Modern Coin Mart

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The best way to protect your savings nowadays is to invest in physical gold assets instead of financial assets such as bonds, stocks, or currency. This is because such financial assets are getting their value depreciated in the current economic uncertainty, while physical gold assets have their value increase over the time.

Modern Coin MartThe most important thing to consider when you are investing into a gold asset is to seek the most suitable gold custodian to take care of your gold and other precious metal accounts. A wrong choice at this stage may cost you money and time, and especially the opportunity to gain profits from this investment.

In this article, we will talk about Modern Coin Mart, check out their services, and see whether or not they are an appropriate option for your investment.

Modern Coin Mart Offers

Modern Coin Mart was established in 2004 by John Maben in order to create new standards for the selling of bullions and coins.

Their website showcases a very diverse variety of products for their customers. The products consist of coins from China, Australia, Canada and even from many other places, which is very interesting and awesome as not many other gold investment companies have the same diverse product selection.

Although Modern Coin Mart offers a wide range of buying options for customers, there is something you need to understand here. As explained in their website, the objective of their business is to sell precious metals, including gold, to those buying precious metals as their retirement investments. This means they are not investment broker, so their service doesn’t include consultancy for customers on their purchase or investment plan. Their best help for your retirement investments is to help you buy precious metals for your IRA with more ease and less complication, via their partnership with trusted IRA management companies.

So to keep it short and simple here, MCM helps you buy precious metals for your IRA, but they offer no advice nor service on your account management.

The next part is about the customer feedback on MCM.

Customers Reviews

I have tried finding from every source possible, but it comes as a great surprise to me that there is no customer review about Modern Coin Mart. I have tried finding at places in which I have found great numbers of reviews on gold investment companies, places like Yelp or TrustLink, but to no avail, nothing to be found about MCM.

About the scores given to Modern Coin Mart, there is not much to find, but I managed to dig up some sources.

A+ – BBB

5/5 eBay (1 year ago)

4.2/5 – Gold is Money


Generally, Modern Coin Mart seems to be a pretty decent dealer company in gold and precious metals. However, I still feel somewhat unsure about them due to two things:

  • There is no customer reviews or feedback
  • They don’t focus on gold IRAs

Therefore, the final score I give to MCM is:

  • 8/10 as a place to sell and buy precious metal coins
  • 3/10 as a place for your gold IRA

I don’t usually give double ratings to a company, but in this case I think I should do so. Modern Coin Mart seems to be a very good place for you if you just want to sell or buy precious metal coins, especially from eBay.

However, regarding the gold IRA investment to keep your retirement savings safe and secure, Modern Coin Mart is not a good option. For that purpose, you should ignore this company and seek another one more focused on IRAs like Regal Assets.

Monarch Precious Metals

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The terrible conditions of the US economy are causing great problems to every working American out there. Some believe the economy will be healed and get back to its track in the near future, but there is nothing to ensure that. The current rough times in the economy are sweeping away the savings of hardworking people and giving them difficulties after their retirement.

Monarch Precious MetalsTherefore, many hardworking American have chosen the smartest way to protect their savings and possibly earn some profits from this investment: a gold IRA.

In this article, we will be discussing Monarch Precious Metals to check out their products and services and to see whether they are the right option for keeping your retirement savings safe and secure.

Monarch Precious Metals Service

Before getting into details about the business of Monarch Precious Metals, I think we should state one fact that matters the most here: Monarch Precious Metals is NOT an IRA custodian of gold or any precious metals.

In fact, this company operates as a broker of precious metals. And although the company has “precious metals” in their name, their products mostly consist of gold and silver, with the only exception, as stated in their website, being some rare pennies.

One more thing about this company is that they sell not only coins and bullions of silver and gold, but also .999 fine silver grain and gold nuggets contained in glass vials.

Besides selling, they also buy precious metals from customers. The buying price at their store is 99% spot price. The 1% margin may sound small, but if they are buying precious metals in large volume, that 1% margin can yield huge capital gains.

Once your purchase at Monarch Precious Metals is done, their service ends at that point and you have to take care of the gold/silver and your IRA on your own. The company will not help you or guide you to any official IRA custodian, as that is not their service, so I guess you need to play it yourself.

Customers Review

In this part, I usually list some customer reviews I found about the company to see how people say about them. However, in this case of Monarch Precious Metals, there is no customer review to be found. I tried my best at digging up information and found such comments as follows.

This one customer is pretty happy with Monarch Precious Metals:

“I have purchased from them many times and I have always been satisfied. Oh and I have measured and figured out that one ounce from this company ranges between 31.3 grams and 31.7 grams.” – Anthony

Nonetheless, some reviews claim that their price is not very competitive, like this one:

“I have always loved to purchase at MPM. They have quick shipping and odd weight number such as 2, 3, and 25 ounces. Too bad I have received bro deals from my brick and mortar store.” – Ethan

And this review is similar:

“The only issue I have is that the selling price per ounce at MPM is higher on the 2-3 bars than the 1-ounced bars.” – William

The lack of customer reviews about MPM seems like a positive thing about their business, with only a few small complaints about the price. I could dig up some scores that Monarch Precious Metals have received:

  • A – BBB
  • 70.83% Five Star Votes on GoldisMoney2


Considering the features of their business that I could find and the customer feedback they receive, I give Monarch Precious Metals the final score as follows:

  • 5/10 for trading precious metals
  • 0/10 for being an IRA custodian

Regarding the precious metal trade, Monarch Precious Metals is really 5/10. Despite the wide variety of products, they are mostly gold and silver, lacking palladium, platinum, and some other precious metals.

The fact that there is no customer review about Monarch Precious Metals is also something you should consider. And their buying price at 99% spot price may land you into a bad trade upon selling your items to them.

And regarding the IRA custodian service, Monarch Precious Metals is NOT one. While other precious metal broker companies do guide you to official IRA custodians, with or without their partnership, MPM has no referral to offer, so this is a big drawback.

Missouri Coin Company Inc.

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The present terrible conditions of the economy make many people feel insecure about their investments, especially those put into unpredictable financial assets such as bonds, stocks or currency. Because precious metals, particularly gold, have shown favorable increases in their value during difficult economic periods, it is the smartest choice to start a gold IRA.

Missouri Coin reviewIn this article, we will check out Missouri Coin Company Inc. to see their products and services as well as their competency as a safe and effective option for the protection of your savings.

Missouri Coin Services

The name of the company is Missouri Coin Company Inc, so it is obvious that their products are coins. Their products consist of bars and coins made of gold or silver, yet we don’t know any further details as they don’t put the entire list of their products onto their website. And to put it frankly, their website design is horrible, but it is still more acceptable than some websites I have visited.

This company also offers supplies for collectors, yet that section is directly linked to their store on eBay.

Regarding the IRA service, Missouri Coin Company Inc. is not officially an IRA custodian, but they can help you out as they are in partnership with 4 official IRA custodians. You can choose one of the following:

WARNING:You can see the name Sterling Trust Company here. If you have already read my review on that company, you know this is nothing but trouble. The Sterling Trust Company has received a huge number of complaints and very negative feedback about their terrible services, frauds, scams, cover-ups and many other bad things. The fact that Missouri Coin Company Inc. is in partnership with The Sterling Trust Company is a REALLY BIG turn-off for many people, including me.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read some customer reviews about Missouri Coin Company Inc. to check out people’s attitude towards their business and their feedback on the company.

This one customer claimed that the owner was very rude and he faced some issues with the company:

“Usually my spending every time I come to Missouri Coin Company ranges from $300 to $400. I have read their reviews, but I have never in my life faced such a horrible attitude, until today, and from the owner of this company. The owner has been heard joking with his employees about some guy buying silver at their store with a special story and then coming again to sell the items back. I have met that guy, and he seems normal though. Nonetheless, today he showed me such a horrible attitude and disrespect for his customers.

I came to the store to purchase several Morgan Dollars. As there were a few people at the showcase, I felt uncomfortable so I moved close to the door. Five minutes later, the owner approached me and claimed that I was wasting his employees’ time as they didn’t have the time to observe me, then he told me to buy and go immediately. Are you serious? I told him I usually took some time to check the items, but he showed no care at all. Meanwhile, his daughter looked like she wanted to apologize (the daughter and the son are very cute). What is wrong with the owner?” – Daniel

This one customer also faced some problems about the rudeness and bad customer support:

“I took a coin to this company to check its value. The employee here cast half his eye on the coin in the protective plastic box, threw back and shouted loudly that this coin was junk. He refused to see any paperwork I brought along, saying that he had seen thousands of junk like this and the fact that I brought the coin to this place was an insult. He shouted out loud so that everyone there heard very clearly. It was an extreme embarrassment for me. He should have been gentler and more polite when checking out my item, instead of giving me such humiliation.” – Jose

Another negative feedback:

“I have several years of experience on collecting coins. But still, when I come to this place, they all try to claim their intelligence and belittle me. They are inconsiderate, impolite, and extremely self-centered.

They must be really good with their online business, because with such terrible customer service, I cannot believe why anyone would want to come to their place ever again. Never again in my life!” – Jesus

Generally, most of customer reviews on this company are very negative, which also results in their following scores:

3.4/5 – Google Reviews

2/5 – Yelp

33/100 – Citysearch

A+ – BBB


I have to tell you that I actually don’t have a good opinion of any precious metal broker who gives you a limited range of gold IRA custodians and forces you to pick up one of them, instead of giving you the freedom to choose whatever you want. And in the case of Missouri Coin Company, they even put the never-recommended Sterling Trust Company as one of the options for gold IRA, so my opinion on them gets much lower.

Besides, some of the customer reviews on Missouri Coin Company Inc. show great concerns about the rude treatment from the owner and the employees to their customers. Such rudeness is never accepted to me.

On the bright side of the situation, I have found no reports or complaints regarding scams or frauds of the Missouri Coin Company. However, this company is still not worth any recommendation. So the score I give them is: 3/10


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It is advised that you should protect your savings with investments into a gold IRA. The current economic uncertainty present terrible conditions and your savings are never safe if you invest in financial assets such as bonds, stocks, or currency. On the MJPM reviewother hand, a gold IRA has its value grow during the difficult times and provides a secure solution for your savings.

In this article, we will be discussing MJPM to see what they have to offer and whether they are suitable for keeping your savings safe and secure. Details are as below.

MJPM Services

When reviewing companies like this, I have to reach their websites and sometimes their website design disappoints me to no end, but perhaps nothing can be worse than the website of MJPM. It looks really messy with a 90s old-fashioned design. However, I could still dig some crucial information about their business.

Their services include the buying and selling of coins made of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. Jewelry is also amongst their trade items. To be fair, their goods variety seems to be ok, and there are some bars for you. However, they give no information about which goods have IRS approval for your IRA.

Regarding the gold IRA, there is some information on their website mentioning it, yet the information is a complete dead end. You will always end up being told to call them, nothing else.

And this may also be considered a good point for MJPM. Transaction can be made via the phone, and you don’t have to go directly to their place. This is a good point for MJPM because a number of other precious metal brokers have no mail-in system, so you just cannot reach them unless you live in their business area.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read the customer reviews about the company to check out the attitude of other customers towards their business. Nonetheless, there are only a few reviews on MJPM, mostly from eBay. And I could only find their BBB score.

The reviews on eBay are as follows:

“My coin was delivered safe and sound 5/10. MJPM is a good seller on eBay. Thanks for a great coin”

“Nice service. Good product. I recommend this company.”

“I received the coin and really love it. I am happy with it!”

MJPM has A+ score on BBB, which seems fair.


Apart from the terrible taste in website design, MJPM seems to be a pretty good broker company on precious metals. I have strange feelings about the limited number of reviews they receive, but I think it is quite reasonable as MJPM is just a small time business.

100% of eBay feedback on MJPM is positive, yet that is somewhat simple to gain unless you show really big problems to your customers. In addition, buying precious metals of investment grade from eBay is not something I recommend.

Furthermore, MJPM is not recommended for your gold IRA as they are not officially an IRA custodian. So the final score I give to this company is: 6/10

Modern Coin Wholesale

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The CEO of Modern Coin Wholesales – Ron Drzewucki – started working as a professional coin researcher and collector in 1984. Prior to moving to NGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida in order to take the position as a Grading Finalizer, Drzewucki has been very successful with his own coin company located in St. Louis. As described in the newsletter of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Drzewucki is very Modern Coin Wholesalefamous and respected for having a special flair for coin studying and for being able to tell even the smallest difference between coins in order to grade them correctly with his experience and talent. He is an NGC and PCGS dealer with authorization, and he also takes membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). In addition, many numismatic associations such as ANA, FUN, and ANS even include Drzewucki as their permanent member.

Modern Coin Wholesales operates as a coin business of the third generation. We have great passion and enthusiasm for coins and we are very willing to help you achieve your coin collecting goal regardless of your level, whether you are a professional numismatist or simply an amateur in the field. You will receive excellent and thorough help from our sociable and professional customer support service personalized to match your preference. The mission of Modern Coin Wholesales is to provide customers with the best variety of our products consisting of modern coins from the USA and from other countries all over the globe, with advanced customer support and the most competitive price in the market.

Modern Coin Wholesale Service

Original Government Packaging, Coin Prices, China Panda Coins, Silver Pandas, Exclusive Coins, Bullion, Modern World Coins, Modern Coins, Commemorative Coins, Gold Buffalo, Exclusive labels, Silver American Eagles.


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The stagnant economy nowadays is causing huge threats to every hardworking people out there, as they may lose all their savings all of a sudden. Some say the economic conditions are getting on an upward trend, but that is merely personal opinion, the value of your savings is still decreasing every day in our faltering economy.

Monex reviewHowever, you can keep your savings safe and avoid losing money with a gold IRA and the help of a certified IRA custodian.

In this article, we will take Monex into consideration to see what they offer and whether they are suitable for keeping your savings safe and secure and for helping you deal with the troubled times of the economy.

Monex Services

To put it frankly here, please note that Monex is NOT an IRA custodian. They do not provide IRA custodian service, but they do provide a place similar to a marketplace in which gold and other precious metals are sold and purchased.

One of the major services provided by Monex is the “live pricing” that plays a very helpful role in the sales and purchases of gold and other precious metals. Nonetheless, this feature is mostly useful to experienced merchants only. This feature may not help you much with your selling and buying precious metals unless you have profound experience and knowledge in the field.

Various other products providing information about precious metal investments, the economic situation, and many more relevant subjects, are also included in the wide variety of products offered by Monex, such as apps, DVDs, etc.

The drawback of Monex is that they seem not to refer you to any certified custodians to take care of your gold or other precious metals. Therefore, after you have done your purchases with Monex, what to do with your assets is entirely up to you.

Customer Reviews

We will read some feedback from customers of Monex to learn more about the quality of this company and to see the attitude of customers towards them.

This feedback shows compliments on the company’s service:

“It has been five years since I started doing business with Monex. Ever since the beginning up to now, the company has always satisfied me with professional services. Steve Thornbury, my broker at Monex, is very friendly, knowledgeable, polite and effective in processing my transactions.” – Anthony

However, this one customers complains about some unofficial fees:

“There is something shifty with Monex. You have to pay some hidden fees that you don’t even know. When you sell items back to them, they have negative attitude towards your transactions. And they don’t deliver to you what they offer in first place.” – Daniel

This one customer has the same problem with the one above. His complaint is about the hidden fees that cost him a lot:

“This company works basically to swindle money out of your pocket with frauds and scams. In 2008, I was deprived of my 190k and then I lost my house.” – Angel

Generally, Monex receives mixed reviews and therefore mixed scores for their services. Some scores are very low, while some are nearly perfect.

2/5 – Yelp


5/5 – TrustLink

2.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews


Monex offers a wide variety of products and services. However, the big turn-off here is that they are not a gold IRA custodian. Besides, the customers’ complaints also affect your opinion and attitude towards working with them about your assets.

Therefore, I give Monex the following final score:

  • 5/10 for being a dealer of precious metals
  • 1/10 for being a gold IRA company

Monex could earn a higher score as a precious metal dealer if they don’t have the negative reviews and complaints about their services and attitude. They do offer a wide range of products as well as the “live pricing” feature that is very useful for investors, yet I cannot give them high score or recommend them to you because of all the mixed reviews and complaints about their services.

Morgan Gold

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With all the terrible economic conditions out there that are imposing threats to everyone’s money and life, are you afraid that one day you will lose all your savings and all the years of hard works?

Investing in financial assets like bonds, stocks and currency is not a very effective choice since the value of these assets decrease during troubled economy times. However, after the Great Recession in 2008, the value of gold and other precious metals increases steadily over the years regardless of economic problems.

Morgan Gold ReviewMorgan Gold is a company specialized in gold investment and gold IRA. They offer services to investors to take care of their assets and savings. Gold and other precious metals are kept safe and secure from the terrible economic conditions.

In this article, we will understand more about Morgan Gold and check out whether or not they are the right choice as a solution to protect your savings.

Morgan Gold Service

Morgan Gold provides a strong certified gold IRA service to help customers protect their savings against bad economic situations. Gold IRA is the major service offered by Morgan Gold, while they also provide information and advisory service.

Information provided by Morgan Gold is very diverse and extremely useful to experienced gold investors, such as market situations, data, articles, etc. A minor problem here is that the information offered by Morgan Gold is usually displayed in “block texts” with a bad text formatting, so it is quite difficult to read them.

To be honest, the gold IRA service of Morgan Gold is very ordinary and pretty similar to that of any other gold IRA companies. The bright side here is that the range of products at Morgan Gold is diverse, including various bullion bars and gold coins.

Customer Reviews

Although Morgan Gold has been doing business for half a century, there is only a few customer reviews about their service. The lack of customer feedback confuses me about the reputation that this company has gained. However, we will check out the reviews that I have found online about Morgan Gold:

This one customer is very happy with Morgan Gold:

“The professional and thorough services at Morgan Gold and Alex Collins in particular have satisfied me and lived up to my expectations. I have been doing business with them and never met any problems. No scam, fraud, or trap here. I will keep doing business with them.” – Noah

Nonetheless, this customer complaint that he lost his money to the company:

“The first purchase of gold accounted for $30610.20 on 12/27/2010. The account closed for $24510.00 on 03/14/2012. Gold was raised 21% however.” – A customer on BCA

Another customer was satisfied with Morgan Gold service:

“I am an amateur in coin and precious metal investment. Gary Allen from Morgan Gold helped me really much through the process with his profound knowledge and friendliness. I was guided and instructed very clearly.” – Matthew

We will now see the score of Morgan Gold, which are given based on only a few reviews due to the lack of customer feedback.

5/5 – TrustLink (5 reviews)

3/5 – Gold Silver Daily



To put it frankly, I cannot give a solid conclusion about Morgan Gold since there are only a few reviews about them. They have been doing business for half a century, so you would suppose that they have tons of reviews and feedback. But not in this case; so I think Morgan Gold is not very popular to customers.

There are also two more things that impress me about Morgan Gold:

  • Wide range of products for customers, including gold and many other precious metals
  • Bad website design

So the final score for them is: 5/10

The score is mainly because of the lack of customer reviews and feedback about the company. Besides, since the company doesn’t have anything positive or negative that sticks out to me, the average point is very suitable for them.

Finally, the lack of customer reviews about Morgan Gold gives you some ideas about their reputation.

Northwest Territorial Mint

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In such a troubling economy nowadays, your savings may be at stake and you can lose all your money in a blink of an eye. You are advised to find a way to secure your savings and help you avoid the consequence of the bad economic conditions. A gold Northwest Territorial Mint reviewIRA investment is certainly a smart and trustworthy method to keep your savings safe and secure for your retirement.

In this article, we will talk about Northwest Territorial Mint to see what this company offers and how they can help you protect your lifesavings.

Northwest Territorial Mint Offers

The services provided by Northwest Territorial Mint are the following three: Retail coin trade, bullion sales, and custom minting.

Since the main point of this article is to help you find a suitable company to help you with your investments and to protect your retirement savings, we should focus more on the bullion sales service of this company.

Regarding their bullion sales service, Northwest Territorial Mint provides customers with multiple choices: palladium, gold, silver, and platinum. These products are offered in a wide range of coins and bars. Unfortunately, the product selection at this company appears to have some limitations.

And other important information to note: Northwest Territorial Mint is NOT an IRA gold and precious metal custodian.

Instead of providing the service themselves, they will guide you to their business partner – Goldstar Trust Company. Northwest Territorial Mint is not a combined gold and precious metal dealer and custodian, if that’s what you are looking for.

Customers Reviews

In this part, we will see how people say about this company and their attitude towards the provided services through customer feedback I found online.

This customer review complains about the delayed delivery:

“I placed a simple order and was kept waiting like forever. I already paid for the items two months ago and they are yet to reach my house. And the company keeps my money in their pocket. That is not accepted. The company should not sell what they don’t have. Never again in my life with Northwest Territorial Mint. Never!” – Tyler

And this one customer expressed his intense anger for the delayed order:

“I paid 4 months ago and now the products have yet to appear. They just take away your money and give you tons of excuses. THEY ARE FRAUD! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!” – Aiden

Finally I could find a positive review about the company:

“It is very confusing to me that everyone is claiming their orders are delayed and no-show. My two orders with Northwest Territorial Mint came on time, and to be precise, even earlier than the agreed date.” – Joseph

Generally, almost all feedback about Northwest Territorial Mint is negative.

The company received the following scores from customers:

A+ – BBB

1.5/5 –

1.9/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2.5/5 – (this score is given by employees on working conditions and environment, not customers reviewing services)

The scores are very low and unappealing.


Considering all the negative customer reviews given to this company and the fact that they are not an official gold and precious metal IRA custodian, I should conclude this article with a final score for Northwest Territorial Mint: 3/10

Although the custom minting service seems pretty cool and the range of products at Northwest Territorial Mint is very fascinating, the controversial issues that many customers report about this company are appalling and just stick into my mind.

Besides, they are not a gold/precious metal IRA custodian, which adds to further disappointment.

Sterling Trust – Equity Institutional

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WARNING: I received a warning of an un-trusted address from my browser when trying to search for some information on the Sterling Trust website. So be wary of that.

That happened as this company is now run under a new name of Equity Institutional with a new website.

Also, they’ve changed their mail.

So what are the causes of these changes?

Sterling Trust - Equity InstitutionalIt was rumored that Sterling Trust got involved in some shady dealings, leading to its loss of prestige. For that reason, in 2009 this firm became a branch of Equity Trust Company and was renamed Equity Institutional.

We’ll talk about this controversial news later; first let’s find out what Equity Institutional offers.

Sterling Trust Services 

The first and most important knowledge about this firm that you should have is that gold IRA isn’t the only thing it offers but it brings investors a long list of various investment choices such as:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Managed Futures
  • Public Limited Partnerships or LLCs
  • Real Estate
  • Precious Metals

Just to name a few.

This diversity seems great but please beware of its catch here:

“As an independent trust company, neither investment advice nor any proprietary investment products are offered or sponsored by Equity Trust. Transactions are only conducted by this firm under the instructions of its clients or its assigned financial consultants. It can be said that Equity Trust offers its customers a self-constructing approach to investment options without any solicit offered or any investment products or strategies endorsed.”

Put it differently, whereas offering you tons of investment options, they leave the management of these things to you.

So, if you have the faintest idea of these investment types, it’s advisable for you not to do business with Equity Institutional.

In addition, despite its function of a gold IRA custodian, they’re offering lots of other services and they can’t provide you with enough assistance in your asset management.

Scams, Cover-ups, and other Controversy

Let’s take a look at some reviews to know what people are saying about this Sterling Trust and you’ll be for sure surprised at the amount of complaints and accusations piled up when researching them.

To avoid making you bored by giving my personal opinions, I’ll let you read these reviews by yourselves.

Given its alleged investment dishonesty, Colt Ledger and Associates were hired to look into this Sterling Trust and here’s the report:

“Some investors who had suffered frauds of Sterling trust reported that this firm and its parent gave rights to dishonest companies to use their notorious image and reputation as a official custodial company licensed by the Federal government after strict procedures so that they can lead naive IRA owners into their well-prepared investment traps.

Many poor victims stated that they counted on the allegation of Sterling Trust’s or Equity Trust’s presence in such frauds. Moreover, in the case of Equity Trust and Craig Orr which was owned by a convicted felon, the investment was actually endorsed by Craig Orr.” – Jacob

Let’s read here a brief report from an anonymous customer of Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional:

“In Jan of 2013 when their computer system had some problems with hackers, leading to the threatening of Sterling Trust’s clients’ profiles, there was no notice of this havoc made to customers until the end of April.

They haven’t even bothered to reply to my e-mail about this issue. Due to its terrible customer service, my financial advisor has warned all of his clients to stay away from this shady firm though they’ve changed their name into Equity Trust Co.” – Christopher

Customer service is still a hot potato for complaint:

“Sterling Trust is totally a communicational disaster.

Everyone from a client to an agent receives a total ignorance from its customer service.” – Joshua

Here’s an accusation of a guy losing his life savings to Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional:

“This company was best said that he carried fire in one hand and water in the other. Please stay away from them! I’ve just received threatening letters from them stating that unless I pay annual fees for virtual coin storage, they will return my money and report it to the IRS. BRING IT ON FUCKERS! SEND ME A BOGUS CHECK!” – Michael

This is not the whole tragic story. There’re thousands of comments like these out there but I couldn’t quote them all here. Now I’ll show you some ratings for this company.

2/5 – TrustLink

1/5 – Yellow Pages

60/100 – Bright Scope

1/5 – Superpages

As you can see, Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional ranks below the average.


Regardless of those bad comments, I need to be fair with this company by giving them a final score based on its nice website and diverse offerings.

However, a large number of disadvantageous complaints and accusations on customer service will surely drag its score down.

More importantly, though serving as a gold custodian, they don’t shift much focus on gold IRA management. This will make them unsuitable for opening a gold IRA or rolling over a current IRA.

My final verdict for Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional is: 2/10

South Bay Gold

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We can surely have no understanding about the possible length of the volatility that hyperinflation and a useless leader have on the economy. Therefore, it’s advisable for most people to put their investments in gold IRAs for savings protection. How much South Bay Gold reviewprotection do your savings receive? Could they be able to manage in another economic recession?

Throughout this article, we’re gonna take a look at South Bay Gold and how it protects your money when you put it in your investment list.

South Bay Gold Services

In practice as well as on their website, you may say South Bay Gold is “LA’s biggest gold and diamonds buyers”. At first glance, this firm may play a role of jewelry dealer (one creating and trading attractive and catchy jewel designs. However, in reality, there are some offerings of services in which you may be interested in order for your savings to be safe.

Let’s go through the list of their offered services on their website:

  • Bullion & Rare Coins: this is where gold, silver, platinum coins/bars, PCGS & NGC certified coins, and raw coins are traded
  • Trading Diamonds & precious stones with the public
  • Gold Refinery
  • Buying: Gold, Platinum, & Silver from public

Although they’re a true jewelry dealer, they don’t ignore the changes in the market for precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum bullion/coins. This is supported by the widget they have on their website to keep track of the current value of these metals as well as palladium.

One disadvantage here is the lack of necessary details about IRAs on their website, which leads to your necessary carefulness in purchasing metals allowed by IRS and finding your reliable keeper to store them.

Customer Reviews

In this section of the article, customers’ reviews about South Bay Gold will be considered so that you can better understand the way they do business.

Their prices for buying gold please this customer so much:

“Selling Gold: their prices per gram or pennyweight, which is more competitive than their nearest rival – Gold, is posted on their website. All precious metals are tested!” – Alize 

However, some dislikes about the price for coins are shown:

“I find their on-line purchase price for US gold coins unreasonable at which they hope to buy coins big numismatic value. They said they would pay me $200 less than their on-line price for my AU-53 Liberty gold pieces. This offer just received my immediate refusal. If I were you, I would spare a moment coming to this tiny shop – bottom feeders.” – William

However, this trader feels satisfied with some very good prices from them:

“They offered me the best service in the world at nearly doubled price for my gold and coins compared to other dealers! With my most satisfaction, it’s a right decision to come here as nowhere can I find a better price than at this shop for almost 2 years now! Thank you so much South Bay Gold, new customer for life.” – James

Let’s check the scores of South Bay Gold from other rating website:

4/5 – TrustLink

4/5 – Google Reviews (Torrance CA)

4.4/5 – Google Reviews (Manhattan Beach CA)

4/5 – Yelp (Manhattan Beach CA)

3.5/5 – Yelp (Torrance CA)

Final Verdict

Finally, this article finishes with the score based on our knowledge about South Bay Gold.

0/10 – as an IRA option

6/10 – as a precious metals broker

The lack of IRA information on their website gives me a doubt that they’re able to assist you with your purchase of IRS allowed metals for your IRA. Above all, there is no suggestion of any custodian that you can rely on after purchasing your metals.

Furthermore, they don’t provide any telecommunication through email after selling gold/diamonds, which also means that they’re most likely to be of no service to you if you’re not a permanent resident in southern California.