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On September 1, 2014
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Provident Metals

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In our current terrible economic situation, it is possible that you can lose all your money and savings at any time and all those years of hard working just go straight down the drain. Our economy is going through a big meltdown and you need to find a way to secure your life savings. A gold IRA is one of the smarted investments for this purpose.

Provident Metals reviewIn this article, we will talk about Provident Metals, find out more about their services and products and see whether you can rely on them to protect your savings and your future from the faltering economy.

Provident Metals Service

Provident Metals offers some really cool products that stand out from those of other companies. What I want to mention here is their precious metal package and themed coins. Some of their fascinating products are:

  • Birds of Prey: Peregrine Falcon – this coin features Queen Elizabeth II and the well-known peregrine falcon.
  • Zombucks the Barber: Currency of the Apocalypse – this is a coin set produced with zombie theme.
  • Nick Stram: Fit to Fight Cancer – this is has a very special meaning. All of the profit gained from this coin will go straight to the family of Nick Stram to help him fight against cancer and the costly treatment.
  • Molon Labe – This coin series has ancient Spartan themes decorated with modern weaponry.

These products may seem pretty strange and unusual to most people, but they are actually real products that Provident Metals offers to customers. One more fascinating feature of Provident Metals is that they also sell foods and gear that has the “survivalist” style, as described on their website.

Regarding the precious metal IRA service for your life savings, Provident Metals is not an official IRA custodian, and they don’t provide such service. However, they claim to be in partnership with some prestigious IRA custodians that are well-known in the field, and they seem willing to refer you to their precious metal IRA partners to help you with your retirement investment.

Customers Review

In this part, we will read reviews from customers to see what they say about this company. Feedback for Provident Metals seems to be mixed.

This review compliments the company on their quick delivery:

“My silver dollar order was done and delivered within 3-4 days.” – Paul 

Also about shipping, another customer was not so happy:

“I placed two orders with Provident Metals. The first order was delivered to me only after a month. The second order has yet to come although it has already been nearly a month. They have received my money, but I have yet to receive my items.” – Wiley

Many reviews complaint on the bad packaging of delivered items. This review describes the issue very clearly:

“My coins were delivered without any protective material, no bubble wrap, papers or anything to protect the items. Half of the Almost Uncirculated Morgan Silver dollarswere terribly damaged with scratches, and one coin tube was cracked. My coin order was worth $3200, and the scratched dollars accounted for about $700 because of the bad packaging.” – Richard 


2.6/5 – Site Jabber

3.5/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

You can see that Provident Metals receives merely average scores.


Considering all the things I found about Provident Metals, let’s give this company a final score after all. The most outstanding feature about this company is perhaps their unique coin products, which appeal to some people. Some may think they are very weird.

Provident Metals offers a lot of unusual coins to their customers. That’s a cool thing. However, they are NOT an IRA custodian of gold or other precious metals. To put it frankly, they offer no service for your IRA, they will just guide you to their partners.

So the final score for Provident Metals:

  • 7/10 for being a precious metal dealer
  • 3/10 for IRA service

Although Provident Metals is not a recommended choice when it comes to gold and precious metal IRA, their precious metal dealer business seems very decent with a minor shipping issue. Also, Provident Metals is highly recommended if you are looking for weird unique coins.

Provident Metals

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