Panda America

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In such a faltering economy nowadays, it is possible that you can lose all your savings in a blink of an eye and all those years of hard working just go straight down the drain. However, you can protect yourself and your savings from the threats of the economic panda america reviewmeltdown by carrying out gold IRA investments. In some cases, your savings can even grow bigger and you can earn profit from this investment.

In this article, we will talk about Panda America to learn more about their services and products, and to check out whether they are worth your investment to protect your retirement savings.

Panda America Services

Panda America offers a diverse variety of coins to their customers, including various coins from all over the world like the Chinese Pandas, coins from Singapore, the US, German coins, etc.

The business focus of Panda America is not only coin collectors, but also customers that want to buy bullions, Chinese Panda coins, and even silver bars.

Panda America also has a very fascinating product – the coin bezel. You can put the coin you purchase from Panda America into the bezel and make it a fashionable pendant. This item is very interesting and useful. However, I suppose you shouldn’t use it with precious metals of investment grade.

This company has a store on eBay with lots of customers and they seem to have a good reputation.

There is nothing more to talk about Panda America. All of their products and services have already been mentioned above. On their website, I found a section called “Collectables”, but currently it is still empty.

An important note about Panda America: they are NOT an IRA custodian and therefore do NOT have IRA service.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read some customer feedback on Panda America to see what people say about this company and their attitude towards the service quality.

This feedback from a customer complaint on the price quoted at Panda America that was claimed higher than at anywhere else:

“Panda America is very professional and reliable. But their prices are higher than those from other dealers. They have a store on eBay and I have done great business with them through eBay, but the prices they offer on their site are far from competitive.” – Ethan

This long feedback complaint that the quality of customer services went down remarkably during the past years:

“It has been 5 years since I started buying Chinese Panda coins from this company. However, ever since 2012 till now, the customer service at Panda America has gone down incredibly. My recent orders with them have been late for delivery several times and they even deliver the wrong items. My order was clear that the product I wanted was 2010 panda coin, and the coin I received in the package was 2013 coin. Also, an item went missing although they already received my payment for it. I put that item on back order and ended up waiting for many months to actually receive the coin, yet they already took my money in the first place when I placed the order. I tried to call the customer service to solve this annoying problem, but to no avail. I will find another dealer for my future business.” – Hunter

And on the contrary, the reviews on eBay are mostly laudation.

“Outstanding dealer! Many thanks! A+

Exceptional products and delivery, Package comes as described. You are great! A++.

My items were delivered with professional packaging. Great!”

Generally, the score for Panda America is not very positive, but that is because only one or two reviews contribute to rating this company. On the contrary, their eBay score is very appealing.

1.7/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

3/5 – Yelp

100% Positive – eBay

No rating – BBB


The outstanding feature of Panda America is that they offer a very diverse range of coins from all over world. These international coins are not easily found at any other store. Another great thing about this company is their bullion items. However, they are NOT an IRA custodian and offer no IRA service, so I cannot recommend them to you. But if you are an experienced investor who knows very much about making investments into precious metals, or if you are performing investments with the assistance of a certified IRA custodian, then you can check out the wide range of products at Panda America for your investment.

The company receives many negative reviews about the bad customer service, as well as the quoted prices on their website that are considered as unattractive. On the contrary, reviews about their eBay store are mostly laudation.

So I give Panda America the final score as follows:

  • 7/10 if you want to buy coins from them
  • 0/10 if you want to find an IRA custodian for your retirement saving

Bullion Direct

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The recent economic crisis alongside with the dying US dollar and the inflation have pushed people to find shelter for their savings as it is now easier than ever before to lose your money in just an eye blink. Some has discovered a perfect solution, the gold IRA market as a new method to keep their money safe. However, to be honest, this is Bullion Direct reviewdefinitely boring to just keep your money as gold or other precious metals in the bank accounts because we have better solutions which could not only act as your custodian but also bring more profit than you could imagine. Let’s take a look at the Bullion Direct and find out what service could this company offer you to.

Services and Products

The first thing you need to know about this company is that it is not a gold IRA company anymore. They have stated clearly on their official website, claiming that Bullion Direct no longer supports new IRA enabled trading accounts but still takes care of the existing ones still. Instead, they have a completely new vision for the IRA program, which is to develop an integrated, efficient and self-directed solution that could turn the operation and management of an IRA enabled trading account into an easy and comfortable experience. Therefore, our main path now would be to build the business relying on the self-directed model and provided Standard traders with the best service. Furthermore, the IRA program would also be reactivated once other targets are acquired.

Though it is not an IRA gold company anymore, Bullion Direct still carries out the selling activities of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. In addition, they also have a very interesting program which is called Nucleo Exchange Program. It is basically a real-time platform which enables traders to anonymously carry out business such as buying and selling precious metals in real time. However, their website is obviously a disadvantage as it is messing, hard to navigate around and find what you want.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always the best solution to see how effectively a company is running.  Below are some reviews for the Bullion Direct that we take from other traders in the market:

You might be surprised, as other customers, about the fact that there is no phone number available at Bullion Direct. All activities are supervised via email only and many find it to be extremely inconvenient:

“It is definitely unacceptable not to have a phone number while you are such a company like this. You are holding our investment, so I need someone real that I could speak to and be able to answer my questions instead of writing several emails to get your dubious response. I think this company must change the way it communicate with its customers otherwise I would never do business with them again” – Gerrad P.

Another miserable customer had difficulty with both customer service and the Nucleo Exchange Program:

“I use the Nucleo Exchange to buy some silver rings. Then I sent them through a Money Order, clear it and paid the balance. After that, I wait for the compulsory clearance period right after made a Product Draw request. As the Product Draw cleared and it turned to the “Pending Shipment” mode, it is supposed that the silver rounds must have been shipped, but that never happened. I emailed them quite a few times and asked for the cancellation of the Product Draw. But they made no response at all!” – David A.

However, not everybody has trouble contacting Bullion Direct as this customer describes how it is easy for him to get their response via chat:

“I once had same communication problem with Bullion Direct via email without phone number, but one day I tried another way, the chat box and amazingly they are responsive quite quickly. Since then, that is the only way of communication between me and them.” – Daniel A.

Unfortunately I found no chat service after scanning their website, noticing that they have a forum community. Though this company has operated since 1999, we found not much of their information available publicly except those on the Gold Dealer Reviews, which might explain for the limited scores that we discover below:

2.7/5 Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB


This company has some very serious troubles regarding its customer service and those accusations of scam. Furthermore it is unbelievable that it has been in operation since 1999 without even a phone number and such a bad website like that. Therefore, I grade it 3/10 and I strongly recommend you to keep your money somewhere else.


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Are you scared of the current economic situation where you could lose your entire life saving in just a moment due to banking crisis, inflation or a dying US dollar? In fact, many people are struggling to protect their money as their investment choices are becoming narrow day by day and the things left also contain various risks. There is still Blancharda shelter for investors where the traders still see their fortune rising everyday. It is the gold IRA market. Today, we would carry out a review about one of the best companies in this market: the Blanchard and see how it could help protect your saving in such a chaotic economy like this.

Services and Products

The product list of this company surely surprises you as it lasts from gold to silver products in a variety of form including coin, bullion or investment grade coins. Their website is another bonus as it provides us with bunch of information regarding the precious metals, market condition and investment. However, a serious drawback of this website is that it is designed carelessly, resulting in messing information and popup window which indeed causes confusion for customer. Apart from its website, Blanchard also faces with a challenge since it does not act as an IRA custodian but form an alliance with the Goldstar Trust Company, the only option for you while trading with them. Therefore, if you are the one who prefer various custodian choices for business, it might be a very annoying problem.­­

Customer Reviews

This section is reserved for customer reviews about this company, which we find some negative comments particularly regarding their policy which is to charge the storage fee even the customers do not store anything.

“Although I clearly stated that I didn’t need the storage space, I have to pay a total of over 400.00 for Gold American Eagle in the accumulation program, some of them are undoubtedly the fee for storage even I didn’t store a thing.”– Xavi H.

Another customer challenges Blanchard’s custodian policy which offers only the Goldstar Trust Company as the trustee:

“At first my wife didn’t have a self-directed IRA so Goldstar Trust company is the only trustee option for me as Blanchard suggested. However, now I have my own money and my wish is to keep doing precious metals investment with my existing trustee who not only owns my self-directed IRA but also associates me for years and consults my non-traditional IRA investment which is far more valuable than this gold investment. Nevertheless, Blanchard refuses my requests, as they mention it is their policy to have only one trustee – the Goldstar Trust Copmany”– Charles P.

This customer faces an extremely unpleasant experience with Blanchard as they sent him an empty coin box:

“I placed 20 franc gold Rooster form Blanchard Online and all I got was an empty box, completely blank. Surely it is not the postal employees to be blamed as I received this box in mint condition, securely sealed. I contacted Blanchard, looking for further explanation. They did tell me that they would response with proper answer but they did not. Instead, it was me who recontact them to receive another unacceptable excuse that someone that the post might take them. What did they offer me? Look in the box to find them again!! In the end, I would never see the coins I ordered.

I swear that I would never trade with this fraud Blanchard Gold Online again. SCAM!”– Leo .M

Below are average score for Blanchard:

1.2/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

3/5 – Silver Gold Daily

A+ – BBB


We have our own view for this company, explaining why we have our own scores for them as follow:

1/10 – for IRA services

4/10 – as a precious metals dealer

Things seem to be fine if you follow their custodian instruction but if you take another choice rather than the Goldstar Trust Company, you are completely on your own. Initially, Blanchard is an average company with various products and an informative but poorly organized website. Nevertheless, as I had an overview of the comments, especially some serious accusation about this company, I got a bad feeling and I believe that it is risky to put my saving here.

Birch Gold Group

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As the US dollar is suffering from a slow and painful death, it negatively affects thousands of people who have been investing in risky assets using their hard-earned retirement savings. As a result, wise investors are now switching their attention to gold IRA for protection of their assets.

Birch Gold GroupIn this review, we are going to discuss Birch Gold Group in order to find out whether we should entrust this company to protect our assets from the chaotic economic climate.

Birch Gold Group Review

Unlike most companies I have had the opportunity to review, who are just a dealer of gold and precious metals, Birch Gold Group is an official gold IRA custodian. As a result, you can expect the services that a custodian should offer: buying gold and silver, 401k rollover service, etc.

Besides, they also list on their website the information for current gold and silver prices, as well as a wide range of retirement options. They also offer information for platinum and palladium even though they do not offer these types of metal.

As much information as they offer on their website, there is a lack of information on the company itself and the people behind it. This should not be a major concern for us, but it seems odd for me.

Customers Review

In this part of the review, we are going to look at several reviews written by the company’s previous customers in order to know better how they do business.

The first customer appreciated the good customer service here:

“I really appreciate the good job done by Scott Anderson on my account. During the process, Scott was fully dedicated and always put my comfort on top. All in all, this seems like a professional company with some good staff.” – Danni .W

The second customer also had a good experience when using the rollover service of their 401k:

“I want to send a big ‘thank you’ to Birch Gold Group for giving me all their help when moving my 401k into a gold IRA. They always tended to me every step of the way.”– Alexander .B

Most reviews I found are positive, but I managed to find a negative review for the company. This customer was not happy with the company’s allegedly marked up prices and one manager allegedly using a fake name:

“Whoever you sent to the company didn’t even verify who he was talking to, he was using a fake name, his name isn’t even Vince Miller. Why would a manager of an honest company use a fake identity? What about the names of all other officers of the company? Why would they hide their real name? Who really owns the company?

They state that you will receive exactly $1,000 worth of gold or silver if you want to buy exactly that much. However, they do not reveal their markup on profit to you. Then let me tell you: their mark up on collectible gold and silver is 30%, and on bullion gold and silver is about 2%.” – Bill .B

Overall, the company appears to satisfy most of its customers, except for a few negative cases. Below are the ratings for Birch Gold Group that I managed to collect from different sources:

5/5 – Yelp (based on 1 review)

5/5 – Trust Link

2.5/5 – Silver Gold Daily

A+ – BBB


To conclude this review, I decided that my rating for Birch Gold Group should be 8/10. This score is based on my own research and what other people said about the company. In fact, I had quite a hard time looking for negative reviews.

From what I know about the company, the only thing that may lower the cause is the fact that the company is not very willing to share information on themselves. I’m not sure whether the review claiming that a company manager is using a fake name is reliable or not, but one thing I know for sure is that it is hardly possible to find any reliable information on the people behind the company itself.

Austin Coins

Are you concerned that the current chaotic economy will cost you your entire retirement savings like many others? As the value of the US dollar keeps dropping, more and more people are seeking safety from gold IRAs to protect their hard-earned savings.

Austin CoinsIn this review, we are going to analyze a company called Austin Rare Coins in order to find out what they’ve got to offer, and whether you should entrust your savings to them.

Austin Coins Review

Austin Rare Coins (also called Austin Rare Coins and Bullion), as the name says it all, is a dealer of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the forms of both coin and bullion. One unique thing about Austin Rare Coins is their selection of ‘ancient coins.’

You know ancient coins: some of them are literally thousands of years old. Due to their rarity, ancient coins are ridiculously expensive. For example, a coin that was issued during the time of Alexander the Great costs an incredible $12,381.06!

As great as they are, investment in rare ancient coins could also pose a problem: in case their value increases and you want to liquidate them, it is extremely hard for you to find someone who would agree to buy it. Due to this nature, rare ancient coins are more suitable for collection than investment. Another point about Austin Rare Coins that is worth mentioning is that they are not an official IRA custodian, but they agree to refer to you Goldstar Trust Company, which is the only choice you could get from this company.

Customers Review

In this part, as usual, we are going through some reviews of Austin Rare Coins written by previous customers in order to know better the way they do business.

The first customer had nothing but positive comments for Austin Rare Coins:

“They know what they are doing. The customer service was great. So far I have purchased Gold, Silver and Rare Coins from them. I was very satisfied with all of the transactions and I will surely return.” – Matt B.

The next one comes from an individual who called the company to set up an appointment the next day because he wanted to buy some bullion in person:

“The next morning I withdrew the amount of cash necessary to make the purchase, and drove to the store for my appointment. When I came there, they told me that they already sold the bullion yesterday. Of course I was annoyed because he made me come all the way to hear this when he obviously could just give me a call. The previous day I told him on the phone that I had wanted to buy the bullion immediately, not order it. He did not seem to be apologetic in any way.”  – Healther T.

The last review comes from an individual who was led to believe that the way Austin Rare Coins do business was a real hassle:

“The representatives on the phone were courteous, but they want to set up an appointment for everything. This did not really concern me. They may have good prices, but I will never get to know because I don’t want to jump through all of those hoops to get to them. I’d just hire an investment broker if I needed one. I was just looking for a place to buy gold and silver.” – Justin B.

I managed to find several ratings for Austin Rare Coins from different sources:

3.6/5 – Google Reviews

3/5 – Yelp

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

To put an end to this review, I will give the company my ratings, which are based on what I’ve learned about it and what others have said about it. My ratings for Austin Rare Coins are:

2/10 – as an IRA service

7/10 – as a precious metals broker

In terms of precious metals, Austin Rare Coins does offer us a decent selection. As mentioned above, what sets them apart from other companies is their selection of ancient coins, but I don’t really think those are the most ideal investment choices. Coin collectors may find these products appealing.

If you want to find a custodian to help you set up an IRA to protect your retirement savings, there are many others out there that could do better. Austin Rare Coins does have a 5-step process for doing it, but it seems the company will only work with Goldstar Trust Company. I may be wrong, but in fact that is the only option I found from their website.


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As more and more people are losing their entire investment plans due to the unstable economy, the role of gold and precious metals custodian who can help protect investors’ savings has become more important than ever.

ApmexIn this review, we are going to discuss a particular gold and precious metals investment company called Apmex, which was founded in 2003. After the review, you should know what this company offers us, and whether you should choose them as your custodian.

Apmex Review

Apmex offers a wide range of gold and other precious metal for investment purposes. One of the most attractive features of this company is their impressive list of products for you to choose from.

The company also offers IRA approved metals, so that you can easily find what you need to include in your IRA account. You can order most of their metals online. In order to include IRA approved metals in your portfolio, however, you need to call and meet a representative.

Other benefits offered by Apmex include: the services of storing your gold in vaults, managing your account, and the resources on their website for studying anything you need to know about gold and precious metals investing.

Apmex reviewOn the whole, Apmex looks like a decent company in terms of services and information. There are still, however, several problems that still annoy me. Read on to the next part to see some critical information on this company before deciding to do business with them.

Customers Review

In this part, we are going through some reviews on Apmex by their previous customers, so that you can tell whether they are really reliable as a business.

The first customer complained about Apmex’s payment and shipping policies.

“Placed an order of over $5,000. Sent a personal check. They received the money (with confirmation from the bank). It took 5 business days to ship. Seriously, this makes no sense at all. Keeping my money for 5 days for what? To check whether the money is real?

The shipping policy is also terrible, and customer service reps and supervisors are often rude.

Stay away from APMEX if you are serious about your purchase. Wire transfers and personal checks are dubious anyway. They requireover $100 if you pay by credit card, a way to discourage the buyers from using credit cards!” – Christian E.

You should also be able to see the problems with Apmex’s payment policies as detailed in the reviews below:

“This is perhaps one of the WORST customer service oriented precious metal company I could think of. They charge $35 for cancellation of an order. What the hell? Nobody does that.

What’s worse is that they will haunt you, hunt you down and call you till you accept to pay.  I had to paid eventually, but I am gonna find out all the possible ways to get my $35 back.” – Mario B.

“DO NOT order. I ordered the first time using credit card, and everything went OK.
The second time, however, I was just looking for a way to order using personal check, wanted to see if I need to give them my routing number etc and just like that my order was placed, and I received a warning that my credit card was not charged but they have it on file, but I certainly DID NOT ORDER.I tried calling customer service and was told that if I cancel my “order”, my credit card will be charged $35.” – Andy A.
“My friend and his son came over my house. The little 6 year oldboy decided to jump on the computer and press some buttons. He accidentally pressed “Send” and now Apmex is trying to take me to court for $500 dollars. 80,000 purchase no track record of ever trying to get out of a sale. Made one mistake and now they are sending me demand letters, certified letters just to get the $500 from me. They are a bunch of crooks.” – Kelly B.

Just to make sure there is no bias, here is a positive review for Apmex:

“It’s strange to see so many people complain about Apmex as I have nothing but good things to say about them. All of my orders have arrived within 3 days of payment. The customer service is what keeps me coming back even when I can buy silver and gold bullion at a cheaper price from another company.” – Justin T.

As you can see above, most online reviews Apmex received seem to be quite negative. Below are their ratings that I collected from various sources:

A+ – BBB

5/5 – TrustLink (based off of 1 review)

4/5 – Silver Gold Daily

2/5 – Yelp

I know you think it’s strange to see such as difference here. Apmex received acceptable scores for the most part, even when they received quite a lot of negative reviews and complaints.


Apmex, as a business, Apmex, seems to have it all: it buys gold from customers, provides them with necessary information, and other similar things.

When it comes to customer service, however, almost all of the feedback received is negative. They all complained about the payment procedures, in particular the charge for cancelling orders.

All that considered I decided that my final score for Apmex should be: 4/10

It’s hard for me to make this decision. On one hand, Apmex appears to be a great investment company that provides their customers with a lot of products, services and information. On the other hand, I cannot ignore all the definitely negative reviews from their previous customers.

Amerivest Gold Corp

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Due to the decline in US dollar value today, more and more investors are switching their attention to gold – an investment that can not only retain its value but also grow in value in the near future.

Amerivest Gold CorpIn this review, we are going to discuss Amerivest Gold Corp to see what this company can offer us investors, and thus deciding whether we should use their service to protect our savings from these chaotic economic conditions.

Amerivest Gold Corp

Amerivest Gold Corp is, essentially, another company that purchases gold and other precious items from you, such as diamonds and estate jewelry. I found on their website a list of items they agree to buy from you:

  • Bent/Broken Jewelry
  • Bracelets or chains that are  tangled
  • Broken and unwanted gold scrap
  • Casting gold and grain
  • Cluster Rings
  • Gold alloys
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold chains
  • Gold class rings
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold bars
  • Gold dental crowns and bridgework
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold findings
  • Gold flake
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold nuggets
  • Gold Pins and Brooches
  • Gold screens and mesh
  • Gold sheets
  • Gold wedding bands
  • Gold wire
  • Goldsmith’s bench filings and sweeps
  • Gold Items with missing stones
  • Karat gold jewelry
  • Melted gold
  • Old gold watches
  • Silver bullion
  • Silver Sterling
  • Sterling
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Silver bars

In order to do business with them, you have to, unfortunately, do it in person at their locations in Florida, since there is no mail-in program available.

One noteworthy feature of Amerivest Gold Corp is that they claim to offer “Up to 50% More for Your Gold.”

I would also like to remind you that Amerivest Gold Corp is not an official gold IRA custodian, and they do not offer any assistance for IRA, either.

Besides all the features mentioned above, there is nothing much left to say about Amerivest Gold Corp, as this company does not try to distinguish themselves from other gold trading company. You can seek their service when you are in need of liquidating your investment assets, considering they do agree to buy gold bullion.

Customers Review

In this part, we are going to see several customer reviews of Amerivest Gold Corp so that we could know better the way they do business. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I could not find any feedback on them. The company does not even have a BBB score.

I managed to find several testimonials on their website, but of course since these are posted on their website, there is surely some bias. Read below to see whether they are helpful for yourself:

“After spending days looking for the best deals, I was recommended about Amerivest Gold by a friend of my. I visited them and received the best offer. These guys are great!”J. Slattery
“My investment plan was damaged by the current economic conditions, so I was looking for a company with a real capacity to buy my gold jewelry. Amerivest Gold Corp performed!” C. Hing
“My old boyfriends and ex husbands left me with a large pile of old jewelry, so I decided to cash it in at Amerivest Gold. I left with a big smile on my face.” Mona

I would also give you some overall ratings for the company, but I could not find any, not even a BBB score.


As far as I’m concerned, Amerivest Gold Corp is not special enough to stand out from other gold buying companies I have had the opportunity to review. The only thing that makes it a bit special is the fact that they agree to buy gold bullion from investors who need to liquidate their gold assets.

My final ratings for Amerivest Gold Corp are:

0/10 – for IRA services

5/10 – as a gold buyer


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Smart investors always go for gold investment when they need to protect their savings from various threats in the economy, including the dying US dollar and the hyperinflation. There is, in fact, a better way: investment in a gold IRA, which can both protect your savings and increase the value of your assets.

Amerigold reviewWhen it comes to opening a gold IRA or rolling over an existing IRA into one, the decision on the custodian that you want to manage your account is always the most important one. This is because a good custodian can help you gain long term profits, whereas a bad one will do harm to your assets.

In this review, we are going to discuss Amerigold company to see what they got to offer investors, as well as whether we should make them a part of our investment plan.

What the Company Offers

Amerigold is a trader of precious metals. The company sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They do not offer a full list of products on their website, so if you want to know more, you should call them. Below is an example of their product listing that I took from their website:

  • 1 oz – 1/10th oz. Gold American Eagles
  • 1 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 1 oz. Gold Austrian Philharmonics
  • 1 oz. Privately minted brand-name bars”
  • Pre 1933 World Gold Coins

Regarding IRA services, unfortunately Amerigold is not an official IRA custodian. Instead, the company agrees to refer you to a custodian called American Church Trust Company. From this fact, I was convinced that the company offers a selection of metals approved by IRS for IRA purposes, but they did not clearly state that on their website.

You can also find on their website several charts and graphs that show the current value of gold and other precious metals. This is a great and unique addition that I have not seen before.

On the whole, Amerigold fails to offer any unique product or service to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Customers Review

I would normally give you reviews from past customers about the company’s service, but unfortunately I could not find any. I managed to find their BBB score, though:

A+ – BBB


Honestly, there is not much to say about Amerigold. As far as I can tell, they are just a very middle of the road company. Even when I want to know what the customers say about them, I still could not find anything helpful.

As you may know, a lack of feedback would eventually lead to a lack of trust, at least in my case. I would favor a business that is well received by their customers than a totally unknown one.

I decided that my final ratings for Amerigold should be:

0/10 – for IRA services

5/10 – as a precious metals dealer

A list of their entire inventory along with the confirmation of whether they sell IRS approved metals or not would be a nice addition to their website, because every investor interested in starting gold and precious metals IRA would look for this type of information.

American Precious Metals Inc

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Have you become one of those plenty victims of today’s chaotic economy? The number keeps increasing, and that is why smart investors are turning away from traditional assets to gold IRAs in order to protect their retirement savings. Why is it so? Because a gold IRA can not only retain its value during unstable economic periods but also grow in value. All these characteristics make it an excellent investment decision.

American Precious Metals IncIn this review, we are going to discuss a company called American Precious Metals to answer two questions: What can this company offer to us? And should we make them a part of our investment plan for the future.

NOTE: This review is about American Precious Metals Inc. Not to be confused with APMEX, APMetals, or American Precious Metals LLC.

What the Company Offers

American Precious Metals is just another precious metals broker, although calling them that is still a little generous of me. In fact, the company only sells a handful of gold and silver coins, and buys coins from you, as can be found on their website:

Buyback prices typically move in tandem with the original purchase premium. In other words, a government-minted coin that initially cost more will tend to fetch a higher price when you want to sell it back to us.”

Besides selling and purchasing of precious metals, they also offer financial services such as loans and storageAmerican Precious Metals Inc services through CNT Depository Inc. Concerning IRA service, even though they dedicated a section on their website about it, they are not an official IRA custodian. Fortunately, they agree to refer you to New Direction IRA.

Customers Review

Now that we know what the company has to offer us, let’s see what other people say about it. There were not many customer reviews but I managed to find some from Facebook.

The first customer was happy that the company made some effort to make the experience fun for her children:

“My kids were very excited about the idea of “Pirate Treasure” from the owner, Courtney Lovelace. It’s great to know that your kids are still attracted by the quest of collecting coins, especially in this age of technology. I appreciate that the employees took such wonderful care of even their youngest clients.” –Brian N

This customer is apparently very loyal to American Precious Metals:

“I have been doing business with Jerry for several years. The next time I need more silver or gold, I will always come to Jerry and his company.” – Jason L

Normally I would give you some overall scores that the company has received, but the company is small so I could not find any. That being said: with the two reviews on Facebook, they receive a rating of 5/5 stars.


On the whole, American Precious Metals is a decent company. I wish there were more feedback on them so that I could really decide whether they are an honest business. There are still several things about the company that annoy me, though:

  • Their selection of products is still rather limited
  • You are given only one option for storage, as well as one option for your IRA

Considering all the factors above, I decide that the final scores for American Precious Metals should be

3/10 – for IRA services

4/10 – as a precious metals broker

To be honest, I think the company still has many limits in terms of both their selection of products and their services to be a trustworthy IRA choice for people who are in need of protecting their savings.

A-Mark Precious Metals

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Have you ever thought of the possibility of losing your entire life savings due to today’s chaotic economy? If so, you will be relieved to know that there exists a type of investment that can not only protect your savings but also increase the value of your assets. We are talking about the gold IRA.

A-Mark Precious Metals reviewIn this review, we are going to discuss A-Mark Precious Metals Company to see how they can help you in your planning for retirement savings, and whether you should use their service.

What A-Mark Offers

This is a trading company that specializes in trading precious metals as well as offering a wide range of other services. Besides accepting to buy, sell and trade gold, platinum, silver and palladium, A-Mark also provides financial services including financing, leasing, hedging, consignment, etc.

Regarding IRA services, although A-Mark is not an official IRA custodian, they agree to refer you to a company called TDS for storage purposes.

Keep in mind that since A-Mark is not an official IRA custodian, you need to know well what you are buying when doing business with them, because the IRS only allows certain types of metals to be included in your IRA.

On the whole, A-Mark appears to offer almost every service that a typical precious metals trading company should, even when the company does not have anything special to set them apart from the others. They offer a somewhat smaller selection of products than other brokers as can be seen on their website.

Customers Review

Now that we know what the company offers, let’s proceed to see what the past customers say about their services. Although there were not many reviews for A-Mark, I still managed to find two:

This customer was not happy with the company’s minimum order requirements:

“A-Mark is a very exclusive trader with very high trading minimum. The last time I checked, the minimum trade for gold was 100 ounces per trade (that is about $175,000!). The equally high minimum applies to silver. If you want to deal with A-Mark, you need to be in Mitt Romney’s tax bracket! (Oh wait, his tax bracket is low, I was trying to say you gotta be loaded like Mitt…)

This is a very secretive company and they do not publish their pricing online, but in my last transaction with them, it was more expensive than dealing with or So if you ask me what I would gain from trading with them, I honestly don’t know!” – Romelo Z. 

This other customer, however, offered a rebuttal to the review above:

“I decided to look closer at this company after seeing another review of them. The prices are shown clearly on their website, where they also state that they are not a retail seller and offer to make recommendations. I think the people at A-Mark learned something from the earlier review.” –Richard M. 

NOTE: At the point of writing this review, I find that A-Mark does have market pricing for different metal products on their website. Nevertheless, they may charge you differently, as you can see from their FAQ: “Prices quoted over the phone are the prevailing prices at that moment. The prices shown on our Web site may be delayed.”

There are not many ratings for A-Mark, but I managed to find these:

3/5 – Yelp

No Rating – BBB (However, they are BBB accredited)


Overall, A-Mark appears to be a decent precious metals dealer who has the policy of holding back certain information until you decide to sign up with them and call a representative. As for me, I prefer more transparency.

Another thing about A-Mark that annoys me is that their selection of items is somewhat limited, and that they don’t state whether they are approved by IRS or not. This could cause you some problem when you want to add precious metals to your IRA.

To conclude this review, I am going to give A-Mark my final rating: 4/10 as a precious metals dealer.

I decide to give the company this score because they have nothing special to offer, and their lack of information about IRS approved metals can be annoying.