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On August 20, 2014
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Liberty Coin Service

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Have you ever heard about the IRA Gold industry, a promising market that would help you protect your saving from the serious effects of unstable economy? If not, then you should learn about it right now since many have been successful while trading in this market and probably you could be the next.

This review would take you to a company in this market, the Liberty Coin Service and find out whether it could provide you with any proper help to protect your savings.

Liberty Coin Service Services

As its name implies, the Liberty Coin Services trade coins, buying and selling them. However, their “Extensive in-stock inventory of rare coins, paper money, gold, silver, platinum and palladium” is an extra feature, whose purpose is unclear as we have not much information on their website. Interestingly, we find that beside standard gold, silver and other precious metals, this company also does business with rare stuff including antique toys, sports cards, military collectables, and historical documents, making it attractive for traders who possess ancient things and want to make money from those.

Though their website does not provide us with sufficient information, it is also noticeable to know that Liberty Coin Service have a news letter archive on their website which collects stuff back to 2000, if you can not reach them directly.

If all we mentioned above make you curious and want to do business with this company, you are unable to do so if your location is outside Lansing Michigan area as they are now available only in that area.

Customer Reviews

We spare this part in our Liberty Coin Service review to research feedbacks about this company and see how people evaluate it

This trader think it is a fairly good company, but also emphasize that this is his only choice in the area:

“Though people have been questioning about their customer services, I myself have real experience trading there and it is all fine. My trade with them was about coins, for bullions purpose. Most of the business was initially conducted via phone and they responded quite fast to have a complete process set up for me to choose and buy coins. The only annoying thing is that they work quite late in the morning, around 10am while I often work late at night. They offer me buyer in just minutes and all were arranged rather quickly. Finally, I come to their office and they were very professional. Well, I think they are good, but as they are the only in town, I do not know about other companies for a fair comparison.” Cesc 

Although he had to deal with some issues related to its location, this customer was generally satisfied withLiberty Coin Service.

“This company locates in a deep basement of the Bank of America building and it has very few rooms with no much space and cases of coins. I do not know what to expect as I have never visited a coin/bullion store before. However, I strongly recommend their customer service. Their staffs were excellent, very patient and knowledgeable. They had a diverse product list of old America silver but still patiently worked with me to find out what I need. In addition, they also buy and sell gold as well as silver.

If you are worried about their location, it is also noticeable that they are moving their office to Frandor Shopping Center and will be soon located in  the center of the shopping center” – Matt 

Another client feel impressed with this company’s customer service:

“Honesty is the thing I appreciate the most here. The book, which is the reference to estimate your value was put on the table so that you can see everything they do and sweep away the skepticism. The crew was also very professional and full of energy”– Eric

The general score for this precious metals dealer is good, though there are just a few feedback:

4/5 – Yelp (from 2 reviews)

4.5/5 – Yellow Pages ( from 4 reviews)

A+ – BBB


The final scores for Liberty Coin Service are presented as below:

1/10 – for IRA services (one point for their newsletter archives)

7/10 – as a coin/collectable dealer

A plus point of this company is the fact that its product list covers some very odd products such as sports cards, military items, and even dinosaur fossils. However, as they spread their activities on so many items, they easily lack focus on their main product which is the precious metals, resulting in the ignorance of IRA investors.

In addition, if you are not in the Lansing Michigan or nearby area, I think there is not much thing this company would do for you apart from the newsletter archive feature on their website.


Liberty Coin Service

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