Republic Monetary Exchange

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The economic stagnation can sweep all your savings away at any time beyond your control. One smart strategy to shield yourself and your lifesavings against such consequence is to invest in a gold IRA. It keeps your savings safe and also helps you earn capital gains over the time as its value increases steadily.

Republic Monetary ExchangeThis article will be about Republic Monetary Exchange. We will check out what they offer to their customers and see whether you can invest in them to protect your savings and your future.

Republic Monetary Exchange Services

Republic Monetary Exchange (RME) is an official IRA custodian and they are willing to help you build up your precious metal IRA, including starting a gold IRA from the very first step and performing 401k rollovers.

Their website also provides lots of information related to precious metals like silver, gold, and information on investments. If you are an investor who wants to do lots of research for your investments, the information offered by RME will be very useful to you.

Regarding their products, RME provides a wide range of both silver and gold coins and junk silver. A thing I found on their website and felt somewhat weird is that there is a section referring to platinum, but there is no platinum product listed or offered, and the company asks you to give them a call about platinum products. It is quite confusing.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read some reviews from customers of Republic Monetary Exchange to see what people say about this company and their attitude towards the company.

This customer has some complaints about the quoted price at RME:

“You’d better run far from this place if you want to be a smart shopper and to spend money widely. They charge over 30% higher than any other store. You can easily find many places with cheaper prices. Do not buy at this place.” – Danny

This review is quite positive towards the company:

“I placed two orders with them this year (2012) and had no problems. I just purchased 1 oz. maple leaf (gold). When I called, the quoted price was $1705/oz. There is a $65 “premium” charge, under 5%, I’m happy with that. Silver “peace $” was about 10% mark-up.” – Havier

Another customer feedback that complained about the overcharged price:

“My brother just purchases some silver for his IRA. The amount of money he had to pay was nearly 3 times the spot price of the silver. He also had to pay $150/year for asset storage and another $100/year for bookkeeping. This investment is totally out of his expectation. Instead, if he had just purchased that silver and kept it safe down under his backyard, he would have earned $600. This is so unacceptable.” – Jordan

And the general scores given to Republic Monetary Exchange by these customers are therefore not so good:


1.5/5 – Google Reviews

4.5/5 – PMBull

2/5 –

1.5/5 –

1/5 –


To be fair here, RME seems to be a merely average gold IRA custodian. They are almost the same as many other gold IRA firms, except for one thing: there is no platinum product offered at RME.

Regarding their business approach and customer feedback, they seem to receive lots of negative reviews about overcharging their customers. This is something that you must take into careful consideration, because you are seeking a safe and profitable investment channel, so the high price will decrease your chance of profit and also reduce the returns. This overpricing issue is very remarkable and my final score for RME is mostly influenced by this issue.

So the final score I give to Republic Monetary Exchange is: 4/10

Scotsman Coin and Currency

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Without an investment in a gold IRA, your savings could be at risk because of today’s fickle economy. During harsh economic times, gold IRAs keeps your savings safe with the possibility of increases in value, which makes them an ideal investment choice.

Scotsman Coin and Currency reviewThis review of Scotsman Coin and Currency, we aim to show you how the company does business, their offerings and whether your savings is well protected if you do business with them.

Scotsman Coin and Currency Services

Although the website of Scotsman Coin and Currency is rather cluttered and hard to navigate, it was possible to determine that the company buys and sells precious metals, which is pretty obvious though given their name.

Regarding their inventory, the website lists their items with buy and sell prices in spreadsheet from. However, instead of an actual price, the word “quote” is given for a number of items so my guess is that you have to give them a call for a quote on such items.

Scotsman Coin and Currency sells fine jewelry as well but for that you will get redirected to another better designed website.

There is also an auction program but it is not as simple as when you place a bid in an eBay auction. You will have to follow quite a few regulations, rules as well as other stipulations and apparently you have to register on their website to participate.

There is no mention of IRA services on their website and there is no real information on investment grade metals either.

Customer Reviews

In this section, our Scotsman Coin and Currency review aims to show you what people are saying about the company and the way they do business.

Here is a customer with an issue regarding their appraisal service:

“Went in for a quick estimate on how much to pay for a friend’s outside diamond and got told by owner that it was worth maybe $1,500 due to having several cracks. He even said he probably would place it in an ear ring. The same diamond was officially appraised at over $8,000 at another place!!! Will never go back.”– Jordan

The next review was on the other hand mostly positive:

“Staff is very dedicated and friendly. Occasionally some bargains can be found in their auctions; however, most items are expected to be paid in full.” – Michael

This individual too had a positive experience:

“I brought in a sterling silver necklace and seven old coins with a face value of $3.08 to walk out with $152. What about that? Certainly, Patt C.’s sister would goes, “why bother”. She might be humming a different tune if she’s cleaned out her coin wallet.

Really, those old jewelry and coins you have tossed into a drawer might be able to earn you some extra money for a night in town or even the holidays.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff there makes your transaction really fun.” – Steven

Overall ratings for Scotsman Coin and Currency appear to be fairly positive:

4.6/5 – Google Reviews

A+ – BBB

5/5 – Yelp (based on 2 reviews)

4/5 – Yellow Pages (based on 1 review}

Final Verdict

Basically Scotsman Coin and Currency appears to be quite a reputable business. Nevertheless, their lack of focus on investment grade precious metals and IRA services is really troubling. Although their auction service is rather interesting, if you do not get what you’re buying and whether it is IRS approved or not, it won’t do you much good either.

Therefore, I cannot really recommend the company unless you have good knowledge about these things or you’re doing business through qualified gold IRA custodians who can help you buy IRS approved metals.

The final scores for this review on Scotsman Coin and Currency are:

6/10 – as a precious metals dealer

1/10 – for IRA services

Colorado Gold

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Nowadays, Gold IRA has emerged to be one of the most potential market, not only for Colorado Gold reviewones who love trading precious metals but also for those whose savings are being ripped off by the shaking economy, crisis and hyperinflation. In this review, we would take a look at Colorado Gold, one of the typical gold IRAcompany and find out how it could help save your money.

Colorado Gold Services

Run by a team of four members, three of which are from a family: Don Scott and his two children, David and Melissa alongside with a partner named Morgan, this precious metals dealer reminds us of the family companies in which we could hardly distinguish the owners and the workers and it also poses many questions about the company’s transparency as well.

Below is the product list that Colorado Gold offers:

  • Gold bullion coins and bars
  • Silver bullion coins and bars
  • Platinum bullion coins and bars
  • Palladium bullion coins and bars

Besides selling those products, they also have buying activities and provide an online handy order tracking function. As it doesn’t act as a true IRA custodian, Colorado Gold also forms partnership with other IRA companies such as The Entrust Group, Self Directed IRA, and New Direction IRA.

Customer Reviews

This part would show you exactly the quality of Colorado Gold’s services through the remarks of its customers:

The experience of the first customer is quite pleasant:

“Every time I do business with them, they always make me feel good with their products and services. That’s why I have been working with them for a while” – Mark

Though the shipping has been sometimes delayed, but overall, this customer is still satisfied with what he receives from Colorado Gold:

“The office is quite small and you can hear all the sound murmuring around whenever calling them, so make the call quickly and efficiently. The only issue I faced after my four transactions here is that the shipping is a little bit delayed but Don Scott also informed me in advance, so it’s not a big issue. The prices they offer are really good and you couldn’t find any better deal in the market. Well, I think my business with this company is great” – Mike

I couldn’t find not much things about Colorado Gold online, but some scores from other sources are available as below

4.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB


My overall score for this Company is 7/10.

This is definitely not a very high score as there are two things I concern the most about here: shortage of reviews or feedbacks and limited IRA custodian options. I would grade them higher than 7 if they let customers choose whichever custodians that they feel suit them the most. But to be honest, as least there are three IRA custodian options here, more than other companies which often provide only one choice. Although this is a family company, it is quite well-organized and operates smoothly like any other dealer in the market.


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Are you afraid that one day you will lose your entire hard-earned savings because of the current chaotic economy? You should be, because it has already happened to many people out there. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening to you by starting to invest in a gold IRA.

The biggest question is, which gold IRA Company should be entrusted with this mission?

In this review, we are going to discuss a gold IRA Company named Tulving that filed for bankruptcy on March 11, 2014. The reason why we do this review even when Tulving is no longer around is that there is some lesson we can learn from what happened.

Tulving Services

This part usually lists out the kinds of service the company offers. Since Tulving’s website is no longer available, I had to do some research to find something about their business. This is how the company operated before:

  • Had been in business since 1990
  • Tended to handle high volume orders
  • Was open 24/7 for both phone and email orders
  • Had relatively competitive pricing

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to learn about a company is through their reviews. Like most companies that went bankrupt, Tulving did not receive very positive feedback from their customers.

The first customer complains that he has hosted his entire life savings to Tulving:

“We placed our order on Jan 20th. Almost 2 months later, nothing happened yet, so we come to find out what’s going on.

This guy ripped us out of our life’s savings, which was well over $350k in our case.

This is so sickening, and I think it needs to be addressed as a criminal case not a civil case.” – Gregg 

This detailed review comes from a customer who did business with the company many times and believes that there was a sharp decline in service:

“I bought gold products that was listed as available on their website and paid by wire transfer. On 8/15/15 they sent me an email with an invoice and stated that they received the funds. 3 weeks later the items still didn’t show up. I’ve dealt with Tulving many times before, last time in late 2012. And each time their shipments only took a few business days at the most. This time is totally unexpected and I’m worried since I don’t know what’s going on with them. I tried calling their representative Karen a couple of times and each time they only states that they’re running behind and cannot offer a firm date of shipment.” – Jim 

This customer had a similar experience:

“I had the same experience as others: placing orders is as easy as a piece of cake, but receiving them is another story. It might take two, three months … nobody knows when you’ll get the items, and nobody knows what is going on either.” – Ann 

From the reviews above we should be able to have a picture of how Tulving did business. Below are some ratings for Tulving I collected on the Internet:

  • Alert Issued – BBB
  • 2/5 Trust Link
  • 1.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews


To conclude this review, we should find some lessons to learn from Tulving’s case. The most important lesson, in my opinion, is that your assets could be gone forever with your gold IRA Company in case the company goes under.

Normally in this part, I would give the reviewed company my own score, but I think it’s unnecessary, considering Tulving is no longer in business. Instead, what I would be willing to give you is a fair warning: the choice of a gold IRA company is very critical, because you could lose everything when they go out of business.


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Have you ever thought that one day you will lose all your money and savings just because our current economic situation is very bad and the government is incompetent? In order to fight against currency depreciation, hyperinflation, and to make sure your savings is safe; investing into a gold IRA is a very smart and effective strategy.

In this review, we will discuss Rommanel to see what this company provides and whether you should do business with them to protect your money.

Rommanel Offers

So let’s see some information we have about this company. The website of this company states clearly that Rommanel provides “beauty, self-esteem, and style” and they function as “a factory of dreams”. So basically Rommanel sells jewelry.

A feature of Rommanel that I find very fascinating is the reseller program they launch into the market. There is not much information about details of the program as I search through their website. Instead of giving details on how the program works in real life, Rommanel gives you ten reasons for becoming a jewelry reseller. Here are some interesting reasons I pick from the list:

  • Be an independent worker and be your own boss
  • Have your own business
  • Generate high income per month
  • Get high returns on your investments

Rommanel also introduces the materials designed to help you in the reseller program, such as bags, packaging, jewelry boxes, showcases, etc.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we usually read some customer reviews to see what people say about this company and their service quality. Unfortunately, apart from their own website, there is absolutely no information about them on the Internet. I couldn’t find anything to put in this part. In the website, they do have some testimonials, but they are all written in Spanish. So posting them here is just pointless.


Considering all information that we can gather about Rommanel, I decide not to give them a final score, as there is no information to base on. There are some Spanish testimonials, but they are of no use here. If you are interested in buying jewelry or becoming your own boss with the reseller program, you can get in touch with Rommanel and see how they work yourself.

Jared Gold Review

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Trapped in the current terrible conditions of the economy, along with the depreciation of the US dollar, the hyperinflation, and the underachieving government, hard-working people of the US find it extremely hard to keep their hope, and it will not be long before they end up with nothing.

Jared Gold reviewHowever, you can protect what you have been saving from all the years of working. With investments into a gold IRA, you can hedge your assets against risks, as well as enjoy your fund growth in lots of cases.

In our article, we will be discussing Jared Gold to see whether or not this company can assist your strategy of keeping your retirement savings secure and safe with its services and products.

Jared Gold Services

Jared Gold, or also commonly known as the Jared Gold Exchange, is a company that makes purchases over your jewelry and gold. If you are protecting your retirement savings by making investments into gold or other precious metals, it is very likely that at some points in the future you will need to turn these assets into cash, so this company is built to serve that need.

It is obvious that many companies like Jared Gold have been established and working for many years. Therefore, let’s check out the difference between Jared Gold and the others, first by checking out the items they buy and those they don’t.

What They Buy:

  • Medical Jewelry
  • Pins
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Broken and Damaged Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Men’s Formal Jewelry
  • Personal Accessories
  • Scrap Gold, Gold Nuggets, Gold Flakes, and Dental Gold
  • Rings

What They Don’t Buy:

  • Gemstones
  • Timepieces
  • Investment Metals
  • Items that look new or look like new

The procedure for selling assets at Jared Gold Exchange is very simple with three easy steps. Fundamentally, you make a registration, get the packet, collect and ship your items, and finally obtain the payment.

About the payment, Jared Gold uploads a price chart to their website with daily updated information following the fluctuations of market price. This company states that their offered prices are of the highest competitiveness in the industry. However, if you don’t really know the values of your sold items in the market, it is probable that you won’t know much about the transaction values.

Customer Reviews

In this part of our review on Jared Gold, customer reviews will be listed to see the attitude of customers towards this company. For Jared Gold, I could only find one single review, and it comes from, so you can say it is not very positive.

“Recently I made a dispatch of some of my gold jewelry to Jared’s Gold Exchange Program. Before I mailed the jewelry to Jared’s, I had my items checked and evaluated at another jewelry store and they concluded my items were worth $2000. I thought to myself that I would earn 10% more with the gift card option with Jared’s, so I logged into the system and had my mailing label printed. And when I logged in again, the system denied my access no matter what I did, with a message saying “Improper email format.” The customer service failed to help me and I still had no idea what was wrong. The value of my items was then stated by Jared’s to be $1200, thus I decided to get them back. Upon opening the package, I could clearly see that one of my heavy gold necklaces was terribly ruined with a corrosive greenish crust.

The note in the package explained that my necklace was sterling covered in gold. So they evidently used acid to wash away the gold to check the sterling inside. Why did they decide to use acid to test right on the front? Who gave them the right to DAMAGE my necklace? What is the reason? They thought they could, so they did anyway!!

I made contact with the customer service and got denied right in my face. They denied any damage done to my item and said they used scraping stone to test, not acid (They lied). Then the lady showed me the printing on their information sheet.

They hold absolutely no responsibility for any damage possible. According to their point, they have the right to ruin (and even “misplace”) your items and you have absolutely NO RIGHT to complain. So even if you have a video recording the moment you put the items in the package, it is useless and meaningless, as they hold NO responsibility for that.

Never trust their words that they will send you a video recording the moment they open your package and work with your things! I receive nothing from them! Even if the video is in the system, you cannot log in anyway. It is their perfect scheme.

The best choice for you is to visit many different jewelry stores that offer to purchase gold. Then you stay close to the employee when your items are checked and tested. Deal with their best offer and abandon the “Completely Safe” Gold Exchange from Jared’s. Not safe!!” – Michael B.

Usually we will display here the review scores that customers have given to the company, but unluckily, there is no review score made for the Jared Gold Exchange.

Final conclusion

At the end of the review, let’s give this company a review score. The score reflects the service quality that they provide as well as the available customer review about them.

0/10 – as an IRA option

1/10 – as a place for selling your gold

Why they receive such bad score isn’t strictly due to the negative review I found on It is mainly because they don’t buy gold of investment grade. As this website is established to give you help on keeping your savings safe, they deserve the bad score, for they barely help you anything about that. They don’t even offer options to turn your assets into cash when needed.

Liberty Coin Service

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Have you ever heard about the IRA Gold industry, a promising market that would help you protect your saving from the serious effects of unstable economy? If not, then you should learn about it right now since many have been successful while trading in this market and probably you could be the next.

This review would take you to a company in this market, the Liberty Coin Service and find out whether it could provide you with any proper help to protect your savings.

Liberty Coin Service Services

As its name implies, the Liberty Coin Services trade coins, buying and selling them. However, their “Extensive in-stock inventory of rare coins, paper money, gold, silver, platinum and palladium” is an extra feature, whose purpose is unclear as we have not much information on their website. Interestingly, we find that beside standard gold, silver and other precious metals, this company also does business with rare stuff including antique toys, sports cards, military collectables, and historical documents, making it attractive for traders who possess ancient things and want to make money from those.

Though their website does not provide us with sufficient information, it is also noticeable to know that Liberty Coin Service have a news letter archive on their website which collects stuff back to 2000, if you can not reach them directly.

If all we mentioned above make you curious and want to do business with this company, you are unable to do so if your location is outside Lansing Michigan area as they are now available only in that area.

Customer Reviews

We spare this part in our Liberty Coin Service review to research feedbacks about this company and see how people evaluate it

This trader think it is a fairly good company, but also emphasize that this is his only choice in the area:

“Though people have been questioning about their customer services, I myself have real experience trading there and it is all fine. My trade with them was about coins, for bullions purpose. Most of the business was initially conducted via phone and they responded quite fast to have a complete process set up for me to choose and buy coins. The only annoying thing is that they work quite late in the morning, around 10am while I often work late at night. They offer me buyer in just minutes and all were arranged rather quickly. Finally, I come to their office and they were very professional. Well, I think they are good, but as they are the only in town, I do not know about other companies for a fair comparison.” Cesc 

Although he had to deal with some issues related to its location, this customer was generally satisfied withLiberty Coin Service.

“This company locates in a deep basement of the Bank of America building and it has very few rooms with no much space and cases of coins. I do not know what to expect as I have never visited a coin/bullion store before. However, I strongly recommend their customer service. Their staffs were excellent, very patient and knowledgeable. They had a diverse product list of old America silver but still patiently worked with me to find out what I need. In addition, they also buy and sell gold as well as silver.

If you are worried about their location, it is also noticeable that they are moving their office to Frandor Shopping Center and will be soon located in  the center of the shopping center” – Matt 

Another client feel impressed with this company’s customer service:

“Honesty is the thing I appreciate the most here. The book, which is the reference to estimate your value was put on the table so that you can see everything they do and sweep away the skepticism. The crew was also very professional and full of energy”– Eric

The general score for this precious metals dealer is good, though there are just a few feedback:

4/5 – Yelp (from 2 reviews)

4.5/5 – Yellow Pages ( from 4 reviews)

A+ – BBB


The final scores for Liberty Coin Service are presented as below:

1/10 – for IRA services (one point for their newsletter archives)

7/10 – as a coin/collectable dealer

A plus point of this company is the fact that its product list covers some very odd products such as sports cards, military items, and even dinosaur fossils. However, as they spread their activities on so many items, they easily lack focus on their main product which is the precious metals, resulting in the ignorance of IRA investors.

In addition, if you are not in the Lansing Michigan or nearby area, I think there is not much thing this company would do for you apart from the newsletter archive feature on their website.


Lincoln Coin and Bullion

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Have hyperinflation and the weak US dollar worried you? Did you search for any shelter that could save your money? Well at least there is one choice left for you: the Gold IRA industry.

Lincoln Coin and BullionIn this review, we would learn about the Lincoln Coin and Bullion, one of the typical companies in this market and see how its strategy would suit your requirements.

Lincoln Coin and Bullion Services

A concerning disadvantage of this company is the lack of information on their website. Therefore, if you are serious about investing in this company, you have only one choice to get more information which is to go to their store in Lincoln Nebraska and take a look at their product list. Furthermore, you should notice that no mail is available on their website, meaning the best way to do business with them is to live around their area in Lincoln Nebraska or the surrounding.

In general, the best information I could find on their website were quotes regarding what they buy and sell as follow:

“Our product list covers all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium which are shaped in form of coins, bullion, jewelry, dental gold, sterling flatware etc. Furthermore, our policy allows customers to have free quotes regardless whether they buy or sell at our store.”

The next quote found on their site mentions an extra tool working to authecate the legitimacy of the precious metals provided:

“We proudly have an advanced technology in our system, the Thermo Scientific Precious Metal Analyzer relying on x-ray technology to quickly scan the metals and accurately identify the metal content so as to detect counterfeit metals including both plated and or incorrectly stamped.”

Customer Reviews

This part of our review would show you how well this company has performed so far depending on the judgment of the customers:

The first customer seems to have a nice experience with Lincoln Coin and Bullion:

“I sold my “dental gold” (gold from dental crowns, in case you have no idea) for them and the price totally surprised me as it was 30% higher than any other place I have visited. Also their product list, especially the old coins and bills was really decent. I absolutely appreciate team.”– Bob

Short and positive, this comment once again states the satisfaction:

“I love it.”– Daniel

This trader also appreciates their customer service:

“Their representatives, whom I worked with, Scott and Deb, were excellent. They are very professional and devoting, offering me bunch of collector and bulk silver coins and show no discrimination between those who sell or buy.” – Skyler.

As expected, not many reviews or feedbacks are available for a small business like this, but most of those I can have my eye on show fairly positive remark. Here are some scores from other sources:

4.7/5 – Google Reviews (from 5 reviews)

A+ – BBB


I grade the Lincoln Coin and Bullion 5/10

It seems to be a rather good company but as if you are a serious investor, the lack of focus on the IRAs and precious metals investment might poses a significant concern about whether you should put your money here or not. In addition, the fact that you can only trade with them smoothly if your location is in Lincoln Nebraska area might make you think seriously again about your investment here.

Liberty Metals Group

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The first thing people think about whenever facing with financial crisis is how to protect their lifetime savings as it could take away everything from stocks to currency. However, there is one thing that even the worst crisis could not dip its value. It is the gold IRA.

Liberty Metals GroupLiberty Metal Group is one of the typical companies in this market. We would learn about its strategy to see how it help protect and grow your assets.

Liberty Metals Group Services

First, Liberty Metals Group sells and buys precious metals. Their products range from gold, silver, platinum to palladium, making them a quite attractive for traders whose investing list is quite diverse. A notable advantage of this site is that it display product alongside with its buy and sell prices, making it much easier for customers to follow. However, Liberty Metals Group’s biggest drawback is that the lack of IRA-approved mark, which makes customer quite confusing.

Liberty Metals Group’s IRA service is operated under the program named “Closed IRA Loop” which aims to direct customers to one of two IRA custodian: either New Direction IRA or Goldstar Trust Company. Sadly, these companies are two only choices available with Liberty Metals Group. If you search for storage, they also offer two solutions: IDS Delawere and IDS Canada. In general, tt seems good that this company have some IRA custodians ready for customer in need, but it would be great if they enable us to choose out of those two options.

Customer Reviews

Besides our own review, we also look for other customers’ reviews as they reflect the real performance of the company.

This individual was not very happy with the customer service of Liberty Metals Group

“I have to say it is a bad company. Do not trade with them! It seems that they do not have a real customer service since they almost cut off their contact with the whole world, waiting 9 days before shipping my order and delaying another for 5 days with no answer even though I have emailed 7 people there! They cashed my check but did not answer my email and I could not transfer them money. So later on, it appeared that B of A said a transfer was hold on there but they seemed to take no action. Well, I think Provident Metals and Golden Eagle Coins are far much better than this company. Otherwise I would call BBB and definitely they will call back!” – John 

However, this guy was quite satisfied with what he got here:

“Well I needed some Silver coins, so went on the Internet to do a small research for the best company with the cheapest prices. It turned out that Liberty Metals Group not only had very fine prices but also was located very close to me. So I decided to drive there with some cash in my pocket to pick the coins up myself. It took me only around five minutes to get exactly what I expected after they checked my order. I would never believe that purchasing precious metals could be that easy and convenient” – Jeremy 

In a very short review, this person expresses the dissatisfaction:

“I am sure that I would never trade with this company for any reason. You just simply can’t do that as they never care about their attitude with the customer.” – Forrest 

Both positive and negative comments lead to mediocre scores for this company:

4.2/5 – Google Reviews

3/5 – Yelp (Scottsdale AZ)

2.5/5 – Yelp (Del Mar CA)



Personally, I dislike the way Liberty Metals Group offers you two custodian choices instead of letting you choose one of your favorite.

In addition, the presence of both complaints and compliments indicate that this is a mediocre company which has to deal with certain issues. Therefore, my final score for this company is 5/10

Maine Gold Silver

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The scenario that all your lifetime saving could disappear in just a blink of the eye could be horrible to many people and they are happening right now. To protect them from that disaster, many have been searching for method to save their money. One of Maine Gold Silverthe best waythey figure out is the gold IRA industry, a promising market which not only help you save your money but also gain profit from it.

This review would focus on a company in this industry, Maine Gold & Silver and see whether it could meet your demands.

Maine Gold Silver Services

Self-introducing as a jewelry and coin store run by family on their website, Maine Gold & Silver works as a dealer in the precious metals markets, but they apparently pay more attention on the jewelry. Particularly they offer the following stuff:

  • Estate jewelry
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Coins and Bullion

Although it’s a quite small company, Main Gold & Silver does have an interesting program named “Shop from Home” which functions to help you take at look at other jewelry companies and then do business with them through Main Gold & Silver. However, it is a pity that they do not enclose the mail-in as well as delivery program, resulting in the fact that you have to complete the transaction in person at their location in South Portland ME. Therefore, if you are not in that region, well probably you should look for another store.

Customer Reviews

In this part of our Maine Gold & Silver, we would see how customers evaluate this company’s service and products.

Overall, the first one feel rather satisfied but he still faces some problems from the new staff:

“I have traded with them for quite a long time and most of the experiences there were good. Their staffs are very pleasant and willing to explain everything to me regardless my lack of knowledge. In general, I feel very good except only one time. The person I dealt with that time was completely new as I never met him before. Well, I have been doing business with them for a while and I think I know all the team. He was really upset and almost pissed me off. I hope that doesn’t happen very often” – Phillipe L.

This customer feel pleased with their service and jewelry:

“I bought all of my jewelry there. One word only: wonderful!” – Johnson F.

Another also had trouble with the customer service:

“I am very pleased with their crew. Once there searching some quarters for my son, I had to admit that I knew little things about those. But they were more than willing to help me. I appreciate that! – Martin S.

However, one feedback seems to be so negative and aggressive.

“Never trade with them again! It appeared that what they were trying to do is to take as much money from me as possible. I brought there 3 pieces of jewelry which were an emerald gem ring in a 14k white gold setting, a silver and platinum necklace. I’m pretty sure all of them are worth over $800 but you know, they offered me only 23 dollars???

Based on my situation, I think that was apparently discrimination against gender, age. So anyone longing to involve in this business should seriously consider this before trading with them!” – Kolo T.

This company receives both good and bad remarks so it is quite an average candidate in this market. You could also consider some scores I came across from other sites:

3.1/5 – Google Reviews

4/5 – Superpages

A+ – BBB


My overall score for this Maine Gold & Silver reviewis: 4/10

I won’t recommend this company for two main reasons. First, you are unable to trade with them if you do not live in the South Portland ME area. However, that isn’t the biggest obstacle. Another reason is that they have been receiving so much complaint for their customer service as well as pricing evaluation. Therefore, before doing business with them, you should consider other companies first.