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On August 25, 2014
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Colorado Gold

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Nowadays, Gold IRA has emerged to be one of the most potential market, not only for Colorado Gold reviewones who love trading precious metals but also for those whose savings are being ripped off by the shaking economy, crisis and hyperinflation. In this review, we would take a look at Colorado Gold, one of the typical gold IRAcompany and find out how it could help save your money.

Colorado Gold Services

Run by a team of four members, three of which are from a family: Don Scott and his two children, David and Melissa alongside with a partner named Morgan, this precious metals dealer reminds us of the family companies in which we could hardly distinguish the owners and the workers and it also poses many questions about the company’s transparency as well.

Below is the product list that Colorado Gold offers:

  • Gold bullion coins and bars
  • Silver bullion coins and bars
  • Platinum bullion coins and bars
  • Palladium bullion coins and bars

Besides selling those products, they also have buying activities and provide an online handy order tracking function. As it doesn’t act as a true IRA custodian, Colorado Gold also forms partnership with other IRA companies such as The Entrust Group, Self Directed IRA, and New Direction IRA.

Customer Reviews

This part would show you exactly the quality of Colorado Gold’s services through the remarks of its customers:

The experience of the first customer is quite pleasant:

“Every time I do business with them, they always make me feel good with their products and services. That’s why I have been working with them for a while” – Mark

Though the shipping has been sometimes delayed, but overall, this customer is still satisfied with what he receives from Colorado Gold:

“The office is quite small and you can hear all the sound murmuring around whenever calling them, so make the call quickly and efficiently. The only issue I faced after my four transactions here is that the shipping is a little bit delayed but Don Scott also informed me in advance, so it’s not a big issue. The prices they offer are really good and you couldn’t find any better deal in the market. Well, I think my business with this company is great” – Mike

I couldn’t find not much things about Colorado Gold online, but some scores from other sources are available as below

4.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB


My overall score for this Company is 7/10.

This is definitely not a very high score as there are two things I concern the most about here: shortage of reviews or feedbacks and limited IRA custodian options. I would grade them higher than 7 if they let customers choose whichever custodians that they feel suit them the most. But to be honest, as least there are three IRA custodian options here, more than other companies which often provide only one choice. Although this is a family company, it is quite well-organized and operates smoothly like any other dealer in the market.

Colorado Gold

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