9 Reasons why Gold is an Excellent Investment Choice

American Bullion Gold

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The precious value of gold has been proven throughout history. Smart investors would always keep some gold in their portfolio. For centuries, this method has also been very popular among wealthy governments and individuals due to gold’s ability to maintain their value. In this article, we are going to tell you why it is a good idea to keep gold in your portfolio. Below are the top 9 reasons why Gold is a good investment choice for the future.

American Bullion Gold1. Gold will always have value. Gold is a precious metal that has stood the test of time as far back as 500 B.C. The ability to maintain their value is what makes gold so valuable even after all those years. Although the price of gold is dropping in this current bear market, don’t be worried. This is the perfect time for you to buy gold.

2. Because of inflation. Some of you might wonder why gold is good in times of inflation. This is because gold’s value has the tendency to rise along with the level of inflation. This has been proven in history: in 1946, 1974, 1975, 1979 and 1980, inflation saw an all-time high, but gold’s return was 130%! The current gold price is low, so buy some to gain big profits when inflation level rises again.

3. Current gold price is low. Now is one of the best times to buy gold because its price is now just over $1,300 per ounce, which is $500 lower than previously. Take advantage of this.

4. Portfolio diversification. Adding 10 to 20% of real gold to your portfolio can help diversifying your assets. Remember the wise saying, ‘Never put all of your eggs into one basket.” In times of economic turbulence, paper investments normally see a tragic decline, whereas gold can maintain its value. Nevertheless, don’t be tempted to buy 100% gold, because diversity is always smarter.

5. Protect your assets in crisis. The value of the US dollar depends largely on the current economic condition. For instance, the Great Depression in the 30s led to the plummet of the dollar value. However, gold’s value then rose to an all-time high. Today’s economic certainty makes it even harder for us to predict whether and when another currency crisis would occur. Nevertheless, gold will help you survive any future currency crisis.

6. High liquidity. All you have to do is do a little research to find out where you can sell your gold for the best price. Several markets offer better price for specific types of gold than others.

  • Gold jewelry: Best pricescan be found at used jewelry stores, eBay or other retail outlets. Remember to sell the beauty and craftsmanship of the jewelry as a whole, not just the gold.
  • Numismatic or collector coins: Look for famous dealers at The American Numismatic Association.
  • Gold bullion: these coins and bars are issued by the government and come in standard weights and purities, so the selling prices are pretty straightforward.

7. Governments are in it, why don’t you? It is a good sign when governments around the world are investing in large amounts of gold. This means that either the governments predict an increase in gold demand or they are just preparing for aimminentcrisis. In 2013, China consumed over 4,800 tons of gold and the number keeps increasing. Dubai is setting up a new gold refinery capable of processing over 1,400 tons of gold. All these indicate a positive demand for gold. Why else would governments spend money on gold if they did not see a future economic benefit?

8. Gold can be sold anywhere. This feature makes gold even more liquid: you can sell it anywhere in the world to convert it into cash.

9. Price fairly stable. Unlike the dollar whose value is declining, gold keeps its intrinsic value as a piece of tangible valuable property. Its value only fluctuate according to the supply and demand and current economic conditions. Gold’s purchasing power was proven to survive in harsh periods of inflation or deflation.

Smart investors would always add commodities such as gold and silver to their portfolios. It is, however, not easy to buy gold. You should only invest in gold that can be resold at a high value, such as the American Buffalo or Canadian Maple coin, which has a .999 purity level. Always do some research first as a gold investor. As a last reminder, investing in gold is smart because it helps you survive harsh economic conditions.


In case you are looking for a reliable Gold IRA company, our suggestion would be Regal Assets. This is a leading precious metals company that can fully address all of your concerns. At Regal Assets, you will be assigned with a financial expert who will consult you on various investment options. Unlike other companies, Regal Assets won’t give you some high-pressure salesman to force you into making unwilling investments.

Regal Assets is also a great place for new investors in gold and other precious metals. You just need to give the company a call, and you will be assigned with a unique representative who will guide and assist you from there on out. Regal Assets take pride in putting customers and their comfort first.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Regal Assets and let them take care of you. We have also done an in-depth Regal Assets Review here in case you need additional information. The company received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and was ranked #20 on Inc. Magainze’s list of 500 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in the Financial Services category in 2013.

Diversify Assets with Silver IRAs

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A gold and silver IRA account will probably provide investors with the best solution to the question of diversifying their holdings. The current returns brought by basic bonds and equities just can’t meet the requirements of many investors.

Silver IRA InvestmentThe exceptional volatility of the stock market over the past several years makes it unaffordable for those on the edge of their retirement age to take any risk within the limit of their long-term savings. However, in history, investors haven’t been safely able to make ends meet on overly low returns they gained due to the extremely low interest rate over the past few years.

Staying in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), your assets in any form of precious metals can be kept safe from market depression due to the process of diversification but still generate increasingly steady profits simultaneously.

Is Silver Allowed in an IRA Account?

In the absence of awareness from the majority of investors, any self-directed IRA allows certain types of precious metals like gold and silver to be put inside of it, which is not popular among investors. That’s attributed to the fact that most IRA account openings are conducted by banks and brokerage firms – institutions whose financial inventories essentially contain no precious metals.

Nevertheless, with a truly self directed IRA account, the investor has the ability to be freely responsible for the assets put into the account. That allows the portfolios of the investor to be diversified with a broad content of traditional stocks, bonds, CDs, and mutual funds. Besides, these accounts can consist of other financial instruments, such as:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Real Estate
  • Currency
  • Mortgage Notes
  • Commercial Paper

What Not to Include

Some cases such as that of life insurance policy are not allowed to appear in a self directed IRA account. Also, using some investments included in a self directed account is limited to personal use.

One typical case is the prohibition of purchasing a personal residence or a vacation home for any single type of personal use with IRA funds. Therefore, the IRS rules are necessarily understood and conformed to as the manipulation of an IRA account is based on those rules.

Open a Silver IRA Account

There is a must for investors to find an institution specializing in gold and silver IRA accounts in the difficult current context that offering precious metal accounts is not a true business in most traditional banks and other financial institutions.

At present, a large number of self directed IRA accounts are being offered by countless dealers with highly educated customer service representatives. This will allow investors to easily handle with account opening and funding as well as make a proper decision on types of precious metals best-suited to their short and long term investment goals.

Types of Gold and Silver IRAs

A gold and silver backed IRA falls into two major types – a traditional or a Roth one. What type of IRA is suitable will depend on which kind of tax benefits that investors desire and/or are eligible for.

  • Traditional IRA Account

With the opening of this account combined with IRS income guidelines, investors may have the ability to withhold part or whole IRA contribution on an annual basis. One more thing is that traditional IRA funds grow based on deferred tax.

The owner’s then-current income tax rate will be imposed on their account when they make a withdrawal. In case of withdrawal occurring at the time of their retirement, they may possibly receive a lower tax than they did at the time of contribution.

  • Roth IRA Account

Unlike a traditional IRA account, owning a Roth IRA account will not allow the annual withdrawal of IRA contributions. However, the gains from the funds inside this type of IRA account as well as the withdrawals from the account will be exempt from income tax.

Placing Funds into an IRA Account

The precious metal investments can be put into the IRA account through a lot of various ways including:

  • Cash Deposit – an amount of cash within the limit max amount will be deposited in IRA accounts annually. In this year, $5,500 is the popular amount of cash deposit among investors whose age is not more than 49 and that amount is $6,500 among those at the age of 50 and over.
  • IRA Transfer – this way, funds can be directly transferred from a current IRA account into a precious metal one without any limitation on the amount that investors can transfer between their two accounts. By doing so, the funds will be immediately ready for investing.
  • Rollover – in this way, investors may reinvest funds from their retirement account in their personal IRA. For instance, funds from a 401(k) plan of a former employer can be rolled over into a precious metals IRA account with no dollar amount limit on how much an individual can roll over into a IRA account from an employer sponsored retirement account.

How to Purchase Precious Metals for IRA Investing

One prerequisite for investors before purchasing any precious metals for IRA investment is the determination of their specific financial goals. In doing so, the investors will easily decide on which types of metal(s) as well as what percentage these metals will take up in the overall portfolio.

In most cases, financiers will receive basic knowledge from first-class dealers like Regal Assets about the beginning of precious metals investments and the proper allocation of metals into an IRA portfolio.

Advice from customer service representative on each various investment scenarios will really work for one’s investments due to better knowledge about the appropriate allocation of gold, silver and other metals into his or her overall asset portfolio.

Silver IRA Investment

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Today, investors are faced with a more than ever enormous amount of options when it comes to a solid opportunity in which they can put their money and then expect a steady return on it.

Silver IRA InvestmentIf you have been paying attention to the world’s current trends, you will know that investment in precious metals is really thriving at the moment. It’s true that the market may have recently been sold off a little bit but at this time it is likely to be bouncing back again.

More importantly, however, today’s economic climate allows precious metals to thrive powerfully and continue to increase in value.

How to Invest in Metals?

After all, it is wisest to set up a silver IRA account because this allows you to invest in silver as well as other precious metals for your retirement fund while having no worry at all about the taxes on your capital gains.

This is the best thing about IRAs. Any investment conducted through these account is not subject to taxes as soon as you have locked in the capital gains.

To put it another way, if you purchase silver at the rate of $22 an ouncenow and sell it for $60 an ounce 10 years from now, you will both make a good return on your investment and get to keep every penny. There will be no need to pay taxes for any of it.

This is the beauty of IRAs and a good reason for you to invest in any kind of precious metals.

Should I Add Silver to My IRA?

Gold is inarguably a great investment and if you have started purchasing gold in and before the year 2000, you’ve been sitting pretty. The return on your investment is tremendous and you may have earned as much as 600% or more.

We’re, however, here to talk about silver.

Silver is a fantastic choice as far as investments go. Although silver is second to gold in popularity but it, oddly enough, has exceeded gold in value percentage wise during the big rush.

Things get even better…

Certainly, the price has increased significantly in the recent past. However, the market is bound to increase a lot higher as the movement of prices is based on uncertainty and turmoil in the economy, especially in the case of the US.

If you have paid attention to the situation in US, you will see that much of the economic recovery is due to the money printing and many handouts of the Federal Reserve. The recovery in America is not true, although global corporations appear to be doing just fine.

It’s impossible to judge the health of US economy on the basis of the stock market. In the global world and economy today, just because US companies are doing well once again does not mean it has anything to do with the health of the US and its people.

To put it another way…

Americans are struggling. There are very few jobs; the US is deep in debt while big US businesses are outsourcing all their work to Third World countries. The serious lack of jobs presents a huge problem for the American workforce.

Honestly this is all a recipe for disaster which, however, would turn out to be a recipe for success if you invest in precious metals.

When the economy tanks, the value of precious metals goes up. That’s just the way things go and the value of silver and precious metals has no choice but to rise.

You can use this rule to your advantage. Therefore, with the perfect circumstances still at hand, it’s best to begin investing in silver today.

How to Open a Silver IRA

For a new investor, it’s easier to go to a precious metal brokerdirectly instead of opening up a silver IRA and choosing a qualified silver IRA custodian.

And the best broker to work with is simply…

Regal Assets, the most respected precious metal Company in operation today. The company recently got in the list of Inc. magazine’s top 20 financial institutions in America.

Getting started is simple. Just click here and on the page you will land on complete the contact form located on the upper right corner. After that, one of Regal’s representatives will contact you and help begin the process of creating an account and picking a silver IRA custodian.

Gold IRA Investment Provide High Returns in Future

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Almost every investor wishes to have some savings by their side when the retirement time comes. As a result, more and more people start putting aside some of their hard-earned income for the future at a relatively young age, because every investor who is wise enough would know that the sooner they start, the less investments they will need to make.

Gold Backed IRAIn terms of financial vehicles, there are a lot for investors to choose from. Back in the 90s, equities were the most popular choice because the bull market at that time seemed to have no end in sight. Then came the unexpected market downturn in the early 2000s and then again in 2008 and 2009, which led to substantial losses for unprepared investors.

Investors today, learning from their past failures, understand the importance of the diversification of their portfolio assets. Diversification does not mean choosing different types of stocks or mutual funds but rather different types of assets altogether.

Investment in Gold, Why Not?

More and more investors have succeeded in reducing the risk to their retirement savings plan by adding gold or other precious metals as a way to diversify their portfolio.Gold has always grown in its value for centuries, and it keeps doing so today.

Besides its growth in value, there are many other reasons why investors are turning to gold, including:

  • Diversification – Gold is now one of the most effective tools to diversify the assets in one’s portfolio. The rule to diversification is that you should never choose vehicles that are too closely related. Fortunately, gold’s nature is that it has always been negatively correlated with the movement of stocks. As a result, investors can choose this asset as an ideal method to diversify their portfolio, which is normally filled with equities. An addition of gold into an IRA account can help reduce both the risk and the overall volatility significantly.
  • Hedge Against Inflation – Gold has been, for many years, the most sought after tool to hedge against inflation. This can be explained by the tendency of gold’s growthin the past: its value normally rises with the cost of living. As a result, an addition of gold into one’s portfolio can help to keep up with the ever-growing cost of living over time. Again, this function is especially beneficial for the retired or people who are approaching retirement.
  • Asset Protection – Diversification by adding gold to one’s portfolio can greatly reduce risk, thus protecting their investment.

Why a Gold IRA?

IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, has been the most popular method of investing for retirement in nearly four decades, ever since its creation in 1974. The types of asset put inside IRAs have most frequently been bonds and equities, such as mutual funds and stocks, because these accounts are normally opened and managed by a traditional financial institution like banks and brokerage firms. This is because such traditional financial institutions can offer their customers, in most cases, only these types of asset, and because investors have not realized the fact that they can totally add gold and precious metals into their IRA accounts.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the IRS does not strictly limit the types of asset that can be added into a self-directed IRA account. In fact, there are plenty of IRA custodians who would allow investors to add gold and precious metals into their IRA accounts. This allows investors to enjoy not only the benefits from such investments but also from the tax deductions and tax deferred status applicable to IRA investing.

These two main benefits make gold IRA investment really profitable. Indeed, investors can enjoy the growth in value of their gold or other precious metals in their self-directed IRA account without having to pay any tax for the time being. They can also control what goes in and comes out of the account itself.

Requirements for Gold IRAs

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) decides what can and cannot be added to an IRA account. In the case of gold and other precious metals, the IRS provides us with some relatively strict guidelines. The metals added must also meet a certain standard for fineness.

The IRS allows the following metals to be added to IRA accounts:

  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • American Eagle Silver Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • American Eagle Platinum Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coins
  • Isle of Man Noble Platinum Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coins
  • Gold and silver bars from various recognized refiners
  • Platinum bars from various recognized refiners
  • Palladium bars from various recognized refiners

The IRS also requires the fineness standards for gold and other precious metalsas follows:

  • Gold – .995 percent or higher
  • Silver – .999 percent or higher
  • Platinum – .9995 percent or higher
  • Palladium – .9995 percent or higher

Starting a Gold IRA

As mentioned above, gold IRA investments can bring investors a lot of benefits, particularly the tax advantages of IRA accounts and all the desirable benefits gold can bring.

It is very easy to open a gold backed IRA account today thanks to the presence of various gold IRA companies, who can be found online. Investors can start by searching trusted and highly rated companies by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and TrustLink such as Regal Assets, which is praised for their exceptional customer service.

You can find the IRA account paperwork ready on most companies’ websites. The companies decide to provide all the paperwork directly there because it allows investors to get started quickly and conveniently. After successfully opening and funding an account, investors can start investing in the metals that are best suited to their financial needs and short or long term goals.

Gold Buyers of America

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Investment in gold IRAs is a wise move at the moment, considering the chaotic economy that could destroy your entire hard-earned savings any time if you leave them unprotected.

Gold Buyers of America reviewIn this review, we are going to examine a company named Gold Buyers of America to find out whether they have what it take to help you with your investment strategy.

Gold Buyers of America Review

You can expect Gold Buyers of American to offer the type of service which similar companies offer: they purchase gold from you and give you cash in exchange. Below is the list of what they would buy taken from their website

  • Gold
  • 10k GOLD
  • 14k GOLD
  • 14kw GOLD
  • 18k GOLD
  • 18kw GOLD
  • 22k GOLD
  • 24k
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Silver serving sets (complete or incomplete sets)
  • Bracelets (in any condition)
  • Necklaces (any condition)
  • Gold watches
  • Silver & Gold coins
  • Dental Gold
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Class rings
  • Charms
  • Estate jewelry

I could not find any information regarding investment grade gold, so I’m not sure whether you could use them to liquidate your assets or not, unfortunately.

The company offers two methods for you to sell gold: by requesting a gold pack via mail or by visiting one of their stores. What I like about them is that for the first method, you will be paid overnight once your gold is approved.

Gold Buyers of AmericaOverall, Gold Buyers of America does not offer any unique service to set them apart from other similar companies out there.

Customers Review

As usual, in this part, we are going through several reviews of Gold Buyers of America from their previous customers in order to understand better the way they do business.

The first customer was not satisfied with the amount of money the company offered for his jewelry:

“Then, the magic moment I had been waiting for finally came…the time when this so-called“gold buyer expert” would give me his offer. He did not offer to take the items and give them a real appraisal. Nothing at all!

Then he offered me $300 and told me that I will not get any much more than that for these items.

I thanked him and decided to leave the place quickly because I was trying so hard not to ask him to change his suit, have a haircut, vacuum the place and plug his computer in so that people will start to take him more seriously.

After that, I brought my gold to the place I cash my checks. It took 20 minutes for them to check the gold and then I was offered more than twice what he had offered me, just the amount I expect I would get for my 22k gold jewelry.”– Wojack S.

This review came from someone from the inside – an employee of Gold Buyers of America. He was not happy with both the way the company does business and the way they treated him:

“I started as a buyer in one of the hotel based locations and quickly moved my way up the ladder. It only took six months before I became the manager of two locations: a larger full time location in the Fox Run Mall, and a hotel based location in Nashua, NH. After 18 months of hard work and spending 50-60+ hours a week for the job (during snowstorms I even spent the night in my office just to make sure that the store could be opened in the morning), the company began withholding my pay without giving me a reason.

I went through the appropriate channels and after one month of working for free I went to the labor board. Two days after filing my complaint to the board, I was terminated, so I started to sue the company. Eventually I won my lawsuit within 3 months since getting the sack, but I didn’t receive their money until almost a year after that, and up to now they still owe me over $1,000. Now that I don’t work there they no longer follow OSHA standards when testing gold. They scam customers more frequently than giving them a fair deal. Even the employees themselves leave on a regular basis because they cannot stand the non-payment of wages or commission, unsafe work conditions and company not following general labor laws.” – Fabian S.

This customer felt like he was ripped off by the company

“Don’t do business with them. I asked a friend to sell my gold $10US coin at Premier but she mistakenly went to this place. Classic bait and switch operation. She called them and they said that the coin was worth between 315 and 385, but when she went in there, they told her they “don’t honor phone” and gave her just $300 for it during a week when the fair market value was $390, let alone the numismatic value of the last of the $10 gold coins.” – Victor M.

I managed to find some ratings of Gold Buyers of America from different sources and they are quite bad:


1/5 – Yellow Pages

1/5 – Yelp

3.4/5 – Indeed

WARNING – I also found on BBB an alert for Gold Buyers of America, which reads as follows:

On February 21, 2012 Better Business Bureau made a request to Gold Buyers of American, LLC to substantiate the following advertising claims shown on their website or to make changes to their advertising to reflect a more accurate statement:

1. “We are the largest gold buyer in America”.

2. “25 years in the industry”.

BBB also questioned the following information from their website: 300 locations – 1. Please give BBB the list of these specific locations. 2. “Gold Buyers Pack” – BBB cannot locate any Privacy Policy or any terms that guarantee that consumers’ information is protected or not being sold to another party. 3. BBB stated that their comparison with other refining companies is out of date, inaccurate and needs to be removed from the website if the company cannot update it on a daily basis.

Until May 29, 2012, Gold Buyers of America have not modified their advertising yet. For more inf, click HERE


In my opinion, Gold Buyers of America’s services are, unfortunately, average at best, since the company does not have anything unique to distinguish themselves from their competition.

What’s worse is that the reviews and ratings they received are mostly negative. Most of the complaints I found were about their service and pricing. As a result, I decide that my final score for Gold Buyers of American would be: 2/10

I definitely do not recommend you to use Gold Buyers of America’s service to liquidate your assets unless they start doing business better.

Global Asset Management

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In times of economic uncertainty, many people are losing their savings day after day. There are fortunately ways to protect yours, one of which is to invest in gold IRAs. A gold IRA protects your savings from hyperinflation and devaluation of the US dollar while helping you make a profit. This is because during times of economic hardship the value of gold and precious metals tends to increase.

Global Asset ManagementThe purpose of our Global Asset Management review is to see what this company offers and whether it can help your investment strategy cope with today’s treacherous economy.

Services & Products

So, what about Global Asset Management? What are they exactly and what do they do? On their website, you can find this statement:

“Global is an independently owned firm founded in 1996, created to facilitate secure purchases in Fancy Colored Diamonds as well as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Global deals exclusively with authorized Independent Diamond and Precious Metal Dealers and not with the general public. ”

So it is clear that they help independent dealers purchase diamonds and precious metals. Therefore, if you’re not an independent dealer you might not be so interested.

What about IRA services then? Can this company help with that?

Not exactly. There is information about IRAs on their website but it seems more like a method to direct you to an official IRA custodian named Sterling Trust. If you take a look at my review on Sterling Trust, you will know why this company is not recommended. Generally, they have extremely low customer ratings and are subject to many accusations of fraud, scams as well as other serious controversies.

Customer Reviews

Usually, this part is meant for showing you customer feedback on Global Asset Management; however, I could not find much of anything in fact. As this company belongs to the exclusively B2B company type, this is not so surprising.

It is stated on their website that they have been accredited by the BB and have a score of A+.

However, I did manage to find a report on the company which is unfortunately from ripoffreport.com and not very pretty:

“Global Asset Management has been under investigation since 1999 when the CFTC first tried to shut them down – see below CFTC report. When I talked with Ms. Rosemary Hollinger from the CFTC and she thought Global Asset Management was shut down already. They are still in business with an A +rating from the BBB. This is the clearing house that is listed as fraudulent in the FTC report along with American Precious Metals.

Mark Modist used to be listed as the president and now it is Gary Marshall (but Mark Modist is still part of the company.) Gary Marshall goes on Fox News and wrote a book about investing in precious metals – but the FTC in their most recent conviction of American Precious Metals states that Global Asset Management never actual managed gold for inverters.

Please send this information out. Contact Senator Nelson, Senator Collins and Senator McCaskill so they can push the CFTC and FTC to go after them.” – Antonio V.

Here is some more information on the situation referred to by Ripoff Report:

“For Release: November 3, 1999


Federal District Court Rules that CFTC Has Jurisdiction Over Defendants’ Sale of Highly-Leveraged Precious Metal Contracts; Orders Florida Defendants to Pay Restitution Totaling Over $12.4 Million to Defrauded Investors Nationwide

CFTC has Continuing Litigation against Two of the Defendants

The CFTC’s litigation continues as to defendant Global Asset Management, Inc. and its principal, Mark Modist. The CFTC is seeking permanent civil injunctive and other remedial relief as to both. The CFTC’s complaint alleges that Global and Modist aided and abetted Midland‘s illegal sale of futures contracts. It also charges that Modist issued reports to customers that charged “storage fees” when Modist did not, in fact, purchase and store commodities on behalf of Midland customers and charged “credit fees” when Modist did not lend Midland customers any funds for the purchase of commodities.” – Ashley Y.

Final Verdict

As can be seen, there are some very troubling issues about Global Asset Management including the fact they promote the infamous Sterling Trust as a gold IRA custodian as well as problems with the CFTC.

In addition to all that questionable business, Global Asset Management does not do business with the general public and serves as a B2B broker of precious metals and diamonds only. Therefore, it is likely that you will not have any use for the company anyways.

My final scores for Global Asset Management are:

  • 2/10 – in case you are an independent diamond/ precious metal dealer
  • 0/10 – for all other purposes

Gold and Silver Exchange

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With the economy not seeming to be improving while our incompetent government causes day by day decreases in the value of the dollar, it is the right choice to turn to gold IRAs and their security for protection on your hard earned savings.

Gold and Silver Exchange reviewIn our review of Gold and Silver Exchange, we will examine this company and decide whether you should consider it an option for your investment strategy.

Services & Products

Gold and Silver Exchange company purchases gold, silver as well as other forms of jewelry. This is not really surprising so let’s look at what they purchase as specifically listed on their website:

  • Tangled Gold Chains
  • Gold Bracelets & Necklaces
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Dental Gold
  • Items with Removed Stones
  • Diamond Rings
  • Unmatched Gold Earrings
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Gold Coins
  • Gorham
  • Tiffany
  • Tuttle
  • Kirk-Stieff
  • Towle
  • Gold Coins
  • Clad Silver
  • Gold Bullion
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Colored Stones
  • Pocket Watches
  • Class Rings
  • Bent and/or Broken Jewelry
  • Cluster Rings
  • Diamond Pendants
  • Gold Watches
  • Precious Gems
  • 10k to 24k Gold
  • Pearl Necklaces
  • Gold Pins/Brooches
  • Diamond Earrings
  • International
  • Lunt
  • George Jensen
  • Reed and Barton
  • Wallace
  • Silver Coins
  • Paper Money
  • Silver Bullion
  • Pearls

Apparently, the company purchases quite a wide array of things. Therefore, they can be an interesting choice if you have some items that you want to get rid of.

Moreover, in case you ever have the need for liquidating some of your assets, this company can be useful because they purchase gold and silver bullion.

Unfortunately, however, you may out of luck here if you are not living in Georgia. This is because Gold and Silver Exchange does not seem to have a mail-in process, which means you will have to go to one of their locations in Georgia if you wish to do business with them.

Customer Feedback

As usually, this section features actual online reviews and feedback about the company in question. In this case, I could only find the testimonials listed on Gold and Silver Exchange’s own website which were all positive, as you can imagine. Here are a few of them:

“I wanted to thank you for service, convenience, and friendly assistance without being taken advantage of, like most gold buyers I ran into. Highly recommended!” – David .D

“I’m happy with what I got!” – Andre H.

“I LOVE the Gold & Silver Exchange! I ALWAYS come back. Lance is GREAT…greets me by first name and is very kind. You all have the best prices in town!” – Ryan G.


The Gold and Silver Exchange, with nothing particularly good or bad, seems to be another moderate gold buying company. Considering the small time operation, the lack of customer reviews was probably also to be expected.

The only noteworthy fact here is that the company does purchase gold and silver bullion. This makes them quite a decent option in case you need to liquidate some of your assets in a hurry and if you are living in Georgia.

The overall scores for Gold and Silver Exchange are:

  • 5/10 – gold buyer
  • 0/10 – as an IRA service provider

Gainesville Coins

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Considering the damages of our faltering economy, it is the right choice for setting up a gold IRA to best protect your hard earned assets. In fact many people, failing to protect their assets, have lost everything they have ever worked for.

Gainesville Coins reviewThe purpose of this Gainesville Coins review is no other than to examine this company and see whether they have what it takes to protect your assets against volatile economic factors.

Services & Products

As far as I know, Gainesville Coins may well have the most fascinating selection of products in the coin and bullion variety aspect. Some of the many coins they offer include:

  • Pamp Suisse Gloria Nativity coin set – coins showing nativity scenes
  • Atlantis Mint – silver bars featuring zodiac signs, skulls and crossbones.
  • Peregrine Falcon Birds of Prey series – coins featuring queen Elizabeth II and the famous peregrine falcon
  • Don’t Mess With Me – copper coins showing the image of an alligator

Clearly, Gainesville Coins provide some interesting products, but what about IRA services? Probably not.

Although Gainesville Coins helps you purchase precious metals for your IRA and provides some information about starting an IRA, the company is not a true IRA custodian actually. Instead they will be able to refer you to one of the many IRA custodians.

Customer Reviews

We will continue this Gainesville Coins review by showing you some actual customer reviews to give you a feel of the company as well as the way they operate.

Here is a review of a positive experience with Gainesville Coins:

“Altogether, it was a great buying experience, I am very satisfied with my purchase, and will definitely be buying from them again.” – Tom C.

However, another individual reports having a terrible customer service experience:

“So I called and tried to cancel the order. Spoke with someone and they said they couldn’t since the order would have already been processed and product readying for packaging.

I sent an email after that and only received NASTY, THREATENING emails, telling me how much they could sue in court if I didn’t sent the money order by a certain date. It only got more NASTY over the next couple of days.” – Paul P.

On the other hand, there are those who were impressed with their shipping such as this customer:

“I placed two identical silver orders; one with Gainsville Coins and the other with a Pennsylvania company. I received my Gainsville Coin order and placed another order with them two days later. I received both my Gainsville Coins orders before receiving my first order with the other company.” – Michael C.

As can be seen, reviews of this company tend to be either very positive or very negative. Therefore, Gainesville Coins has overall received rather mediocre rating scores:

  • 3.1/5 – Silver Gold Daily
  • A+ – BBB
  • 2.5 – Yelp

In most cases, the cause of negative reviews seems to be issues in the customer service.

Final Verdict

To conclude this review of Gainesville Coins, let’s give the company a final score based on what we have learned so far:

  • 6/10 – as a precious metal dealer
  • 4/10 – as an IRA option

Although Gainesville Coins is not a true IRA custodian, the company actually gives you more than one choice of IRA custodian to work with. This is better than most other companies which force you to use a specific custodian.

In the position of a precious metal dealer, Gainesville Coins offers a lot of fascinating products to choose from.

Nevertheless, the number of complaints on their customer service is noteworthy so there is no guarantee whether your experience will be satisfying.


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With the danger of economic turmoil and hyperinflation continuously lurking around, the savings in your precious metals IRA can actually be wiped out any time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find the right custodian for your account.

Fidelity reviewFor those who are looking to set up a precious metals IRA, there are many options they can turn to while seeking a custodian for managing their accounts and at the same time protecting their savings, including Fidelity Investments.

The fact that they offers a wide selection of investment options besides precious metals including gold and silver has helped giving Fidelity quite a reputation.

Nevertheless, those who are interested in opening a precious metals IRA might not always find Fidelity a good choice when it comes to protecting their savings. Let’s take a good look at this Fidelity Investments review and see why.

Available Services

As previously mentioned, you can find a wide variety of investment options with Fidelity. This can be a great advantage if you wish to really diversify your portfolio.

On the other hand, as protecting your retirement savings in precious metals IRAs is not their primary focus, Fidelity might not be your best choice in this aspect.

In addition to precious metals, Fidelity offers various other investment options including the following:

–          Mutual funds

–          Bonds

–          Stocks

–          ETFs (Exchange traded funds)

–          Sector Investing

Interestingly, the website of Fidelity states something like this: “Precious metals are generally not eligible to be held in other retirement accounts at Fidelity.”

This means that having precious metals and other investment options in the same IRA may be difficult, or even impossible.

Reviews & Comments

Generally, there are mixed opinions when it comes to customer comments on Fidelity Investments. While a lot of people love the company, there are also those who hate it.

Let’s look at a few comments.

There are those who were impressed by the customer service of the company, such as this individual:

“Especially compared with other banks that have given me the run around or sent me to talk to someone else or fill things out online, my experiences at this Fidelity branch have been very smooth, and very humane.” – Alex B.

On the other hand, here is one who is not satisfied with its Fidelity’s customer service:


I recently took a SONY 401 K and rolled it over to a Fidelity IRA. Went into a Fidelity office to complete the transaction by a 3 way conference call. Was told the transactions were completed, given a confirmation number and the stocks cashed out and money rolled over into the IRA.

Check my account a week later and still in stocks. No transaction was ever done.” – Patrick E.

In response to other such complains about the customer service at Fidelity, one person leaves this comment:

“They provide guidance by appointment so the other hater reviewers should try showing up to their dentist or Gary Danko without an appointment.” – Nemanja V.

Now here are some of the numerous ratings Fidelity Investments has received:

  • 3/5 – Epinions (for their 401k services)
  • 3/5 – Yelp
  • 3.5/5 – Glassdoor
  • 47/100 – Viewpoints
  • 1/5 – Consumer Affairs

Generally, the scores are not very impressive. This is probably the result of the fact that there are very different opinions towards Fidelity as I mentioned previously.

Final Verdict

Because of the polarizing nature of the company, this review of Fidelity was pretty interesting. Alongside a lot of great things about them, there are a lot of bad things said about them as well.

Nevertheless, as this site is primarily dedicated to assisting you in finding the best custodian for your gold and precious metals IRA, Fidelity Investments will be mainly judged on that merit.

Therefore, here is my final verdict for the company: 5/10

I am giving Fidelity an average score because gold, silver and precious metals are only a few of the many options available.

While that may be a good thing, the fact that precious metals IRAs cannot be kept together with other investment options at the company as well as the overall lack of focus on the precious metal markets makes Fidelity only an average choice as far as gold and precious metal IRA companies go.

In conclusion, Fidelity may not be the first choice for purely gold and precious metal IRAs; however, there are other companies with a better focus on the precious metal markets that you may be interested in.

Bullion Vault

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BullionVault, an online precious metals company, at first glance appears to have a very good image: it is member of London Bullion Market Association (or shortly LBMA) and is rated A+ by the BBB. This company’s website, BullionVault.com, has the Bullion Vault reviewmost attractive wholesale prices in the market regardless of your order’s size and their services are ready to deliver your metals to any legitimate vaults in the Brinks or Via Mat Storage.

  • Location : New York, NY and London, GB
  • WebsiteBullionVault.com
  • Business Established : March 2005
  • BBB Accredited : Yes
  • BBB Rating : A+
  • Metals Offered : GoldSilver, Platinum
  • Ships To: (Brinks or Via Mar Secure storage vault)

Pricing and Selection

BullionVaults offer cheaper and more attractive deals to investors in the way that they sell the bullion stored in the market approved vaults controlled by Brinks or Via Mat instead of trading the physical bars and directly ship to customers. Though being conducted online, these bullions are still of the qualified size and purity as the common request in the market but with cheaper prices, explaining why investors really enjoy this precious metals online bullion trading. We have a chart regarding the gold purchases as well as the commission rates every year as below: Apparently the commission rate of BullionVaults for gold trading is at a much lower level than those applying for physical gold at APMEX, JM Bullion or Provident Metals which often stands at 6% or 7%. Different customers also have diverse demands as some might choose to have specific gold and silver bullion bars and coins and hold their physical ownership. On the contrary, others prefer them to be kept securely off site. You can see different approaches towards owning silver or gold bars though these bars are quite cheaper.

Good Delivery Gold and Silver Bullion

Good Delivery bullion is a set of standardized rules regarding the minimum purities, sizes, dimensions and appearance for the bullion published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Here are some rules for the good delivery gold bullion and silver bullions from that set we would like to introduce you Good Delivery Gold Bullion Bar

  • Each bar must be at least .995 pure
  • Each bar must contain a serial number, refiners hallmark, fineness and year of manufacture.
  • Each bar must be 250-430 troy ounces in weight.
  • Dimensions must be; 210-290mm x 55-85mm x 25-45mm.

Silver Bullion Bars

  • Each bar must be at least .999 pure
  • Each bar must contain a serial number, refiners hallmark, fineness and year of manufacture.
  • Each bar must be between 750 and 1,00 troy ounces in weight.
  • Dimensions must be; 250-300mm x 110-150mm x 60-100mm

This good delivery bullion bars rule ensures that the gold and silver bullion are of the standardized size and also of the higher weights and purities than the ordinary physical gold and silver bars, explaining why this method is preferable by the high-class investors such as central banks, etc.

Shipping Rates and Secure Storage

Learning about the fees of BullionVaults is quite a pleasant experience. First, they do not charge you the shipping and handling fee as the bullions are already in safe vaults. Second, annual charge for metals storage at Brinks or Via Mat would stand at only 0.12% (if it is gold) or 0.48% (if it is silver) and this fee also covers the insurance, which make it unbelievably cheaper than other rivals.

Funding BullionVault account

Funding BullionVaults accounts is fast and efficient as it could be done via bank wire, ACH and check. As your account is funded, you have complete access to the bullion market. Very easy right? BullionVaults also has the fastest process as there is no need to wait until you money is cleared and your metals are delivered. In most of the case, all would be done in an impressive period of 15 minutes.

Safety Method

There are a lot of methods available for investors so that they could check immediately where their metals are and whether they are stored securely or not. First, the presence of numerous checks and balances help you locate and ensure the safety of your Gold and Silver. Second, BullionVaults policy also guarantees the secure of your investment as each of its storage falicities has to carry out daily audits for all of their inventory. You see, various methods are being applied to help you feel safe about your money. There are some checks and balances which I could introduce you below:

  1. A bullion withdrawal must be declared publicly by BullionVaults on the front page of its website and notified to the vault operator, all using the trader’s alias. Therefore, every trader could ensure the withdrawer is not taking their money. If they are not satisfied with this, another choice is left for them as they might check the withdrawal via the Daily Audit to see whether he or she has enough metals or not.
  2. There is also a deal between us and the vaults controllers which forces them to check the transactions and suspend them if they fails to meet with all requirements specified in the check.
  3. BullionVaults also has another extra safety method which is mentioned in the storage agreement that the vaults controllers would limit the withdrawal amount to the maximum of 5% of the vaulted total in a day. However, it also leaves a way for international bullion shipment which would allow vault-to-vault transaction in case of global crisis, making customers move their investment.

BBB Review and Complaints

Bullion Vault Inc. is truly a prestige company with a very good reputation. No complaint has been raised against it through the Better Business Bureau which is almost unbelievable comparing with other online precious metals dealers. It also has an A+ for years, but still lower than most dealers who sell physical products. This company is also invulnerable against any lawsuit or government action, which means their activities are comprehensively legitimate.


We strongly believe that BullionVaults is a very good company in the market. It has countless positive customer reviews and no bad comments or accusations of fraud or scam. Moreover, the company’s policy to conduct business through a third party’s storage – the brinks and Via Mat also ensures the safety of the traders’ investment and reinforces its reputation naturally.