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On September 5, 2014
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Only Gold

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The national debt of the USA has gone from bad to worse and the value of the US dollar is on a downward slope. Many hardworking American are losing their money and all their retirement savings because of the fluctuations and deterioration of financial assets like bonds and stocks.

Only Gold reviewDespite the troubling economic times, people that decide to put their investments into gold and precious metals are enjoying higher and higher asset value, as gold value increases regardless of the bad economic situations. Therefore, gold becomes one of the most trustworthy and effective asset in the strategy to keep your savings safe and secure.

If you are seeking a certified gold custodian to help you with your gold assets and investments into gold IRA, this review will tell you some information about Only Gold to see whether they are a suitable option.

Only Gold Services

The first impression I have with Only Gold is their website. It hurts my eyes! The design of this website is so old-fashioned and messy that it looks like someone just took a website from the 90s and put the Only Gold logo on it. It is totally jumbled and cluttered.

Despite having such a terrible website crammed with messy texts and links, Only Gold seems to organize their business in a very simple model: They function like a gold and precious metal store.

Besides operating like a precious metal store, Only Gold also offers a huge amount of useful information regarding gold and precious metals. You can find such information in their website once you can understand and find a way to navigate through its terrible chaotic layout.

Gold Only also provides an article directory that contains more than 300 articles dating back to 1999. Nonetheless, whether or not you can find anything useful or learn anything from these articles is still unknown, considering that page’s caption:

Some timeless
Some once timely
Some probably just time wasters

Most of the articles in the directory are all the way obsolete, yet there are some recent articles you can use to find useful information.

To be honest here, the services provided by Only Gold are very simple and there is actually nothing much to talk about. They sell and buy gold and provide a large collection of information about precious metals with questionable usefulness.

Although the name of the company is Only Gold, they in fact also offer platinum, palladium and silver in their store.

One important thing to note about Only Gold is that they do NOT provide gold IRA service. If you are seeking a company to help you with establishing your gold IRA, monitoring your gold IRA, and storing your precious metals, Only Gold is not what you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

There seems to be a strange lack of customers review about Only Gold. I could only dig up a few reviews online. Perhaps the problem here is due to their “Only Gold” name that is generic and really bad for searching.

Here are some customer reviews I found about Only Gold. In this review, the customer said that he received a free silver eagle in his package:

“I placed my order at Only Gold through a simple purchase online website and a week later the package was delivered. Insurance and shipping were already included in the price. It came to me as a surprise that I found a free silver eagle in the delivered package.” – Douglas

Another customer received a free 2013 Silver Snake in his package:

“I was very satisfied with the professional and outstanding service that our representative Cathy gave us. And it came to our complete surprise that there was a free 1 oz. 2013 Silver Snake included in the package delivered to us. It was awesome!” – Ed

I also found a review from PMBull about Only Gold, yet it confuses me how they consider the website of Only Gold as “excellent”:

“The Company Only Gold in Phoenix, Arizona receives their first review from PMBull. Only Gold satisfies all of our fundamental criteria set up for gold and silver dealers in our directory. There is no review about this company on Yelp. Instead, Only Gold has a working store, an excellent online presence, and an A+ score given by BBB.

Though you may suppose that Only Gold offer only gold bullions and coins to their customers, as given by the name, the company in fact also provides silver coins and numismatics. If you are searching to purchase gold bullions or American Eagles in Phoenix, Arizona, Only Gold seems to be a very suitable place for your purpose.” – PitBull

Another review from Compare Gold Coin Dealers:

“Only Gold seems to be a great place for investors who buy in large sums only. Small investors may get lost in the business here. The minimum gold purchase at Only Gold is 10 ounces. So, Only Gold is a good place for you if you are purchasing gold in large sums.” – Alex

There is not much information to find about Only Gold in popular sites such as Yelp or TrustLink. However, there are some scores given to this company as follows:

4.1/5 – New Gold Investments

4.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB


The fact that there are only a few customer reviews about this company bugs me really much and it is hard to give an opinion on them. Only Gold seems to be a pretty nice dealer of gold and precious metals that has a terrible website design.

However, here is the most important information: Only Gold does NOT provide gold IRA service.

So the final score for them would be:

  • 5/10 as a gold and precious metal dealer
  • 0/10 as an IRA company (Only Gold is NOT)

Only Gold

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