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On July 3, 2014
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Most people seek for a famous and prestige company as their partner while entering a new market. However, that method is Kitco reviewrather difficult with the gold IRA market since it is quite a young industry with not many companies that can meet that demand. Fortunately, we still have some renowned candidates with long and reputable history, which you would feel pleased while trading with. One of them is Kitco. This company has a strong base with years of experiences in not only IRA gold but also the financial market. Read more about it in our Kitco Review below.

About Kitco

Kitco is an international organization specializing in gold and precious metals retailing as well as providing refining services with its base in New York and other offices in Montreal and Hongkong. It also forms partnership with various Gold IRA companies through which it provide the precious metals and conduct other services. Beside that alliance, Kitco maintains its business as the leading company in selling precious metals, particularly gold and purchasing them for cash, which also bring them the reputation. Although this company has not official registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it still receives a rating of A+. Very impressive right?


It is undoubted that the experiences are the strongest competitive advantage of Kitco. With the operation lasting for over thirty years, the experts Kitco gold irahere could easily provide you with the whole picture of the market and suggest the best solution for your business. Furthermore, they could instantly identify scams and prevent lost of money even before they happen. Besides, if you need to keep updated about the value of your precious metals, Kitco’s special feature known as the comprehensive pricing displays could bring you the latest information anytime you need.


In recent years, there have been some rising complaints about Kitco. Most of them are closely connected with Kitco’s advertising activities, as the customers are not satisfied with what they gain in comparison with the company’s advertisement. In addition, their customers are also concerning about the mediocre customer service as it fails to provide them with proper support. Particularly, the lack of updating modern conveniences such as online chat has indeed posed some challenges for customers to get information continuously in the competitive market.

Customer Reviews

To have a close and truthfully look about Kitco, let’s see how other people involving in Kitco customer service talk about this company in their reviews:

“Well I have been dealing some big businesses with them. The prices are good, but they really need to improve their customer service, which, in my opinion, is so terrible. They need to train their staff team with updating knowledge and recruit well-experienced employees. Also they must improve the quality of their delivery as they almost lost 10 OZ of my gold, but find them later on” – Willian H.
“I have wonderful experience trading with Kitco. Personally, I think this is a very good company. Their crew is awesome as they are very professional, knowledgeable and caring with smile. Another issue is about the intermediary bank fees as almost every bank charges this fee, but here at Kitco we don’t have to care about that” – P. Jones
“People say good things about Kitco, but I had real experiences trading with them. Unfortunately, I must say that they are not very good ones and give me many questions concerning their service quality. I have traded with them 3 times in 2006 and two of them had really serious issues:

A/ Switch and bait. I am sure 100% that my junk silver originates from US. Well, they have bald eagle and the statement “United States of America” printed on the back. However when I sent them my junk quarters, it said they were from Canada?

B/ Weight and karat different. Kitco said that some of my packages sent to them were plated despite the fact that I bought them from authentic US jewelry stores with certificates of 14, 18 and 22 karat… and, well, all have stamped tag on the gold chains about their purity.” – L.S 

There are not only complements but also complaints about Kitco. Apparently, it is a quite controversial company to say at least. Therefore, we should take a look at their score from other reviews to see how they judge this company:

4.2/10 – TrustPilot

1/5 – Yelp

3/5 – Silver & Gold Daily

A + – BBB

Overall, Kitco is not a bad choice for anyone who wants to join the Gold IRA market. It has good establishment, pricing policies, impressive offers and other advantages. However, regarding their service and experience, it is obvious that we could choose many other gold IRA companies, which have better services and experiences.


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