Mcalvany Ica

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This review would introduce to you a company, the McAlvany ICA, in the gold IRA market. In case you have no idea about what gold IRA is, let me give you some basic explanation. Gold IRA is the promising market working to help you not only protect Mcalvany Ica reviewyour lifetime money from the devastating effects of the unstable economy and hyperinflation but also to gain benefits from them.

Let’s see how this company’s strategy would benefit you as well as your business in our review below.

Mcalvany Ica Services

First, don’t expect anything about this company’s website.The McAlvany ICA website won’t help you much to determine its inventory. Although it does have some interesting features such as the market charts and a storage collecting all the articles concerning gold, silver and IRA (some are quite long and boring in my opinion), I could not find anything more specific about their USP or unique selling proposition from the rest of the boring site.

Indeed, I have managed to find some information about their company. Basically, they are precious metals dealer working to help you protect your metals in safe vaults in Switzerland and Toronto. Well that is all I could find about its services.

In addition, this is the statement quoted on their website: “Partnering with our clients to preserve and grow wealth throughout through the generations”. Although this sounds like those words of a consulting service but I couldn’t find anything similar on their website.

To sum up, if you seek for a precious metals storage, then the McAlvany ICA could help you a little bit. However, regarding other IRA services, I recommend you look for other options.

Customer Reviews

This part is normally reserved for the customers’ feedback aiming to help us understand more clearly about their services’ quality. Unfortunately, I fail to find any review in this section. This is not really surprising as the company appears to be not very transparent about their activities.

Actually, their BBB score was available. It is an A+ but not for the McAlvany ICA. BBB classified it as International Collectors Associates Ltd, so this is my guess: either it is the same company as International Collectors Associates Ltd or it is parent company or something like that.


To score accurately and fairly, you must depend on certain criteria which are completely unavailable in this case. Mcalvany ICA clearly shows that it has no intention of providing more information about its activity, making me to give it this painful score: 0/10.

This score does not say that this company is not a good one but rather a warning for its uncertainty. There are two assumptions in this case: Mcalvany ICA could be an amazing company or it could be one lying at the bottom. However, there is no way to find out until you do business with them, which is such a great risk that I would never accept. Therefore, my recommendation: find another company for your gold and precious metals IRA business.

Merit Financial

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The destructive effects of the unstable economy as well as hyperinflation and weak US dollars have triggered a mass movement from the financial assets such as currency and stocks to other reliable investment such as physical gold and precious metals. Today we would study about one company in a very promising market like those, the gold IRA.

Merit Financial reviewThe company we would discuss today is the Merit Financial Company (also known as Merit Gold and Silver). This review would discover how its strategy would help you guard your lifetime savings in form of gold and other precious metals from the economic storm as well as gaining profit from your investment.

Merit Financial Services

As a typical gold and precious metals dealer, Merit Financial Company offers a diverse product list covering all gold, silver and other precious metals of very good quality. What I like about their inventory is its diversity as it consists of tons of products and both bullions and coins are available in various forms and amounts.

Another prominent advantage of this company is its online “Market News” which collects various articles, videos and other materials regarding gold and other precious metals in general. Furthermore, you could also enjoy other benefits including a radio show named “Gold Standard Radio” by Brian Baker and a blog “Viewpoint Commentary” by Mike Getlin. All these features are generally preferred by advanced user. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, probably you wouldn’t care much about that.

Customer Reviews

In this section of the Merit Financial Company review, we would take a look at other customers’ opinion that have been trading with this company and see how they evaluate its services.

This individual faced with some trouble regarding its ordering policies:

“First I placed my order of approximately $20K of silver on their site. It’s a good site with numerous items and prices underneath alongside with a direct ordering system which would transfer order from their website.

However, I call them today to find out that it appears that they did not focus on those online orders. The staff whom I talk to mentioned that I had to make a phone call to complete the order. Ridiculously, the confirmation I received via email indicates that an account executive from their team would contact me and process it.

Finally, I was told that they were so busy and the price of silver already moved up from the last week which undoubtedly means that they would not accept the price in my order. What should I do?”– David J.

On the contrary, another customer expressed his satisfaction over the service at Merit Financial:

“The whole process was quick and efficient. Although I had some issues with the shipping, but overall I know there are many things out of control, so it is acceptable. I really appreciate their gold and silver products and also the customer services. I definitely keep doing business with them.” – John A.

However, this customer faced with a serious issue while doing business with Merit Financial, particularly the dishonesty of the staff whom he talked with:

“My first contact with Merit Financial was through a staff named Shawn at ext 383. I would like to buy some silver with the total amount of $1,600. He confirmed that I could place no order until tomorrow (so it is today) but he still agreed with the set price of the order when I called him. The next day, he called me back, saying that he was so sorry that he could not keep the price we agreed the previous day (with the precaution that I would be not happy to hear that. Definitely I’m not!” Well in fact he did not talk but yell at me, so I have to yell back and thing just messed up.

Finally I called back and stated that for sure I would never do business with anyone who could not keep their words. Well you could consider trading with them but be prepare for all risks and prices you have to pay”– Jay N. 

In general you can see people got rather mixed feelings about this company. I did find some other scores for it from other sites as follow:

2/5 Yelp

3/5 Silver Gold Daily

5/5 TrustLink

Reviews Look Suspicious?

There are something very unusual as I went on searching for comments from other source for Merit Financial, particularly on the Trustlink. I discovered tons of comments on this site which have the telephone number in both the title and the content, which drives me to the conclusion that it is likely that this company had created a lot of fake reviews for the promoting purposes. However, since I was unable to find any hard clue, so it is just my suspicion.

Final Verdict

In general, Merit Financial Company is a good dealer with a bunch of diverse products. However, as there are some negative comments about the dishonesty as well as the “bait and switch” tactics and above all of that, the presence of the suspicious reviews making me think about fake comments for promoting purposes, I would give it the score 6/10.

If it was you, I know for sure that you wouldn’t want to trade with such a liar like that (if my accusation was right then).The reason why this company still gets an above average is because its product list is amazingly diverse and expansive and it site has some very special features. Even though there are some negative comments but they are very normal for companies in this industry.

Well I must remind you that if there is any evidence indicating the fact that Merit Financial created the fake review by themselves, I undoubtedly replace it current score with a new 2/10. There would be no tolerance for such behaviors.

Precious Metals IRA FAQs

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Many retirement investors are turning to precious metals IRA as a new investment channel to fund their retirement money. As beginners in this field, many of them could not avoid having some questions regarding this investment platform. This FAQ article will help them answer their questions and give some advice on using their precious metal IRA in the most effective way.

  •  What does IRA means?

An IRA is a special account created by the US government along with the IRS for public retirees. Contributions made towards this account are not considered taxable income in most cases. The income tax is only imposed to the amount of money you withdraw from this account when you are retired.

  •  Kinds of IRA?

The original kind of IRA is the Traditional IRA and there are also various other variations of IRA. Investors who want to invest into precious metals for their IRA find self-directed IRAs very desirable and beneficial for them. Another kind of IRA is Roth IRA. Instead of taxing the amount of money you withdraw after your retirement, Roth IRA reverses the process and imposes taxes on your IRA contributions, which exempts later withdrawals from any taxation.

  •  Self-Directed IRAs?

Self Directed IRAThe special feature of self-directed IRA in comparison with other types of IRA is that it allows investors to aim their investments towards different types of assets, including precious metals and some other alternatives. The decision is up to the investor, unlike in many other IRAs and retirement accounts that impose restrictions on investment assets.

  •  Is Precious Metals allowed in an IRA?

In the past, IRA clients could only invest in American Gold and Silver Eagles. However, time has passed and regulations have changed. Now the range of precious metals you can put your retirement investments in has been greatly widened. Investment choices are no longer only gold and silver. Now they also include platinum, palladium, and coins and bars from foreign countries and private companies.

  •  Precious Metals is allowed in an IRA?

The allowed precious metals that you can purchase range from silver, gold, to the platinum family. However, you must follow one restriction. It is required that the precious metals take the form of bullion and be issued as bars from a selection of private companies, or as coins from some accepted countries.

  •  How Much Should I Invest?

It is typical for investors to put precious metals that are worth minimum $10,000 into their investment portfolio. That value of precious metals works as an anchor for their investment plan. It should be remembered that this value amounts to only some pounds of silver or a few ounces of gold. Some private investors, even small ones, may turn at most $100,000 of their investment into precious metals.

  •  Open a Precious Metal IRA?

A big number of trustees are very willing to help you out with this. One example of these trustees is the Regal Assets. They offer services to help you through all procedures in opening a precious metal IRA and managing, as well as funding it. They also provide a very important service to investors who have put their investments into other accounts. The service will help the clients go through the procedures to close accounts that bring back lower benefit and then help the clients transfer their funds from such accounts to their precious metal IRA.

  • Precious Metals Before my Retirement?

Neither of the two parties, the client and the precious metals dealer, can put the precious metals bought with IRA funds into their own holding. The precious metals will be stored by a third party until you reach your retirement. After you have retired, you will receive a shipment of the precious metals you have invested into.

The precious metal custodian also provides much more information regarding these unique retirement accounts. Many IRA firms, such as Regal Assets, are very willing to serve you and your retirement saving plan with their IRA services that accept precious metals.

Precious Metals IRA

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It is a very common thought that IRA is a pretty conservative and slow-growing account and it has to receive the performance of its underlying assets no matter how weak and ineffective it is. Many people have invested their IRAs into assets that come with ineffective performance and eventually losses. However, this is not the only way Gold IRA for Retirement Planfor account holders to manage their IRA. Not many people know that they can make adjustments to their IRA and even move their funds into a stark new custodian with a stark new distribution.

The government has also stipulated new regulations to expand the area of investments, so you have many options to aim your IRA contributions at. You can move your funds from your traditional retirement account to an IRA without penalties, or you can even open an IRA yourself and direct it for your own good. In order to perform such activity, you need to carry out many particular procedures, but more and more IRA clients are turning to this strategy.

These alternate retirement funds are more and more widely arranged as investments into precious metals. This strategy comes as a surprise to many investors as they believe the IRS has imposed a ban on this precious metal investment. In reality, precious metal investment has already been around in limited forms with permission for many decades.

Do IRAs Accept Precious Metals?

You could already invest in silver and gold for your precious metal IRA well before 1997. The only limitation was that your investment could only be Silver Eagles and American Gold, which are highly valuable and prestigious coins. However, investors who invested in precious metals wanted a more diverse investment portfolio with more options, not just a limited range of bullion.

After 1997, the range of investment assets was widened and more options were allowed by the government. The thing here is that there is no requirement that demands the custodians to permit these investment assets to their customers. The custodians are merely allowed, not required, to perform such task.

The precious Metals That You Can Use

Particularly, you can aim your investments at precious metal bars and coins. The most important requirement to take into consideration about precious metal investment is that your assets must be palladium, platinum, gold, or silver. The particular purity of such precious metals is known as bullion. Bullion qualifies for at least .90 fineness. In fact, it usually means a fineness of at least .999.

Perhaps the most common precious metal to be included in an IRA of investors and savers is gold. Besides the American Gold Eagle that is set as the standard, there are various other options with higher fineness for investors, such as Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Gold Philharmonic, or American Gold Buffalo. Furthermore, gold bars can be purchased using your IRA contributions from many gold firms. The size of these gold bars ranges from one ounce to even some kilograms.

Besides gold, silver is also a very attractive and desirable investment asset in the eye of IRA investors. The standard here is the American Silver Eagle. Besides this coin, there are a lot of other silver coins from many countries around the world that you can purchase for your precious metal IRA, along with silver bars. Many investors want to buy silver because the price is much lower than that of other precious metals, and the potential in silver is very high and useful for investors thanks to its low price. Silver can be purchase in big bars with a low price, especially if you compare it to other precious metals.

Some other precious metals that many investors and savers purchase for their IRA include palladium and platinum. These precious metals are not as popular as gold and silver, yet their value is very high and they can help to diversify your investment portfolio. The American Eagle is also the form the platinum coins issued by the US government. Palladium is even scarcer but there are some IRA companies that are willing to accept such investments.

It is not really necessary for you to turn all your savings into precious metals for the sake of protecting your savings from the economic downturn and earning potential capital gains. This strategy is mostly used by investors who consider precious metals as anchors for their investment portfolio while they still have some other traditional investments.

The Gold Guys

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If another economic depression stroke tomorrow, you would lose everything when investing in financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and currency. However, that’s not the case when your money is put in a gold IRA and other precious metals even with a The Gold Guys reviewgrowing net worth.

This review will show you some essential information on how The Gold Guys works and how it should be considered a major factor in your plans to protect your life savings.

The Gold Guys Services

Established by two friends; Joe and Shane in 2008, The Gold Guys is where you can exchange your gold for cash easily. This service is really helpful in case you’re investing in gold and need to sell off some of your assets.

There are countless options for you to sell gold:

  • In-store gold service
  • Mail-in gold service
  • At-home gold service
  • Gold parties and fundraisers
  • Dental gold service

Beside gold, other precious metals are also in their interest. Now let’s look at an excerpt quoted from their website giving you full details about what kinds of precious metals they’re willing to buy:

“We buy gold: 8k, 9k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, and 24k. We buy silver: .800, .925 sterling and solid silver. We also buy platinum, palladium, rhodium and diamonds.”

Customer Reviews

Well, now let’s see what customers are saying and feeling about the service of The Gold Guys for your further considerations.

This customer apparently shows a fair satisfaction with their service:

“It’s worth my long drive here taking my gold/silver. This is where I received premium customer service, especially professional 1 on 1 customer service” – Oliver

In contrast, this guy feel dissatisfied with the firm:

“My trip here proved really worthless when I checked some prices for selling some of my gold coins and rings that I hadn’t used any more. Their offered prices, though seemingly nice, are one of the lowest that I received. When asking to meet the manager, I received their delay, discouraging me from checking more estimates…

Finally, I went to a gold store in the South Bay receiving the price more than twice! You should have a second thought before jumping to sell here, they may play a sly trick on you.” – Allison 

This customer, though satisfied with their service, disliked their prices either:

“What a decent place. But their prices aren’t compatible with their services. I sold my scrap gold here at the price of $200.00, which was much lower than that of Sharif’s in Sac a little farther than this place. So, this firm is the best choice in case you’re in a hurry. However, if you can take your time, please go to Sharif. It surely won’t let you down and even will give you a double amount of money,” – Jenny

The scores lead us to the belief that the Gold Guys appears good at buying gold:

3/5 – Yelp (Roseville CA)

3/5 – Yelp (Bloomington MN)

4.5/5 – Yelp (Brea CA)

9.4/10 – Top Ten Reviews



To finish this article, a final score for the company based on everything we’ve considered will be reasonable:

  • 0/10 – as an IRA option
  • 7/10 – as an option to sell your gold and precious metals

Among positive comments on the company, their prices are certainly a wet blanket as they’re not so much as those elsewhere.

It’s advisable for you to come to your local Gold Guy making some price checking, but just keep that in mind and go to other shops for further details before jumping to a transaction.

The Goldsmith

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This harsh economic era forces you to protect your money through investing instruments that are not affected by hyperinflation, US dollar depreciation and governmental incompetency. Therefore, a gold IRA will be the best choice for The Goldsmith reviewprotecting your savings as well as increasing their net worth.

This article is the very introduction of “The Goldsmith”, which is considered a means to an end for your future investment strategy.

The Goldsmith Services

Like other jewelry stores, The Goldsmith is a seller specializing in a variety of precious metals including diamonds, gold, silver, and more. Is there anything in their offerings that would be suitable for appearing in an investment portfolio?

Unfortunately, the answer is: no, there isn’t.

They’re not a good choice for you to pay off some of your assets as purchasing gold and other precious metals isn’t involved in their business.

To be honest, there is nothing from their list that can benefit your investment plans.

Customer Review

This section will presents to you some of customers’ reviews about this firm.

This guy is really pleased with the Goldsmith:

“This is where your precious jewelry and watches can receive the best care without any defects.” – Deepak

This is another good comment on the company:

“After one year from our purchase, my wife’s new wedding band and engagement band are still in a good shape. No problem. Premium quality. Highly recommend.” – David

But, some complaints also arise:

“You can’t trust what you read about this company on its website as it’s totally different in reality. The shop manager is an impolite, foolish and arrogant woman. It took me over 2 weeks for their very first reply from the date I brought a David Yurman bracelet there for being fixed. Hence, I go there in person but just receive the saying that I lose some beads while I remember with total certainty bringing them all. I have another of similar quality but different color, so I know exactly how many beads are there in my bracelet and I checked them carefully before bringing it to this hell. Can you imagine what happen when I ask my bracelet back? It was totally destroyed by careless welds and a rough and deformed part on the claps and the chain! I can’t believe it! What a upsetting experience that I have with this damn firm. So if I were you, I will never give a shit to this jewelry store. Instead, I’ll choose other jewelers such as blooming dales, nordstorm. If you don’t listen to me, you’ll waste your time writing a review like this with anger and repression.” – Mark

Next, let’s take a look at some rating from other website on the Goldsmith:

4.5/5 – Yelp (Palo Alto CA)

5/5 – Yelp (Glendale AZ)

3.5/5 – Yelp (Chicago IL)

A+ – BBB


This review finishes with a final score based on what we’ve looked at up to now. The final score for The Goldsmith is:

  • 0/10 – as an IRA option
  • 7/10 – as a jewelry store

The conclusion is that The Goldsmith is nothing to rely on when you plan out investments strategies or IRA. They’re merely a normal jewelry seller.

Universal Coin and Bullion

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One of the best methods to protect your life savings from the chaotic economic climate, which could destroy them in the blink of an eye, is to invest in a gold IRA. Besides, a gold IRA investment can also make your assets grow in value no matter Universal Coin and Bullionwhat happens out there in the economy that could ruin the US dollar.

In this review, we are going to discuss Universal Coin and Bullion Company to find out whether you should make this company a part of your investment plan.

Universal Coin and Bullion Services

Universal Coin and Bullion is basically another coin store where you can come to buy gold and silver coins. Even though their name contains “bullion”, they do not offer any metal bars. They do sell bullion coins, though.

During my research, I found that the inventory of this company is still very limited and disorganized. On their website they claim that:

“Over the next few months our store will grow to include a much greater selection of bullion, rare and collectible coins. Please check by often to see how we are growing our store.”

I guess the only way to tell whether this is true is to keep waiting.

Regarding IRA services, the company offers an IRA diversification kit. I found this description on their website:

“In order to hedge your investments and enjoy long term appreciation, own and hold precious metals in your IRA with the American Eagle coin series. Here is what you need to know…”

As for me, I honestly think this is just another clever way for them to advertise their American Eagle coin product.

From what I can tell, Universal Coin and Bullion do not provide IRA services nor do they refer you to an IRA custodian. I think all they have about IRA on their website is the IRA kit.

Customers Reviews

Normally in this part I will give you several reviews written by the company’s previous customers in order to get a clearer picture of how they do business. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing on them apart from their BBB rating, which is: A+


I don’t like giving my own score for a company without knowing what their previous customers said about them. Considering they have been in business since at least 1995 when they were first BB accredited, it is surprising to know that there is no feedback on them.

My final ratings for Universal Coin and Bullion would be:

  • 0/10 – IRA services
  • 4/10 – as a precious metals broker

Even as a precious metals trader, Universal Coin and Bullion cannot stand out. Their inventory is limited and disorganized. The only things they sell are gold and silver coins, no bars or other precious metals such as platinum and palladium. They do not offer much information on IRAs.

US Money Reserve

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Have you ever thought of the possibility of losing your entire life savings because of the current unstable and merciless economic condition? If the answer is yes, it is high time you invested in a secure gold IRA to protect your savings from such factors.

US Money ReserveIn this review, we are going to look at US Money Reserve to see what this company has got to offer, and whether we should make them a part of our saving strategy.

What the Company Offers

US Money Reserve is a dealer of precious metals in the form of coins and bars. Their inventory is pretty limited as can be seen from their website:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Bullion Bars
  • Certified

It’s worth noting that the “Certified” section on their website, at the moment of this writing, is blank.

Another strange thing about their website is that they show the market pricing info on platinum and palladium at the top of their website, but apparently don’t offer these items.

What I like the most about US Money Reserve is that they clearly list their prices on the website, and they let you buy online. However, orders made using a credit card instead of a check will result in a little extra charge. Below is an example of this price discrepancy:

1 OZ Gold American Eagle

QTY 1 – 9

Check – $1,354.23

Credit – $1,394.86

Remember that the prices quoted above are as of the moment of this writing and subject to change.

I could not find any info on IRA services on their website, so I believe US Money Reserve is just a precious metals broker, not an official IRA custodian.

US Money Reserve Issues

Normally in this part, I will give you several reviews by the company’s past customers. Unfortunately, I could not find much feedback on US Money Reserve. What I did find was the controversy around this company, so I guess we should examine this instead.

US Money Reserve apparently had some trouble with the Texas Attorney General’s office. On an article from 2011 titled “US Money Reserve to pay $5M in restitution to customers” from, it was written that:

“Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve Inc. must provide $5 million in restitution to its customers following an investigation into the company’s efforts to market commemorative gold coins, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced Thursday.

The Texas Attorney General’s office said it started to investigate the company after customers who inquired about the gold coins featured on its television advertisements encountered sales people who urged them to purchase more expensive commemorative coins claiming they would increase their value more effectively than bullion coins.

However, the significantly higher prices rendered the commemorative coins so expensive that customers would not see an increase in value for many years.” – from

Below are some extractions from another article on the incident titled “Consumer Smart: Beware U.S. Money Reserve and “Smishing”” as found on

“Complaints received by the BBB allege that consumers contacted the company for government issued coins “at cost” and felt pressured to buy more expensive collectible coins, which were represented as being a better investment.

Bligh says consumers further alleged they later found out through independent appraisal that the collectible coins were not worth the price they paid for them

The BBB has given the U.S. Money Reserve an “F” rating. Factors that caused this rating include:

1) Advertising issues found by BBB.

2) 41 complaints filed against the business.

3) Two serious complaints filed against the business.

4) Government action against the business.

5) The business has failed to resolve the underlying cause of a pattern of complaints.” – from

“How the company responded to complaints:

In a response to customers’ complaints, US Money Reserve stated that coin dealers may not always appraise certified coins properly because their profit margins depend on the cost at which they acquire these coins. As a result, a customer will most likely not be paid the full market value for their certified coins when sold at a coin dealer.

The BBB files show that the company normally responds to customer complaints by explaining their return policy on the coins, and offering full refunds in some cases.” – from

NOTE: The word “Smishing” in the title apparently has nothing to do with US Money Reserve, it’s just what added to the article as something called “Scam of the Week.”

Seeing that the articles above are a bit old, I went to BBB site to see whether US Money Reserve has made any improvement since then. Unfortunately, they have not: the rating is still an “F”.


Although it is a good thing to be able to buy precious metals online, I honestly cannot recommend US Money Reserve to you due to all the controversies and issues surrounding them. Even though the controversy here is not as bad as that of some other companies I have reviewed, it is still unwise to do business with a company with a bit of controversy around them.

Moreover, US Money Reserve is not an official IRA custodian nor do they refer you to a custodian, so I guess it’s not a difficult decision to make.

My final rating for US Money Reserve is: 2/10

California Gold Buyers

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What can be better than investing in the IRA gold market to protect your money in such a chaotic and tremendous financial situation like this where the inflation and dying US dollar are taking away your money faster than ever before? IRA gold market California Gold Buyersis indeed a promising investment field where your money would not only be safe but it can also bring more benefits than you would ever imagine. Today, we would have a closer look about an IRA company and see how it would help you protect your saving.

California Gold Buyers Services

Have you ever heard of the term “cash for gold”? If not, then let me explain them for you. Cash for gold is the term used to indicate the activity in which the gold buyer will buy the investment grade metals from traders. So why do the traders have to sell their gold? It is because the investors in gold and other precious metals such as platinum or silver must liquidate their assets and receive cash in return. California Gold Buyers carries out the exact activity as it buys gold and other precious metal such as:

  • Gold Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Flatware
  • Silver Tea Sets
  • Diamonds
  • US Paper Currency
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Bars
  • Platinum
  • Vintage Costume Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Mobile Devices

As I have been doing reviews about numerous gold buyers, this is one of a few companies that have a broad product list that covers almost every precious metal in the markets, making it very popular among the traders. However, this company needs to notice about one their serious drawback as it does not have a mail-in program, meaning you have to come to their office in San Jose, Milpitas or Concord to do business with them.

Customer Reviews

This part would give you another diverse image of California Gold Buyers from different perspectives of other traders who have been conducting business with them:

This customer gave the Company a perfect score, citing that he had a wonderful experience trading with them.

“I think this is a great company. It has amazing crew members who are knowledgeable and friendly alongside with a secured storage for precious metals and a very nice office. Overall, I think I got a lot more for my gold than I thought and sure, I would continue my business with them.” John

Another customer, unfortunately, did not have a good experience with this company:

“Oh please never trade with this company for any reason. They are completely horrible. First, the person who I talked with cannot even distinguish the difference of Emerald, Opal or Citrine. He even mentioned that my diamond earrings are fake and tried to persuade me to allow him doing some acid and scrapping test with my stones. Sorry but no way I will let that happens. He offers me many confusing prices, proposing one after calling his boss in Florida. So that’s my horrible experience with this company. I suggest you find some other better companies out there”– Sarah 

On the contrary, another customer highly recommends this company, especially their customer service:

“I needed to exchange my old necklace and one friend of mine recommended this company. To be honest, I was really impressed by one staff there. His name is Fernando, and I have to say that he is one of the best service men I have worked with. Very knowledgeable and friendly. He made me feel like I’m a part of them. This is one of my most favorite companies so far” – Andrew 

Not many reviews are available for this company, but we found that most of them are very positive. So it’s not very surprising with their scores:

  • 4/5 – Yelp (San Jose CA)
  • 3/5 – Yelp (Milpitas CA)­­


Overall I would give this company a score of 8/10, a good choice for your business. Though some negative complaints were raised against them, but in common, we see people fairly appreciate California Gold Buyers. They also have an amazing product list consisting of almost every precious metal in the market, so if you need to liquidate your assets, it might be an ideal solution. Remember that if you don’t live in California region, trading with them might not be a good idea as they are only available in that area but if you do, then I ensure you would not feel disappointed with their services.

California Numismatic Investments

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While traders are withdrawing their money from other businesses such as real estate or stock as a fear about weak economy alongside with hyperinflation and other factors is rising gradually, there is one market which seems to be immune from this fear. It is the gold IRA market where investors could see their fortune increasing day by day instead of being robbed like other markets.

In this review, we would take a look at one of the company in this market, the California Numismatic Investments, and see how it helps people protect their savings.

California Numismatic Investments Services

First, although this company isn’t a true gold IRA custodian, their product list also includes a wide range of IRA approved metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Well, broad product choices is definitely a bonus as it helps thing go easier when we  have to consider which metals to invest in.  Moreover, they also form an alliance with an independent precious metals depository, the CMT. Besides, we also have other services and features provided as a part of their products. Those services and features are listed below:

•           Free Appraisals

•           Market Insight

•           Competitive Buying

•           Professional Rare Coin Council

Customer Reviews

We believe that customer feedbacks are the best way to see how good or bad a company is. Therefore, we always take a look at those while doing review about companies and here are things we found about CNI:

Short but positive, the review from this customer is so complimentary:

“Good working environment. Professional team. Fair. Positive atmosphere” – Hadji 


However, another customer ran into trouble with its customer service:

“I definitely hate their customer service team who are so obviously arrogant and annoying. They think that they are granting you some privileges by selling you gold and silver. Oh thank you but I’m more than willing to pay some more to be respected, of course, with another company not them” – Ryan 

Bad attitude is also the issue that another customer had to deal with:

“The man answering my phone call was really rude. I contacted them, asking some questions about selling my gold but all I receive was the surprising rudeness with apparently offensive manner. Well it is not an easy experience, but I hope not all meet this same trouble with them.”– Walter

After these not-so-positive reviews, we don’t expect a good score for it from other sources, but surprisingly its scores are still above the average:

3.8/5 – Google Reviews

3.5/5 – Yelp

3.6/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2/5 – TrustLink

A+ – BBB


After revising all their activities, we also release our final scores for CNI as follow:

  • 3/10 – as an IRA option
  • 5/10 – as a precious metals broker

Well, CNI gets a rather low score for IRA option as it is not an official IRA custodian, which might be troublesome as they are able to sell you IRA approved metals but limit their storage option since you can only have CMT store your metals.

CNT would also get a higher score for precious metals broker, probably 7 or 8 out of 10, not just 5 if it had a better customer service. You can see most of the complaints are about the attitude their service team. So it is a serious trouble as customer service, especially your people are one of the most important feature while dealing with customers nowadays.