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On September 7, 2014
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In this article we will check out Pianegonda to see what they offer and whether they are the right choice for you in protecting your money.

Pianegonda Offers

Pianegonda is a jewelry brand from Italy. Jewelry can be considered an investment as its value does not quickly depreciate like that of currency, stocks, or bonds. In addition, jewelry also has very high liquidity, so you can sell your old jewelry to get quick cash. I tend to mention these issues in my reviews.

Regarding Pianegonda, they are a mere brand of jewelry with no business service or any focus on investment. Speaking of investment, it is common that you can buy jewelry from places like Pianegonda and earn capital gains from the increase in value, yet that is not the purpose of this review, so I will not talk much about that.

The website of Pianegonda shows some information about their business activity. Here is the mission statement from their website:

“Handcrafted jewels in silver 925 and natural stones, completely Made in Italy, created for modern women who communicate their strong personality. Innovation, design and stylistic research are always the essential values of the brand, founded in 1994 in Vicenza.

The Pianegonda brand has established itself in international markets thanks to the high quality of its materials and workmanship, as well as its unique design and a revolutionary concept in the world of accessible luxury: transforming silver into a noble material by using it alongside precious and natural stones.”

There is nothing more to say about this company. There is really not much to discuss, so we will read customer feedback about them.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read customer feedback about Pianegonda to check out customers’ attitude towards their services and quality. However, there is only one customer review from Yellow Pages. The review praises the company for their products:

“The products from this company are exceptional, fashionable and very beautiful!” – Edward

And I could only find one score for Pianegonda, also from Yellow Pages: 5/5 – Yellow Pages


There is nothing more to discuss. Pianegonda is a mere jewelry store with no investment service. They are simply a jewelry store, so they may be the right choice for you if you want to buy some jewelry. For the investment purpose and protection of your savings, Pianegonda is not really an option. So the final score is: 0/10 if you are looking for an investment option.


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