Lincoln Coin and Bullion

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On August 19, 2014
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Lincoln Coin and Bullion

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Have hyperinflation and the weak US dollar worried you? Did you search for any shelter that could save your money? Well at least there is one choice left for you: the Gold IRA industry.

Lincoln Coin and BullionIn this review, we would learn about the Lincoln Coin and Bullion, one of the typical companies in this market and see how its strategy would suit your requirements.

Lincoln Coin and Bullion Services

A concerning disadvantage of this company is the lack of information on their website. Therefore, if you are serious about investing in this company, you have only one choice to get more information which is to go to their store in Lincoln Nebraska and take a look at their product list. Furthermore, you should notice that no mail is available on their website, meaning the best way to do business with them is to live around their area in Lincoln Nebraska or the surrounding.

In general, the best information I could find on their website were quotes regarding what they buy and sell as follow:

“Our product list covers all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium which are shaped in form of coins, bullion, jewelry, dental gold, sterling flatware etc. Furthermore, our policy allows customers to have free quotes regardless whether they buy or sell at our store.”

The next quote found on their site mentions an extra tool working to authecate the legitimacy of the precious metals provided:

“We proudly have an advanced technology in our system, the Thermo Scientific Precious Metal Analyzer relying on x-ray technology to quickly scan the metals and accurately identify the metal content so as to detect counterfeit metals including both plated and or incorrectly stamped.”

Customer Reviews

This part of our review would show you how well this company has performed so far depending on the judgment of the customers:

The first customer seems to have a nice experience with Lincoln Coin and Bullion:

“I sold my “dental gold” (gold from dental crowns, in case you have no idea) for them and the price totally surprised me as it was 30% higher than any other place I have visited. Also their product list, especially the old coins and bills was really decent. I absolutely appreciate team.”– Bob

Short and positive, this comment once again states the satisfaction:

“I love it.”– Daniel

This trader also appreciates their customer service:

“Their representatives, whom I worked with, Scott and Deb, were excellent. They are very professional and devoting, offering me bunch of collector and bulk silver coins and show no discrimination between those who sell or buy.” – Skyler.

As expected, not many reviews or feedbacks are available for a small business like this, but most of those I can have my eye on show fairly positive remark. Here are some scores from other sources:

4.7/5 – Google Reviews (from 5 reviews)

A+ – BBB


I grade the Lincoln Coin and Bullion 5/10

It seems to be a rather good company but as if you are a serious investor, the lack of focus on the IRAs and precious metals investment might poses a significant concern about whether you should put your money here or not. In addition, the fact that you can only trade with them smoothly if your location is in Lincoln Nebraska area might make you think seriously again about your investment here.

Lincoln Coin and Bullion

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