assets is to turn your current non-gold IRA to a gold IRA by moving your existing IRA or 401(k) to the company in two ways:

  • The first simple method is to transfer your current IRA into gold IRA. Remember the most important requirement you need to meet for this method is that the transfer must be done between two custodians as the new account with the name of the custodian where you transfer your IRA to will be under distribution check.
  • The second method is to rollover your IRA, then take distribution from your existing IRA and move them to your new IRA. To avoid taxes or penalties, you should do this only in 60 days after withdrawing your distribution. Put in mind that this method is available only every 12 months if the benefits of an IRA, particularly tax ones are reserved.

Personal Experience

Actually I do not believe everything I read about Regal Assets online. It seems unreal that a company gets no negative feedback from clients. Therefore, I conduct my own research about this company to test their operation. I called them and experienced their service by myself. What I discovered indeed amazed me.

Instead of trying to sell any product like other companies always telling me about the positive side of the gold industry, how much I could gain and how fast it could be, this company gave me the truth, both the good and ugly ones about investing in a gold IRA rollover. They didn’t push me to buy or to do anything and they were also really customer-oriented as their services are available in diverse investment packages which suit different needs.

As opposed to the common trend of increasing sells as much as possible, Regal Assets focuses extensively on the precious metals market which could probably explain why they are the best in this market.


This is the only time that I would give the ultimate 10/10 score for a gold IRA company. It is true that I never believe that there would be such a perfect company like this which would persuade me to give them the best score but this company eventually did that. What Regal Assets has been doing is incredible; they know exactly what the customers need and how they could meet those demands. I could give you a few good points in this Regal Assets review as the summary below:

  • Honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service
  • Creating custom packages based on client needs
  • Moving smoothly your existing IRA into a precious metals IRA without any tax or penalty.
  • Closely connect with precious metals market so they always catch up with the latest trend and can advise you on how to gain the most from your investment.

Nevertheless, to fully experience their service, contact them and check it yourself. I guarantee you would be satisfied.


Regal Assets

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