Midwest Bullion Exchange

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The Great Recession together with its consequences such as a weak US dollar, unstable economy and hyperinflation have urged many people to move their financial assets from the traditional one to other shelters such as physical gold and precious metals. Those investments are available in one rising market, which is the gold IRA.

Midwest Bullion Exchange reviewIn this review, we could introduce to you a rather new company in this industry, the Midwest Bullion Exchange, and find out how its strategy could help you protect your money as well as gain profit from your investment.


Like other typical gold and precious metals dealer, Midwest Bullion Exchange possesses all basic and most important functions of a gold and precious metals custodian:

  • Buys the gold the IRS approves
  • Sets up a self-directed IRA
  • Stores the gold somewhere safe

However, that’s not all what this company provides. It also has a wide range of products to choose, especially the gold bullion bars. It is also noticeable that Midwest Bullion Exchange prefers trading with silver than gold as their product list include two very exciting offers which are in favor by many experienced silver investor:

  • Junk Silver Bags (a big bag of silver coins)
  • The Monster Box (basically a big box of silver coins)

If you want to do a research about values of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you might find this exclusive feature on the Midwest Bullion Exchange website interesting. It is the “Charts and Graphs” section which stores all the information you need. However, please notice that if you are a novice, then those would not help much.

Customer Reviews

This part in the Midwest Bullion Exchange review is reserved for the customer comments, in which we would see how customers evaluate its performance. To be honest, I could not find many reviews online for this company so below are some that I came across:

The first customer is an investment management firm which has quite nice experiences with the Midwest Bullion Exchange as it cooperated with this company to assist their staffs and customers:

“As an investment management firm, we has built collaboration with Midwest Bullion to not only help our team with their purchase of gold and precious metals but also make purchase for our customers. I have to say they are very professional, knowledgeable and on time. Definitely we could continue trading with them.” – David L.

Though dealing with some shipping issues, this customer still feels pleased with this company services:

“When I placed some bags of mixed junk silver, I was told that it would take about ten days for my order to be shipped because mixed junk silver was always in the best-selling list. However, after 8 days, I got a phone call from Midwest in which a staff named Scott informed me that my order would be delayed for a few days as they encountered with some problems from their wholesaler. After that, Scott contacted me again, offering some upgrades which would be shipped right away. Well, overall I think they are good company and I’m pleased to continue my business with them in the future.” – Palacio

There is one very exciting review that I would like to introduce to you:

“This is the first time I could talk with a president of a company. He is Scott Hage, one of the most friendly and knowledgeable man I have ever met, willing to answer all of my questions and provide me with very useful tips regarding gold and silver purchases. He was such a generous guy, stating that he would be always ready to answer all of my questions. I do appreciate this.” – Frank L.

The funny thing is that you could feel pleased if having chance talking with the president of a company. It happens not very often and it is quite meaningful. However, it also reveals many things about the size of their business as well. Well, it can be understood as this company has just been set up since 2012 so we would not expect many things. However, the fact that the president of a company spends time talking with a customer poses many questions for me.

Next, we would see the ratings from other websites. Please notice that with this company, we cannot find reviews from prestige sites such as the BCA, Yelp, and TrustLink. Therefore, you should consider those ratings as reference only:


5/5 – Yellowpages (based on 1 review)

4.9/5 – Silver Gold Daily

3.5/5 – New Gold Investments

Final Verdict

Here is my score for Midwest Bullion Exchange: 6/10

Although this is a rather new company, Midwest Bullion Exchange has a good product list and a clear path which focuses strongly on IRAs. However, this is uncertain      that whether this company is reliable or not as we could not determine the credibility of a company founded in 2012 since not many reviews or customer experiences have been shared publicly, leading to its mediocre score.

Overall, I think Midwest Bullion Exchange is a very promising company but of course, it is too soon to say anything. Therefore, we should be patient and keep an eye on its activities. Not until it credibility is proven would I begin trading or recommend them.

Miles Franklin

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With such high uncertainty taking place in the economy, it is reasonable to state that you can lose all your savings very quickly unless you keep them safe and secure with gold IRA investments. During these dull economic conditions, perhaps the smartest way to keep your savings safe and secure is to invest in a gold IRA.

Miles Franklin reviewIn this article, we will talk about Miles Franklin, check out the services and products of this company, and see how they can help you establish a strategy for your investment and help you create a strong investment portfolio.

Miles Franklin Services

As shown on their website about their business, Miles Franklin Company is specialized in precious metals and strategies for investments of a global scale. In their introduction message, it is stated that Miles Franklin is not like any other ordinary precious metal company. Their business helps customers establish a unique strategy to diversify one’s assets with precious metals. Since 1990, the strategy provided by Miles Franklin has been bringing great profits to their customers all over the nation.

The selection of products at Miles Franklin is very diverse, including both bars and coins made of silver, gold, palladium and platinum. In addition, they have a close business relationship with Brinks Canada Vault Service and offer a special service called offshore storage to store your precious metal items in a secure location in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The service is named “offshore”, but it is a bit farther than that.

Regarding the IRA service we mention earlier, Miles Franklin has little description about that, except for that fact that that they claim they can assist you with storing American Silver Eagles for your IRA. In the partner section on their website, we can find both NuView IRA and Passport IRA, along with a few other names listed as options for you.

Miles Franklin Reviews

In this part, usually you will read some customer reviews about the services of the company, in this case Miles Franklin, to see the attitude of customers towards their business. Nonetheless, there is no review to be found about Miles Franklin no matter how hard I try. The only thing I could find related to them is the A+ score on BBB.

Final Verdict

For the fair final score given to a company, I need to consider both their services and the customer reviews about them. However, for Miles Franklin, there is no customer review to be found online, so it is impossible to know if their business is good or bad.

Because trust plays a very crucial role in the purchase of precious metals as well as in the setting-up of a gold IRA, this lack of customer reviews cannot be ignored.

And more importantly, Miles Franklin is not officially listed as an IRA custodian.

In my opinion, although there is no problem with contacting a broker to purchase precious metals for your IRA, you are still strongly advised and it is best for you to buy precious metals from a qualified custodian. The reason is that it is much simpler and it is guaranteed that the metals you obtain for your IRA are approved by IRS.

Therefore, this review on Miles Franklin ends with a final score: 5/10

Goldco Direct

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Troubled economic times force investors to invest smarter in order to protect their savings from the disastrous effects of hyperinflation and the declining US dollar. One of the most widely-chosen methods is investing in a gold IRA or doing a gold IRA Goldco Direct reviewrollover, because it allows investors to keep their assets safe and make profit in the process at the same time.

In this review, we are going to discuss Goldco Direct to find out whether this company has what it takes to help us with our investment plans.

Goldco Direct Offers

Goldco Direct trades a wide range of gold and silver coins, including investment grade coins. This feature is important in starting a precious metals IRA because the IRS only approves certain metals to be added to your IRA.

Goldco Direct offers their customers the following categories:

  • Pre-1933 Gold
  • European Gold
  • Certified Coins
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Investment Grade Silver

Besides, they offer on their website various resources for investors such as historical data, videos, charts and predictions that are useful for precious metal investment.

Regarding IRA services, Goldco Direct name themselves ‘Gold & Silver IRA Specialists’, but they don’t actually provide any IRA custodian services. Instead, they offer you a 3-step IRA plan that lets you set up your IRA with an official custodian and then buy investment metals from Goldco Direct.

On their website, they do not state whether you can choose the custodian you wish to work with or they only refer you to a specific one. This kind of annoys me.

Goldco Direct Reviews

In this part, we are going through several reviews on Goldco Direct written by their previous customer to understand better how they do business.

The first customer had a positive experience:

“Adam Parcelli has always been very helpful, courteous and professional. Working with him has been a pleasure for me. He always informs me of the deals that are on and offers me the best price. I feel like he has tried doing everything to please us.” – Irma D.

This customer was more thansatisfied with their customer service:

“Adam Parcelli has always been very helpful, friendly and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with him. He always tells us about the deals that are on and gets the best price for us. He has always gone the extra mile to please us.” – Gwen S.

I managed to collect several ratings for Goldco Direct from various sources, and most of them are positive. That said, there are limited reviews on this company, with Trustlink being the only major source. The scores are as follows:

A+ – BBB

5/5 – Trustlink



Overall, Goldco appears to be a decent company to me. There are only two things about them that still bug me somehow. The first thing is that there are very little feedback on them outside of Trustlink. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer working with companies owning a long list of feedback and a proven track record.

The second thing is that, as mentioned above, they do not state the name of the custodian they will refer you to. This is important because they could refer you to a shady one such as Sterling Trust, which is no good for your investment plans.

My final rating for Goldco Direct is: 7/10

I’m still not pleased with the whole “Choose us first, then we’ll find a custodian for you” thing, because picking the right custodian is essential to your gold IRA investment plan.


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Recent economic downfalls have taken away from many people all of their hard-earned and unprotected life savings. The current unstable economy and the declining US dollar value pose even bigger threats to investors.

Goldfellow reviewFortunately, we can avoid that by using a gold IRA. This tool not only is able to protect your assets but also generates extra profit for the investors.

In this review, we are going to discuss GoldFellow company to find out whether this company is suitable for your investment plans.

Goldfellow Offers

GoldFellow is essentially another business that buys gold from you. This may turn out to be necessary in times when you need to liquidate some of your gold and precious metals for cash.

As a way of attracting customers, the company claims on their website the following desirable benefits in doing business with them:

  • See your offer in writing…BEFORE you are paid!
  • FREE Wire Transfers over $1,000.
  • FREE FedEx® shipping insured for up to $2,500.
  • FREE “No Hassle” Returns.

They also claim to have a GoldFellow Scrap Gold Value Estimator that calculates what you will receive for your gold. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the app anywhere on their website.

Like other gold buying companies, you can sell gold by visiting one of their locations or sending in your gold via mail. The company also agrees to buy silvers, platinum and diamonds besides gold.

Customers Review

In this part, we are going to see what the past customers say about this company.

The first customer was satisfied with the customer service here:

“We had a great time here and was paid more than what we expected for our items. Narek was very friendly and encouraged us to return later to sell any items we no longer wanted. He would gladly sift through them all and let us know what we could sell and how much we could get paid.” – J.T

Another customer was impressed with GoldFellow’s customer service:

“This is my first time visiting GoldFellow to sell some jewelry. Narek was not only very nice but also completely fair with his prices!
This place receives my recommendation for anyone looking for honest and good businesses.” – Melissa S 

In a less positive review, this customer was not happy with being kept waiting outside just because the store didn’t open on time:

“I visited the store today. They said they opened at 10:00 it’s already 10:30 and I’m still waiting outside. Pawning or selling jewelry isn’t the best thing in the world but I’ve came here before and they’re pretty good. I think the prices are fair, not as amazing as most people said. Wouldn’t return cuz I’m not a person of patience and I hate waiting.” – Ashley R 

Below are the overall ratings GoldFellow received that I managed to find from various sources. All of them seem positive:



5/5 – Yelp (Westlake Village CA)

4.5/5 – Yelp (Valley Village CA, Location Closed)

7.9/10 – Top Ten Reviews

4/5 – TrustLink


To conclude this review, I will give GoldFellow my final score, which is based on my own research and what other people feel about the business. My scores would be:

  • 0/10 – as an IRA option
  • 8/10 – as an option to sell your gold

Overall, I think GoldFellow is a good place for you to sell gold and other precious metals in case you are having liquidity problem.

Most of the reviews the company received are positive, and negative feedback is rare. I think this might be the company you are looking for, so give it a try if you could.


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We are all hearing that the economy in America is recovering, yet a lot of people are still losing their entire retirement savings each day.It is high time that you started investing in a gold IRA if you want to protect your savings.

GoldmartIn this review, we are going to discuss Goldmart company to see whether they should play a part in your investment strategy.

Goldmart Offers

The name says it all: Goldmart is a dealer of precious metals. Besides gold, the company also sells silver, platinum, palladium bullion and various coins. If you are an enthusiast of rare coins, you will love the company’s separate website for these types of coins. I’d like to remind you all that they are not ideal for investment, anyway.

The company also offers other services and products:

  • Investors Kit
  • Newsletter
  • Live chat
  • Want List

Unfortunately, Goldmart is not an official IRA custodian. The company still offers to refer you to one of four different custodians to do business with, including: Self Directed IRA Services, Goldstar Trust Company, Sterling Trust Company,New Direction IRA.

Note: I find it quite strength when Goldmart would refer their customers to Sterling Trust Company, since there are so many negative reviews and controversies surrounding this particular custodian. If you want to know more about this, check out my review of Sterling Trust.

Customers Reviews

In this part, as usual, we will see several reviews written by Goldmart’s previous customers to understand better the business.

The first customer was happy for what she got from an old ring she found in elementary school:

“Turned in an old white gold ring I found in elementary school that had just been sitting around collecting dust and got $150. More than happy about that”Breana L. 

This customer, however, accused the company of fraud and selling items they do not actually have:

“I was trying to see if anyone else has been ripped off by Goldmart.com like me.

I order PM’s 3 weeks ago and until today, I have been told repeatedly that my shipment is being dispatched tomorrow, tomorrow and again tomorrow. They do not have any inventory as stated on their website, and they even displayitems on the website that state in stock yet they are not.

Their manager Nick told me that their insurance has lapsed into a month to month, and that they cannot insure shipments. These guys are selling stuff they do not actually have. Sooner or later they will end up like MF Global. I have already started fraud proceedings against them with the FBI.”Philip K.

Another similar accusation reads as follows:

“They are selling things they do not have, andthey DO NOT even update their website. They also DONT reply to your emails, evenif they do it will take 5-10 days (no exaggeration). This is pure negligence as a bullion dealer and a business in general. I tried calling them, and the lady kept making excuses that made no sense as for why my order hasn’t shipped out. They said since I paid with a credit card, it will take 2 to 4 days for processing. BUT I’ve waited a total of 10 days and so far nothing.

They said my order was going to ship the week before. And it never did. Goldmart’s video on their website claiming why they are “America’s leading bullion dealer” is completely misleading. You can try visiting the BBB website to see for yourself, they receive a D- NOT AN A-. Honestly, Goldmart is the ONLY bullion dealer that I’ve EVER had problems with. I will never buy from them again. All this hassle for an order of 6 Silver philharmonics. Ridiculous.”Liao C.

The company received pretty terrible ratings from different sources on the Internet as you can see.

D- – BBB

1/5 – Yellow Pages

1/5 – Yelp


The most noticeable thing about Goldmart during my research for this review was perhaps their share of negative reviews, accusations and warnings. My first Google search result for ‘Goldmart’ was actually a YouTube review where a customer complains about the company’s customer service and accuses them of selling items they don’t have.

Another thing that worsens the image of Goldmart is the fact that they refer their customers to Sterling Trust despite all the negativity surrounding this company.

I decide that my final rating for Goldmart would be: 2/10

To be honest, I would not recommend Goldmart to you because they don’t appear trustworthy enough. You should do business elsewhere.


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Do you really believe that your retirement savings is safe? Have you imagined that you could lose them all due to the unstable economy today? If the answer is yes, now is the time to start protecting your assets in a gold IRA.

Goldsilver.comIn this Goldsilver.com review, we are going to discuss GoldSilver.com to see whether this company is good enough for you to entrust the mission of protecting your hard-earned savings.

Goldsilver.com Offers

GoldSilver.com is a company that sells you gold and silver coins or bullion. They offer a wide variety of products, including:

  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • Silver Britannia Coins
  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bars
  • And more

Unfortunately, the company currently does not offer other precious metals such as platinum, palladium or copper.

Goldsilver.com reviewLikewise, if you are looking for a company to help you open a gold IRA, you will have to look elsewhere because Goldsilver.com is not an official IRA custodian. That being said, they agree to refer you to other custodians.

Besides buying gold and silver here, you can also join their “Insider” club. However, the price tag of $1,291.36 might be unaffordable for some.

Another point worth mentioning is that you can sell gold and silver on their website.

Customers Reviews

In this part, we are going to see what the previous customers said about the company.

This customer was happy with her time at GoldSilver.com:

“Goldsilver under-promises and over delivers in all aspects of the company.
My shipments arrived before the ETA dates, and all my questions are addressed very timely.” – Jackie C.

This customer, however, felt she was overpriced:

“These guys are so expensive. Visited them once to see if they really were that great, but nothing special actually. The shipping times were acceptable, service was good, but the high prices are not worth it.” – Daniel N.

Many other customers have the same feeling for the high fees on both shipping and storage:

“They have so many hidden fees. The shipping fee is ridiculously expensive, but if you know what to say, you can get a ‘coupon’ to reduce the shipping cost….which is still too high even after the deduction from the coupon.

Their storage fees are marked up from the original supplier, which for me was Brinks in Salt Lake City. I tried going directly to Brinks and ended up saving 50% (at least) on my storage fees.” – Danny B.

Despite all these negative complaints, the overall scores for Goldsilver.com that I found on the Internet was pretty good:

5/5 – TrustLink (based off of 3 reviews)

4.5/5 Gold Dealer Reviews

No Score – BBB (though they are BBB accredited)


To conclude this review, I will give you my final ratings for GoldSilver.com:

3/10 – as a gold IRA custodian

5/10 – as a precious metals broker

Even though Goldsilver.com is not an official IRA custodian, the company still offers their customers several choices for referrals, which is highly appreciated.

As a precious metals broker, however, Goldsilver.com appears to be a one trick pony, as they offer you only gold and silver. Moreover, the complaints of high fees would only prompt you to do business elsewhere.

Gordons Jewelers

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Gordon’s Jewelers has been in the business for over 100 years. The business was first started by Mr Meyer M Gordon as a local general store that also sold jewelry, which was then expanded into other locations and became best known for fine jewelry. Gordon’s Jewelers now is a big name in fine jewelry trading and has over 280 locations scattered across the US and beyond.

As the company expanded, they realized a need for a website to sell their merchandise better, so GordonsJewelers.com was born in 1998. Since then, this website has become an indispensable part of the business. Over the years till today, the company has consistently offered new items to keep up with the changes in trends.

Gordons Jewelers Products

Gordons JewelersPerhaps the bridal and wedding products are what Gordon’s Jewelers is best known for in the jewelry industry. They offer a variety of product, and we are going through all of them to see whether they offer any particularly unique items:

Wedding – This section contains engagement rings, anniversary rings, promise rings, wedding bands and many more. You can rest assured that you are looking at the right quality as all rings are shown with precise diamond information. The company offers an impressive selection of diamond engagement rings, which include the exquisite 1 ct certified colorless diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold (right).

Rings – This section contains over 950 different fashion rings, which can be sorted by price, metal color, metal type, stone and many more so that you can find exactly what you are after easily. They also offer a wide range of sapphire rings both blue and pink in some beautiful designs like this white and blue sapphire flower ring in 10k white gold with diamond accents (right). The other gemstone rings are equally impressive.

Earrings – This section contains over 550 different earrings available in a variety of styles such as studs, drops, hoops, leverback and more. It features some bold an intricate designs such as these 0.5 ct black and white diamond corkscrew drop earrings (right). The helpful product pages also suggest similar designs in the rings and pendants section in case you are looking for other items to match.

Necklaces – This section contains a wide range of pendants, with over 980 items to choose from with every gemstone you can think of and styles including lockets. There are various gemstones here, and we really love this beautiful vintage cushion cut amethyst pendant in 14k white gold with diamond accents (right).

Bracelets – This fine section contains bracelets in different types, including bangles, charms, anklets, chain, cuff and more. The gemstone bracelets are very nice, like this oval emerald wave bracelet in 10k gold with diamond accents (right).Of all the designs, the most popular one is diamond, which is available in over 130 different items in terms of styles, designs and prices.

Watches –This section contains Gordon’s Jeweler’s famous fine watches. It contains various designer brands with Swiss brands playing an important role due to their perfectly made timepieces. Our favorite is this ladies’ Capri bracelet watch with diamond accents by ESQ Swiss (right).

Customer Review

Gordon’s Jewelers take care of all of their customers, whether they buy from their local stores or online. As a result, the company has received positive feedback for both their retail and online store. Read some of them below.

  • Beth K – “We were pleasantly impressed by both the service and the prices. We found the perfect wedding rings, already sized correctly, for a great price.”
  • Queen G Casper Wy. – “I ordered three sets as presents, and am very satisfied. The picture on the internet does not do this set justice. The stones feature a beautiful cornflower blue.”
  • Juayole Edinburg, Tx – “My 21 year old granddaughter’s birthstone is the blue sapphire, and she loves all jewelry with sapphires on it. This is a very nice and elegant set that is offered at a very reasonable price.”
  • road ash66 Albertville, Mn. – “This is a VERY great presentation! Then, there is the tanzanite set itself, very nice stones, bluer than violet and also perfect size! I am VERY delighted! It is such a beautiful set and the price is wonderful for tanzanite, I have paid more for tanzanite that didn’t look as nice as this.”

Gordons Jewelers Special offers!

Below are the latest special offers and coupon codes available for Gordon’s Jewelers. You should check the site regularly as it is constantly updated. If there is no code, you just need to click on the link to redeem the offer as it will be automatically addedto the shopping cart.

  • Get FREE Shipping on any order of $100 or more.


As an experienced company in the field, Gordon’s Jewelers know that their customers need reassurance and confidence with their purchase. As a result, they offer their customers different terms and conditions for shipping and returns:

  • Shipping – For orders over $100, shipping by FedEx 3 day is free if you use the link above at the special offers section. For orders under $100, the shipping fee is $5.95. 2 day, overnight and Saturday shipping is available at a cost. The company also give you FedEx tracking information so that you could follow your shipment closely.
  • Returns – You are offered a 30-day money back guarantee should you change your mind about the purchase. Gordon’s Jewelers also offer a 90-day policy for exchanges, so you have plenty of time to decide upon your purchase. Remember to call or email them before returning your items.
  • Contact – The address for Gordon’s Jewelers is:Z-Mail
    901 W. Walnut Hill Lane
    Irving, TX 75038-1003The telephone number is:1-888-467-3661


Gordon’s Jewelers have gone from a local jeweler to a national scale retailer, and their website has played an essential part in the company’s development. You can find all sorts of information you need on the website. We appreciate the fact that when you look at diamond jewelry, even if it’s with a gemstone, you can still see a grading report of the diamond. This ensures you are getting exactly what you pay for.

The website lets us find the product we are after easily, as you can narrow down your search by type of jewelry, then by price, stone, metal and many more. Moreover, the pictures of the jewelry are very large, clear and with dimensions so that you could know the actual size of what you are buying. From all these, we would highly recommend for people looking for fine jewelry, especially unique items such as charms.

Gold Valley

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Due to the current chaotic economy, more and more people are turning to gold or other precious metals when it comes to investing their life savings. Gold investments, however, need to be liquidated when you are in need of cash.

In this review, we are going to discuss Gold Valley to find out whether you should use this company’s service to protect your assets from the damaging effects of the declining US dollar and hyperinflation.

Gold Valley Offers

regal assets goldGold Valley’s slogan claims that they are the place where you can “Get the most for your gold”, meaning they buy gold from you, which is not uncommon. Below is the list of what they would buy from you, see it for yourself to see whether they are different from other gold-buying companies out there:

  • Gold – Any Karat
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Charms
  • Watches
  • Broken Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Tea Sets
  • Candlesticks

The company manages to set themselves apart from others by buying a variety of items, not just the standard gold jewelry. If you want to do business with them, you can visit their stores in Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Kansas. Gold Valley does offer their potential customers another unique alternative: you can host a ‘Home Party’ where you and your friends get together and sell to a representative. You can receive several benefits as a host, such as a 10% commission on all sales.

Unfortunately, if you live in an area with no access to any of Gold Valley’s stores, I’m afraid you cannot use a mail-in program like other companies because I did not see anything on their website regarding this matter. You should call and ask for more information.

Customers Review

In this part, I usually give you some reviews written by the company’s past customers that I collected from various sources on the Internet. Unfortunately, I could not find anything on Gold Valley, except some advertorials on their website that were last updated in 2010.


Based on my own research on the company, I decide that my final ratings for Gold Valley should be:

0/10 – as an IRA option

?/10 – as a place to sell your gold

Unfortunately, there is just not enough information on Gold Valley for me to give it a fair rating. My only suggestion is that if you live in an area where Gold Valley has their stores, go check out their service to see whether they are suitable for you and your savings plan.

5 Reasons Why You Need Gold Retirement Plan

Gold IRA for Retirement Plan

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Due to the current unstable and chaotic economy, more and more people want to make investments for their future. One matter that is causing increasing concern Gold IRA for Retirement Planamong investors is whether the assets they invested in will hold their value and provide them with a decent income once they retire. Many investors are now opting for a gold retirement plan in order to improve their prospects for a comfortable retirement.

What’s Wrong With Retirement Funds?

Most people’s retirement funds are kept in either an IRA (individual retirement account) or a 401k, which is a plan sponsored by their employer. These funds are mostly used to invest in traditional assets such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds or cash. All of these currency-based assets are negatively affected by the volatile stock market and economy. Nobody wants their retirement funds to be dependent on any uncertain external factors like inflation, because then their assets will not be guaranteed safety in later years.

Another problem with currency-based assets like bonds, stocks and mutual funds is that they don’t represent actual wealth that you hold. On the contrary, the wealth is of someone else, and the paper is just a promise to pay you its value at some time in the future. If the promise is not kept, or if the value of the assets has dropped to nothing at the time you claim the promise, the paper is totally worthless.

Cash can be deemed a tangible asset. A cash IRA, however, poses another problem. A cash IRA uses the US dollar – a fiat currency – as its investment tool, and the prospects of the dollar haven’t been so bright throughout history: in fact, the dollar has lost 97% of its purchasing power since the early 30s. As a result, a cash IRA is unlikely to provide you with adequate income in your retirement because the dollar value keeps dropping.

Why Investing in Tangible Assets?

Investors should opt for a gold retirement plan – a plan based on tangible assets instead of paper. Tangible assets are proven to be able to maintain their value and stay independent on promises from governments or companies. Since 1997, the IRS has allowed investors to put gold or other precious metals into their IRAs. You can invest in precious metals using any type of IRA, but only a self-directed IRA can offer you the whole range of options, including keeping physical gold.

Keeping physical gold in your IRA can be quite beneficial compared with keeping traditional assets. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about inflation, which is a nightmare to every retiree who can do nothing but watch the value of their savings eroded. Gold, on the other hand, is an effective tool to hedge against inflation. Unlike the dollar, gold has the same purchasing power as it had in the 20s – you can buy a high quality suit with an ounce of gold then, and you still can today. Gold is what you should add to your retirement savings portfolio.

Besides, since gold is not affected by the unstable market, it is considered a much safer investment than bonds, stocks or mutual funds. Gold is deemed the safe haven for investors because its performance, as proven in history, has been inversely correlated to that of other assets.

Another benefit of a gold IRA is the tax advantages that come with it. Gold in IRAs, unlike other assets in a traditional IRA, is not taxed. Thanks to the changes in tax codes and IRS limitations, a gold IRA is becoming more and more desirable from the tax point of view. What makes a gold IRA even a better choice is the quick and easy setting up process, since you only need to deal with your custodian, who handles most of the administrative issues on your behalf.

How to Add Gold to IRAs?

You can add gold to your IRA using different methods. If you already own a traditional IRA or a 401k, you can choose to ‘roll over’ it into a gold IRA. In the case of a 401k, however, a rollover into IRA requires that you are currently working for a different employer from the one that holds your plan, or if you qualify for distribution for other reasons. If you think the rollover process is too complicated for you, just opt for a brand new self-directed IRA.

No matter which method you choose, the first thing to do is picking a custodian, or administrator, to take care of your account. You can easily find custodian services at most big banks, but I advise you to use the services of a company specializing in gold investment. The choice of custodian is important because they will deal with the transfer of funds on your behalf, including the forms and paperwork.

The second decision you should make is the dealer who will supply your gold or bullion. As to what to buy, the choice is entirely up to you, but make sure you learn IRS restrictions first. Gold bullion bars must be pure 24-karat, and coins’ purity must be at least 99.5%, such as American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. Numismatic or collectible coins are not allowed. Gold proof coins are allowed, but it is advisable not to buy them because they carry a high premium that could reduce your investment profits.

Once deciding what to purchase, you will have the custodian pay the dealer on your behalf, and transfer the purchased gold to a secure storage depository approved by the IRS. It is against the IRS rules to keep the gold yourself until you meet distribution qualifications from your IRA. The amount of gold you add to your IRA each year is limited by the IRS, and you can add gradually up to the maximum contribution amount, but otherwise you can just watch your investment grow without doing anything.

It is very simple to set up a gold retirement plan, which can ensure your financial future. You can rest assured that your retirement years will be comfortable because you can, from now, take control of your finances instead of depending on external factors that you cannot control, and protect your assets.

Why Invest in Gold and Silver

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Investors who are interested in diversifying their investment portfolios often opt for gold and silver. However, most of them cannot easily decide on one of the two. Whereas all precious metals are able to provide a good hedge against inflation and declining currencies, gold and silver stand out from the rest because they can survive harsh economic times.

Gold IRA for Retirement PlanIn fact, both gold and silver are capable of protecting your wealth better than any currency-based investments. In terms of practical purposes, however, these two are considered ‘dead investments’ because they do not bring any interests or amazing short-term returns. In short, each metal has its own characteristics, thus its own advantages and disadvantages of holding.

Why Invest in Silver?

  • Silver is currently quite undervalued, considering its growing demand in the industrial sectors.Perhaps this explains why people investing in silver can make a good profit by buying at a low price and selling at a high price when the prices are still in their favor. It can be very profitable to take advantage of the volatility of metal prices, if you know how to monetize it in a timely manner, that is.
  • Demand/supply for silver has been quite steady for over ten years now. In fact, total demand is currently exceeding total supply, including fresh supplies from the mines and recycled metal.
  • Silver prices cannot really be controlled by central banks in the world, since they generally do not keep silver in their reserves. The supply and pricing, on the other hand, are determined by the private owners who have stocked up their reserves with silver recently. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, for instance, have reportedly made a lot of investments in silver. Even when the value of such investments is not significant, the amount of silver disappearing from the markets may actually make it scarcer. However, Buffett is said to have sold his silver investments soon after the purchase, right before the price spike in 2004.
  • Interesting enough, there are very few isolated deposits of silver. There are not many silver mines out there. In fact, silver is a by-product of other metal mines that primarily exploit copper, zinc or gold deposits. Silver is a scarce metal compared with gold, with limited natural reserves.
  • Silver demand may probably be eternal because silver is highly demanded in the industry, and not all silver is recycled or recovered when compared to gold. As a matter of fact, US projections expect silver to become the first of periodic table elements to go extinct. This forecast is based on the present level of consumption and availability patterns.
  • As of August 2013, statistics show that the retail sale of silver from the US Mint was 55 times higher than gold (in ounces). This is far from the reason for investing in gold, it just simply reflects the current trend.
  • Silver is surely more affordable than gold to people of all income groups.

Why Invest in Gold?

  • Gold has survived throughout all kinds of economic hardship in history. It has been a source of wealth and an effective hedge against inflation.
  • Gold is less volatile than silver due to the gap in silver demand and supply. In the long run, gold offers significantly better security. This does not mean gold prices are always constant, but fluctuations do not cause major devaluations of investment.
  • Gold is associated with sentimental value because it has served as a basis for several economy around the globe in the past. Central banks in the world keep huge reserves of gold to combat fluctuations in local economies.
  • Investing in gold is proven to be a better method to protect your savings from the consistent failure of fiat currencies in the world as well as the regularity of quantitative easing and bond-buying programs. It can also grow the value of your assets in the long term.

Gold or Silver?

Apparently, the choice is skewed towards silver. However, most investors do not make a decision backed by careful research. You can use a tried and tested method call ‘gold/silver ratio’ to make easier decisions.

Gold/Silver Ratio

This method simply calculates the ounces of silver that you can purchase with one ounce of gold. For instance, gold is currently priced at $1,400/ounce and silver at $22, thus the ratio of (1400/22), which is around 63. The average ratio in the last three decades is reportedly 50. If this ratio falls below this average value, it means silver price is on the increase and you should not buy silver. In other words, you should invest in gold during such times.On the other hand, if the ratio is higher than the average value of 50, meaning you can buy more silver with an ounce of gold, it is the right time to invest in silver.

Ratio analysis allows us to compare these metals easily on a relative basis. It is advisable to invest in the undervalued metal after each analysis.Investors could take advantage of this method and carefully build up their own collection of precious metals over time, before deciding to maximize gains by liquidating these assets when the time comes.

There can also be short-term benefits from this method by tracking metal markets and responding promptly to capitalize on the trend. Not every retail investors is able to buy or trade physical metals at spot prices to gain from the fluctuations in price. Instead, they can use the services of precious metals companies to maximize their earnings thanks to the professional guidance and buyback facilities of these firms.It is important to remember that the value of metals is determined by their condition and their content.

Use of silver keeps increasing in different industries: from medical imaging, green energy initiatives, water purification to enhancing battery life. Gold, on the other hand, always enjoy an eternal demand thanks to investor sentiments. No matter what you choose as your investment, it will help you avoid credit risks associated with currency-based investments such as stocks or bonds, which can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.