Rust Rare Coin

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Imagine waking up the next day to find most of your savings is gone because of the fickle economy today. That’s right, nothing is for certain in this day and age and therefore to protect your savings against dangers of hyperinflation, the fall in the US Rust Rare Coindollar’s value and the incompetence of our government, a gold IRA is the way to go.

Our Rust Rare Coin review aims to discover what this company does offer and whether it is advisable to do business with them.

Rust Rare Coin Services

Rust Rare Coin is, just as its name suggests, a coin dealer. They offer a pretty impressive selection of coins that are organized by type like quarters, half cents etc.

In all honesty, they only sell coins and pretty much nothing else so there is nothing much to say about their services and products. What about investment grade metals then?

As you cannot find a section for investment grade metals and they do not indicate whether their product listings are IRS accepted or not either, it is not entirely clear which may be allowed for a precious metal IRA.

The website of Rust Rare Coin actually has a page about bullion, IRAs, investing in precious metals etc. but it only goes as far as information and no services related to gold IRAs can be found. Therefore, it seems that the company is not an official gold IRA custodian.

The company does provide two additional services that are their Mormon money section and Boy Scout coin collection merit badge program. Nevertheless, none of these applies to precious metal investment.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our review on Rust Rare Coin you will look at some customer feedback on the company to see how they do business.

Here is a disappointed customer who complains about how the company never had Silver Eagles available when he wanted them:

“As this shop came up in Google search results, I decided to check it out. Over the phone they seemed nice so I drove down that morning. The shop has odd hours and is not opened until 9:30am. I asked for a few Silver Eagles but was told that they were not in stock. I tried a different coin shop in SLC named Monarch coin and they had them. I even went back to Rust Rare Coin for the Silver Eagles three times after that (each time about 1 month apart) but they never had them either. It’s possible to order them but then it would take about a month before you can receive them. In SLC there are several other reputable shops that actually have the Silver Eagles in hand so just don’t waste your time with Rust Rare Coin.”Ben 

This customer, however, was impressed with the customer service that he received:

“Rust Rare Coin is impressive and I do not even look at my income to say. At RRC I am always treated in the same manner as with a man in expensive suit or a lady in nice dress. I have purchased quite a few ounces of Gold, several ounces of Silver and also sold some Gold for my friends at Rust. All transactions are handled in the store front and each only takes a couple of minutes. Depending on the demand delivery of rounds might take a while but that’s an issue of the market sector. I will surely go back to Rust in the future.”Rory 

And here are two short yet contradicting reviews:

“Honest and reputable coin dealer” – Joseph Samuel

“Terrible customer service while employees are all douches!!!”Jose 

Overall there was not much feedback for the company but here are some ratings that I managed to find:

5/5 – Yellowbot

A+ – BBB

3.9/5 – Google Reviews

5/5 – from 

Final Verdict

With a very simple and streamlined business model, Rust Rare Coin sells coins and that’s just about it. The company does offer some additional services such as the Boy Scout program; however, nothing really applies to investment in precious metal.

It’s a mixed bag as far as customer feedback goes but there are more positive comments than negative ones.

Despite that I cannot really recommend the company for investment purposes except when you’re highly experienced with purchasing investment grade coins or you’re buying through qualified gold IRA custodians.

Therefore, the final scores for Rust Rare Coin are:

7/10 – as a coin dealer

1/10 – IRA services

Sahara Coins

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Is it possible for threats such as the decline in value of the US dollar and hyperinflation to destroy your savings? In the tough economic climate of today, you are truly at all times on the brink of losing everything. Therefore it’s advisable to take the time and Sahara Coins reviewmake an investment in a secure gold IRA.

Our Sahara Coins review aims to give an insight into what this company offers and whether you should involve them in your investment plans.

Sahara Coins Services 

As you would have guessed from the company’s name, Sahara Coins and Precious Metals buys and sells precious metals, mostly coins but they also provide a selection of bars.

You will find on their “Buy and Sell” page a list of various products as well as their current buy and sell prices. This is a plus point because it gives a lot of transparency.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that the company places significant emphasis on their eBay store. In reality, clicking on any of their products will direct you to an eBay listing.  Therefore, you might not enjoy this if you don’t like doing business on eBay.

Sahara Coins is actually not an official gold IRA custodian as far as services related to gold IRAs go. On their website no information about IRAs can be found and they do not mark whether their products are IRS accepted or not either. Therefore, if you were to buy from them you will need to call and verify before buying.

Customer Review

This section of our review on Sahara Coins features actual comments of people about the company.

Here is an individual who found the customer service and expediency impressive:

“This place is great for buying and selling bullion and coins. Adrian was fast and friendly. I needed 5 minutes only to unload my rounds before walking out with cash, which is the best!” – David 

On the other hand, this customer actually felt like everything was a rip-off trap:

“HORRIBLE!!! I had an appointment with the owner who was very RUDE and acted like my coin was worthless. HAHAHA, I guess since he thought I was a woman he could pull it off. NICE TRY SAHARA but I know better so I took the same coin to another place and was offered more than $4000. So guys, DO NOT EVER GO THERE, unless you wish to be RIPPED OFF!!!” – Shara

Now here is a short yet positive review:

“They were more helpful than the other shops I’ve visited and we have a good talk about my state quarter collection. Thank you.” – Shakia

Besides their eBay score, the feedback for Sahara Coins is for the most part a mixed bag. Check out some overall scores that I found on the company:

4/5 – Yelp

A+ – BBB

3.4/5 – Google Reviews

99.8% positive – eBay


Sahara Coins appears to be a pretty decent business and despite reports of “pawn shop prices”, the eBay operation on their store actually seems very popular and well received.

As far as products and services go, Sahara Coins has a good selection of coins but, unfortunately, no clear focus on investment in precious metals.

The final scores for this review on Sahara Coins are:

6/10 – as a coin dealer (an extra point is given for their good eBay track record)

1/10 – IRA services

JJ Teaparty

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With all the market instability and unpredictable economic conditions, it is very likely that your money will lose its value if it is invested into risky financial assets such as currency or stocks. On the contrary, putting your money in investments into precious metals like gold can not only keep your savings safe and secure, but also bring back JJ Teaparty reviewprofits in some situations. This means building a good IRA is the best choice to make for those who really want to protect what they have worked hard all their life to earn.

In this article, we will discuss on JJTeaparty to know more about their products and services and to see if they are worth considering a good option for investment.

JJ Teaparty Services

The JJTeaparty Company seems to have one single focus of business: the collection of coins. The layout of their website is not very well-organized, and the typography style with tiny texts is absolutely bad for the eyes. However, if you can read well the tiny texts, you will learn that JJTeaparty has a pretty wide range of available coins.

Nonetheless, their product pages further worsen our disappointment with such a terrible design and with actually no picture of the items. They only provide some texts describing the coins. This may be a great drawback because coin collectors always love to see the items before they make any purchase.

Besides the poorly designed website, JJTeaparty seems to have really little focus on investments into precious metals, and you cannot find any information, for example, regarding metals approved by IRS or gold IRAs. Nonetheless, appraisal services are indeed offered by JJTeaparty for both gold/silver bullion and paper money.

You should also note that JJTeaparty does buy coins, so if you have coins, you can choose to sell your coins at JJTeaparty. We cannot find anything about whether or not they buy metals of investment grade.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will list some feedback from customers about JJTeaparty to see their attitude to the company and you can learn from such feedback.

This one customer has a positive review about their buying service:

“I made an exchange from gold to cash last month. A friend in the jewelry business recommended this place to me and said the deal offered here was better than that in any other place, so I paid a visit.

The man I worked with was very helpful with profound knowledge. I was given 98% of the value. I will surely come back here to trade in more gold.” – Elizabeth S. 

This one customer also has a positive attitude towards the company regardless of some minor problems:

“JJTeaparty is exceptionally good!

The prices they offer one precious metals are very favorable. The mark-up is very small (2% or 3% in my opinion) over the spot price.

Every time I visit the place, only one person is working at the counter. However, the service is quick and I never have to wait long before it is my turn.

The place has a strange and not very attractive look (old, boring, wall-to-wall carpeting, strange lighting, the decoration may be the worst I have ever seen). But it never matters to me. You come to places like this for their services, products and great prices, not for the fancy decoration!” – Kathleen 

This company doesn’t receive many review scores, but I found some:

5/5 Yelp (based on 4 reviews for the store at Boston MA listed as closed in Yelp)

A+ – BBB

Final conclusion

JJTeaparty seems to have a nice reputation. However, there are some issues I still have about them:

Their focus is only on the collection of coins, not investment metals.

The reviews about this company are not sufficient.

Because of the above information, I have given them a final score with great consideration. Their score is:

0/10 – for IRA services

4/10 – as a coin dealer

Generally, I feel that JJTeaparty is only below average for their coin collection business. Considering their terrible website design and their limited focus on coins, unless you are a coin collector, this company seems to have almost nothing useful to offer.

JM Bullion

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The current economic uncertainty must be imposing great threats over your family, your retirement savings and your financial security. Many people are facing this issue and they have chosen to make investments into a gold IRA in order to keep their savings safe and secure. In the time of such terrible economic conditions, a gold IRA provides the best security for your retirement plan.

JM Bullion reviewHowever, which gold IRA that you are best advised to choose?

In this article, we will discuss on JM Bullion, taking a look at their products and services and checking whether they are the best option for you.

JM Bullion Services

Similar to many other companies working with precious metals, JM Bullion sells their share of gold, platinum and silver bullions.

However, the difference is that they also sell copper, which is a fascinating choice for investors of precious metals.

The copper products provided by JM Bullion include the Alamo coin, the Bald Eagle coin, the American Bison coin, etc.

In terms of products, JM Bullion provides quite a large variety of items consisting of bars, coins and even a 2.0 ozNTR silver bullet. Speaking of the selection of products, JM Bullion has made a clear difference between them and other competitors and they are outstanding.

Other considerable features that JM Bullion also provides consist of:

  • IRA account establishment assistance
  • Investment guide
  • Free shipping
  • Market updated information

Consumer Reviews

In this part, we will check the customer reviews about this company to see how people feedback about them.

One customer states to have a great experience with JM Bullion:

“When I expressed my concern about the tracking number and the shipping status, the customer service was really excellent. They offer secure and professional packaging. I will absolutely place future orders with them!” – Gale

Nonetheless, a customer expressed some dissatisfaction with the shipping service:

“I have placed multiple orders here. Even though they have difficulties, they still make due delivery, and I am totally ok with waiting for 3 to 4 weeks for the shipment, as the price is really competitive. However, this time I saw that they said on their website that delivery is made in 3 to 5 days after goods are paid for. This is a lie, they have never shipped so quickly” – John

Actually, many other customers also have problems with the shipping service:

“After my review, JM Bullion has gotten back on their feet. The non-shipment issue was because of a move and the new system is very chaotic. My order is now on its way, I received phone calls and emails from the customer service of JM Bullion addressing the problem.” – Robert

Generally, customer reviews from JM Bullion are either really positive or really negative. The negative reviews are mostly complaints on the shipping issues. In addition, the scores of the reviews seem to show this problem.

It should be noted that the reviews all come from the BBB and Gold Bullion Reviews. There is hardly any review on this company outside these two sources, which is somewhat strange.

3/5 Gold Dealer Reviews


Final Verdict

Generally, JM Bullion seems to provide exceptional services for the products they offer and their prices have gained favorable customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, negative customer reviews citing the shipping issues may disappoint some customers.

The final score for JM Bullion after our consideration: 7/10

JM Bullion is very excellent in their business but it is obvious that they need to fix some problems in order to gain the top position as a gold IRA company, like Regal Assets.

Lexi Capital

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The Great Recession has left the great consequence for many people as it ripped off many people’s entire life savings in just the blink of an eye since they put all the money in unstable instruments such as currency or stocks. Well, but not all people face with that issue as those wise traders invest in the physical Gold.

Lexi CapitalToday, we would learn about a rather new company in this market, the Lexi Capital. This company’s positive point is that it has all the basic services of a typical Gold IRA company. However, the fact that they are rather new in this market may prevents people from doing business with them. Therefore, this review is aim to answer you this question: “Should we choose this company?”

Lexi Capital Services

Chaotic and lack of information. That is all what I feel about this company regarding their services.

First, this company apparently offer IRA gold service, but what you can find on their website about those things are just some graph tracking the value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. A blog is also available, but the number of posts there make us think about how much efforts they have spent. Obviously, they do not pay much attention about their promoting activities.

Second, apart from the obvious fact that they sell coins and bars, you hardly know anything else in their list as their website is completely a mess of irrelevant information. Well, as a customer, I do have the right to know what I am about to buy, but once again, you could find anything, even a small picture regarding their product list or whatever could help you find those.

However, in both cases, I think it is their indication that we should call them for further information but they fail apparently since we believe that what every trader feel about Lexi Capital service, particularly their website could be described as“disappointed” and “unprofessional”.

Customer Reviews

It is almost impossible to find any comment about this company. However, at last I find some from other source. Let’s check them out!

Generally, this customer feel satisfied about what he got there but interestingly his opinion is still listed as “not currently recommended” on Yelp for a couple of reasons:

“Lexi Capital is a great company. I am really impressed with their excellent staff, especially an executive whom I worked with. He was always willing to provide me the ultimate help whenever I needed. I was a bit worried as it was my first time dealing with such a new company like this. But after a few amazing transaction which were done in less than 5 days, I felt really confident that this would be my choice” – Jacob H.

This investor also got a good experience trading here:

“Their men were good. My representative, LaGrande Battles, is very patient and helpful staff since he was more than willing to solve my every issue and question while trading coins and metal purchases here.” – Thomas

ATTENTION: There is a negative comment regarding Lexi Capital delivery time on BBB, resulting in the fact that they graded this company only A-. However, this site’s policy prohibited me from posting its here.”

The final scores for Lexi Capital from other trading website are:

3/5 – Top IRA Gold Rollover

2.5/5 – Silver Gold Daily

5/5 – TrustLink (based off of only 1 review)


The biggest question about Lexi Capital is how we could trust them, since they have just been operating since 2012 and almost no information is available on their site, making them a big mystery in the market. Their most concerning issue might be the marketing as everything just showed that they do not really care about their marketing activities with a blog which has not been updated for months or a website with a confusing display and not much useful  information and a Facebook fanpage with only 2 posts since their beginning in 2012. How could I and other investors trust a company with such a poor appearance like that?

Well, all the above troubles result in the fact that I grade this company only 3/10 in this review.

Not until this company have some changes in their marketing policy, I would not either trust it or put my saving there although they could do it better.

Meierotto Midwest Jewelers

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Many people suffer from the Great Recession but many do not. The difference between them is their investment choices, in other word, the market that they put their money in. During the recession, financial assets such as stock or currency lose value Meierotto Midwest Jewelers reviewuncontrollably while the price of physical gold and other precious metals still rises daily. Therefore, we have been seeing more and more people investing in this market.

This review would bring you a closer look at one of the company in this industry, the Meierotto Midwest Jewelers and see how it could be a new promising investment.

Meierotto Midwest Jewelers Services 

Like some other stores, Meierotto Midwest Jewelers operates locally in Kansas City MO without any other service via phone or email. Therefore, if you are not in that region, you should probably look for another dealer. As a jeweler, Meierotto Midwest Jewelers offer jewelries but today we would focus on another trading aspect: the coin and currency which is named as Meierotto’s Midwest Coin & Currency. As for the coins and currency, their products are listed as below:

  • Washington quarters
  • Kennedy halves
  • Mercury dimes
  • Barber dimes
  • Proof sets
  • Mint sets
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum bullionand much, much more.

Customer Reviews

This section is commonly reserved for customers’ feedbacks which we believe they are the best way to evaluate the performance of the Meierotto Midwest Jewelers.

This individual was very pleasant about the staff, especially as they provided the coffee and jelly beans free:

“The first thing is that their office is lovely. The second thing is that they have free jelly beans and coffee. And you know, what I like the most is that their crew was very friendly and professional. They gave me the best solutions with my budget so I never felt any pressure. This is undoubtedly one of the best options for your business.” – Cathy C

However, the next customer had to deal with some issue relating customer service:

“Unbelievable and unacceptable service. I bought my ring here and unfortunately it did not fit me, therefore I came here to change for a new one. However what happened next totally shocks me! They had an armed guard kick me out of the office and even did not allow me to come back and collect the ring I already paid. It’s a horrible store.” Peter C.

This customer feels satisfied with her experience here:

“It’s a good store. I do love their staff. They are absolutely friendly and devoting, willing to answer all of my questions and give me many options. Another good point is to they do everything indoors, which is very convenient for me”– Alex M.

Here are some scores for Meierotto Midwest Jewelers I collected from other sources:

4.4/5 – Google Reviews

3/5 – Yelp

4.7/5 – Weddingwire

A+ – BBB


My final point for the Meierotto Midwest Jewelers is 5/10

If you are not in the Kansas City MO area, then Meierotto Midwest Jewelers could not help you much.

Furthermore, we must notice some very negative feedbacks concerning the poor customer services, especially when they sell things to customers. Also there is no information available proving that Meierotto Midwest Jewelers sell IRS approved metals. Therefore, you must come directly to their office and ask by yourself.

Midwest Bullion Exchange

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The Great Recession together with its consequences such as a weak US dollar, unstable economy and hyperinflation have urged many people to move their financial assets from the traditional one to other shelters such as physical gold and precious metals. Those investments are available in one rising market, which is the gold IRA.

Midwest Bullion Exchange reviewIn this review, we could introduce to you a rather new company in this industry, the Midwest Bullion Exchange, and find out how its strategy could help you protect your money as well as gain profit from your investment.


Like other typical gold and precious metals dealer, Midwest Bullion Exchange possesses all basic and most important functions of a gold and precious metals custodian:

  • Buys the gold the IRS approves
  • Sets up a self-directed IRA
  • Stores the gold somewhere safe

However, that’s not all what this company provides. It also has a wide range of products to choose, especially the gold bullion bars. It is also noticeable that Midwest Bullion Exchange prefers trading with silver than gold as their product list include two very exciting offers which are in favor by many experienced silver investor:

  • Junk Silver Bags (a big bag of silver coins)
  • The Monster Box (basically a big box of silver coins)

If you want to do a research about values of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you might find this exclusive feature on the Midwest Bullion Exchange website interesting. It is the “Charts and Graphs” section which stores all the information you need. However, please notice that if you are a novice, then those would not help much.

Customer Reviews

This part in the Midwest Bullion Exchange review is reserved for the customer comments, in which we would see how customers evaluate its performance. To be honest, I could not find many reviews online for this company so below are some that I came across:

The first customer is an investment management firm which has quite nice experiences with the Midwest Bullion Exchange as it cooperated with this company to assist their staffs and customers:

“As an investment management firm, we has built collaboration with Midwest Bullion to not only help our team with their purchase of gold and precious metals but also make purchase for our customers. I have to say they are very professional, knowledgeable and on time. Definitely we could continue trading with them.” – David L.

Though dealing with some shipping issues, this customer still feels pleased with this company services:

“When I placed some bags of mixed junk silver, I was told that it would take about ten days for my order to be shipped because mixed junk silver was always in the best-selling list. However, after 8 days, I got a phone call from Midwest in which a staff named Scott informed me that my order would be delayed for a few days as they encountered with some problems from their wholesaler. After that, Scott contacted me again, offering some upgrades which would be shipped right away. Well, overall I think they are good company and I’m pleased to continue my business with them in the future.” – Palacio

There is one very exciting review that I would like to introduce to you:

“This is the first time I could talk with a president of a company. He is Scott Hage, one of the most friendly and knowledgeable man I have ever met, willing to answer all of my questions and provide me with very useful tips regarding gold and silver purchases. He was such a generous guy, stating that he would be always ready to answer all of my questions. I do appreciate this.” – Frank L.

The funny thing is that you could feel pleased if having chance talking with the president of a company. It happens not very often and it is quite meaningful. However, it also reveals many things about the size of their business as well. Well, it can be understood as this company has just been set up since 2012 so we would not expect many things. However, the fact that the president of a company spends time talking with a customer poses many questions for me.

Next, we would see the ratings from other websites. Please notice that with this company, we cannot find reviews from prestige sites such as the BCA, Yelp, and TrustLink. Therefore, you should consider those ratings as reference only:


5/5 – Yellowpages (based on 1 review)

4.9/5 – Silver Gold Daily

3.5/5 – New Gold Investments

Final Verdict

Here is my score for Midwest Bullion Exchange: 6/10

Although this is a rather new company, Midwest Bullion Exchange has a good product list and a clear path which focuses strongly on IRAs. However, this is uncertain      that whether this company is reliable or not as we could not determine the credibility of a company founded in 2012 since not many reviews or customer experiences have been shared publicly, leading to its mediocre score.

Overall, I think Midwest Bullion Exchange is a very promising company but of course, it is too soon to say anything. Therefore, we should be patient and keep an eye on its activities. Not until it credibility is proven would I begin trading or recommend them.

Miles Franklin

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With such high uncertainty taking place in the economy, it is reasonable to state that you can lose all your savings very quickly unless you keep them safe and secure with gold IRA investments. During these dull economic conditions, perhaps the smartest way to keep your savings safe and secure is to invest in a gold IRA.

Miles Franklin reviewIn this article, we will talk about Miles Franklin, check out the services and products of this company, and see how they can help you establish a strategy for your investment and help you create a strong investment portfolio.

Miles Franklin Services

As shown on their website about their business, Miles Franklin Company is specialized in precious metals and strategies for investments of a global scale. In their introduction message, it is stated that Miles Franklin is not like any other ordinary precious metal company. Their business helps customers establish a unique strategy to diversify one’s assets with precious metals. Since 1990, the strategy provided by Miles Franklin has been bringing great profits to their customers all over the nation.

The selection of products at Miles Franklin is very diverse, including both bars and coins made of silver, gold, palladium and platinum. In addition, they have a close business relationship with Brinks Canada Vault Service and offer a special service called offshore storage to store your precious metal items in a secure location in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The service is named “offshore”, but it is a bit farther than that.

Regarding the IRA service we mention earlier, Miles Franklin has little description about that, except for that fact that that they claim they can assist you with storing American Silver Eagles for your IRA. In the partner section on their website, we can find both NuView IRA and Passport IRA, along with a few other names listed as options for you.

Miles Franklin Reviews

In this part, usually you will read some customer reviews about the services of the company, in this case Miles Franklin, to see the attitude of customers towards their business. Nonetheless, there is no review to be found about Miles Franklin no matter how hard I try. The only thing I could find related to them is the A+ score on BBB.

Final Verdict

For the fair final score given to a company, I need to consider both their services and the customer reviews about them. However, for Miles Franklin, there is no customer review to be found online, so it is impossible to know if their business is good or bad.

Because trust plays a very crucial role in the purchase of precious metals as well as in the setting-up of a gold IRA, this lack of customer reviews cannot be ignored.

And more importantly, Miles Franklin is not officially listed as an IRA custodian.

In my opinion, although there is no problem with contacting a broker to purchase precious metals for your IRA, you are still strongly advised and it is best for you to buy precious metals from a qualified custodian. The reason is that it is much simpler and it is guaranteed that the metals you obtain for your IRA are approved by IRS.

Therefore, this review on Miles Franklin ends with a final score: 5/10

Goldco Direct

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Troubled economic times force investors to invest smarter in order to protect their savings from the disastrous effects of hyperinflation and the declining US dollar. One of the most widely-chosen methods is investing in a gold IRA or doing a gold IRA Goldco Direct reviewrollover, because it allows investors to keep their assets safe and make profit in the process at the same time.

In this review, we are going to discuss Goldco Direct to find out whether this company has what it takes to help us with our investment plans.

Goldco Direct Offers

Goldco Direct trades a wide range of gold and silver coins, including investment grade coins. This feature is important in starting a precious metals IRA because the IRS only approves certain metals to be added to your IRA.

Goldco Direct offers their customers the following categories:

  • Pre-1933 Gold
  • European Gold
  • Certified Coins
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Investment Grade Silver

Besides, they offer on their website various resources for investors such as historical data, videos, charts and predictions that are useful for precious metal investment.

Regarding IRA services, Goldco Direct name themselves ‘Gold & Silver IRA Specialists’, but they don’t actually provide any IRA custodian services. Instead, they offer you a 3-step IRA plan that lets you set up your IRA with an official custodian and then buy investment metals from Goldco Direct.

On their website, they do not state whether you can choose the custodian you wish to work with or they only refer you to a specific one. This kind of annoys me.

Goldco Direct Reviews

In this part, we are going through several reviews on Goldco Direct written by their previous customer to understand better how they do business.

The first customer had a positive experience:

“Adam Parcelli has always been very helpful, courteous and professional. Working with him has been a pleasure for me. He always informs me of the deals that are on and offers me the best price. I feel like he has tried doing everything to please us.” – Irma D.

This customer was more thansatisfied with their customer service:

“Adam Parcelli has always been very helpful, friendly and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with him. He always tells us about the deals that are on and gets the best price for us. He has always gone the extra mile to please us.” – Gwen S.

I managed to collect several ratings for Goldco Direct from various sources, and most of them are positive. That said, there are limited reviews on this company, with Trustlink being the only major source. The scores are as follows:

A+ – BBB

5/5 – Trustlink



Overall, Goldco appears to be a decent company to me. There are only two things about them that still bug me somehow. The first thing is that there are very little feedback on them outside of Trustlink. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer working with companies owning a long list of feedback and a proven track record.

The second thing is that, as mentioned above, they do not state the name of the custodian they will refer you to. This is important because they could refer you to a shady one such as Sterling Trust, which is no good for your investment plans.

My final rating for Goldco Direct is: 7/10

I’m still not pleased with the whole “Choose us first, then we’ll find a custodian for you” thing, because picking the right custodian is essential to your gold IRA investment plan.


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Recent economic downfalls have taken away from many people all of their hard-earned and unprotected life savings. The current unstable economy and the declining US dollar value pose even bigger threats to investors.

Goldfellow reviewFortunately, we can avoid that by using a gold IRA. This tool not only is able to protect your assets but also generates extra profit for the investors.

In this review, we are going to discuss GoldFellow company to find out whether this company is suitable for your investment plans.

Goldfellow Offers

GoldFellow is essentially another business that buys gold from you. This may turn out to be necessary in times when you need to liquidate some of your gold and precious metals for cash.

As a way of attracting customers, the company claims on their website the following desirable benefits in doing business with them:

  • See your offer in writing…BEFORE you are paid!
  • FREE Wire Transfers over $1,000.
  • FREE FedEx® shipping insured for up to $2,500.
  • FREE “No Hassle” Returns.

They also claim to have a GoldFellow Scrap Gold Value Estimator that calculates what you will receive for your gold. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the app anywhere on their website.

Like other gold buying companies, you can sell gold by visiting one of their locations or sending in your gold via mail. The company also agrees to buy silvers, platinum and diamonds besides gold.

Customers Review

In this part, we are going to see what the past customers say about this company.

The first customer was satisfied with the customer service here:

“We had a great time here and was paid more than what we expected for our items. Narek was very friendly and encouraged us to return later to sell any items we no longer wanted. He would gladly sift through them all and let us know what we could sell and how much we could get paid.” – J.T

Another customer was impressed with GoldFellow’s customer service:

“This is my first time visiting GoldFellow to sell some jewelry. Narek was not only very nice but also completely fair with his prices!
This place receives my recommendation for anyone looking for honest and good businesses.” – Melissa S 

In a less positive review, this customer was not happy with being kept waiting outside just because the store didn’t open on time:

“I visited the store today. They said they opened at 10:00 it’s already 10:30 and I’m still waiting outside. Pawning or selling jewelry isn’t the best thing in the world but I’ve came here before and they’re pretty good. I think the prices are fair, not as amazing as most people said. Wouldn’t return cuz I’m not a person of patience and I hate waiting.” – Ashley R 

Below are the overall ratings GoldFellow received that I managed to find from various sources. All of them seem positive:



5/5 – Yelp (Westlake Village CA)

4.5/5 – Yelp (Valley Village CA, Location Closed)

7.9/10 – Top Ten Reviews

4/5 – TrustLink


To conclude this review, I will give GoldFellow my final score, which is based on my own research and what other people feel about the business. My scores would be:

  • 0/10 – as an IRA option
  • 8/10 – as an option to sell your gold

Overall, I think GoldFellow is a good place for you to sell gold and other precious metals in case you are having liquidity problem.

Most of the reviews the company received are positive, and negative feedback is rare. I think this might be the company you are looking for, so give it a try if you could.