Maine Gold Silver

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On August 17, 2014
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Maine Gold Silver

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The scenario that all your lifetime saving could disappear in just a blink of the eye could be horrible to many people and they are happening right now. To protect them from that disaster, many have been searching for method to save their money. One of Maine Gold Silverthe best waythey figure out is the gold IRA industry, a promising market which not only help you save your money but also gain profit from it.

This review would focus on a company in this industry, Maine Gold & Silver and see whether it could meet your demands.

Maine Gold Silver Services

Self-introducing as a jewelry and coin store run by family on their website, Maine Gold & Silver works as a dealer in the precious metals markets, but they apparently pay more attention on the jewelry. Particularly they offer the following stuff:

  • Estate jewelry
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Coins and Bullion

Although it’s a quite small company, Main Gold & Silver does have an interesting program named “Shop from Home” which functions to help you take at look at other jewelry companies and then do business with them through Main Gold & Silver. However, it is a pity that they do not enclose the mail-in as well as delivery program, resulting in the fact that you have to complete the transaction in person at their location in South Portland ME. Therefore, if you are not in that region, well probably you should look for another store.

Customer Reviews

In this part of our Maine Gold & Silver, we would see how customers evaluate this company’s service and products.

Overall, the first one feel rather satisfied but he still faces some problems from the new staff:

“I have traded with them for quite a long time and most of the experiences there were good. Their staffs are very pleasant and willing to explain everything to me regardless my lack of knowledge. In general, I feel very good except only one time. The person I dealt with that time was completely new as I never met him before. Well, I have been doing business with them for a while and I think I know all the team. He was really upset and almost pissed me off. I hope that doesn’t happen very often” – Phillipe L.

This customer feel pleased with their service and jewelry:

“I bought all of my jewelry there. One word only: wonderful!” – Johnson F.

Another also had trouble with the customer service:

“I am very pleased with their crew. Once there searching some quarters for my son, I had to admit that I knew little things about those. But they were more than willing to help me. I appreciate that! – Martin S.

However, one feedback seems to be so negative and aggressive.

“Never trade with them again! It appeared that what they were trying to do is to take as much money from me as possible. I brought there 3 pieces of jewelry which were an emerald gem ring in a 14k white gold setting, a silver and platinum necklace. I’m pretty sure all of them are worth over $800 but you know, they offered me only 23 dollars???

Based on my situation, I think that was apparently discrimination against gender, age. So anyone longing to involve in this business should seriously consider this before trading with them!” – Kolo T.

This company receives both good and bad remarks so it is quite an average candidate in this market. You could also consider some scores I came across from other sites:

3.1/5 – Google Reviews

4/5 – Superpages

A+ – BBB


My overall score for this Maine Gold & Silver reviewis: 4/10

I won’t recommend this company for two main reasons. First, you are unable to trade with them if you do not live in the South Portland ME area. However, that isn’t the biggest obstacle. Another reason is that they have been receiving so much complaint for their customer service as well as pricing evaluation. Therefore, before doing business with them, you should consider other companies first.

Maine Gold Silver

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