Morgan Gold

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With all the terrible economic conditions out there that are imposing threats to everyone’s money and life, are you afraid that one day you will lose all your savings and all the years of hard works?

Investing in financial assets like bonds, stocks and currency is not a very effective choice since the value of these assets decrease during troubled economy times. However, after the Great Recession in 2008, the value of gold and other precious metals increases steadily over the years regardless of economic problems.

Morgan Gold ReviewMorgan Gold is a company specialized in gold investment and gold IRA. They offer services to investors to take care of their assets and savings. Gold and other precious metals are kept safe and secure from the terrible economic conditions.

In this article, we will understand more about Morgan Gold and check out whether or not they are the right choice as a solution to protect your savings.

Morgan Gold Service

Morgan Gold provides a strong certified gold IRA service to help customers protect their savings against bad economic situations. Gold IRA is the major service offered by Morgan Gold, while they also provide information and advisory service.

Information provided by Morgan Gold is very diverse and extremely useful to experienced gold investors, such as market situations, data, articles, etc. A minor problem here is that the information offered by Morgan Gold is usually displayed in “block texts” with a bad text formatting, so it is quite difficult to read them.

To be honest, the gold IRA service of Morgan Gold is very ordinary and pretty similar to that of any other gold IRA companies. The bright side here is that the range of products at Morgan Gold is diverse, including various bullion bars and gold coins.

Customer Reviews

Although Morgan Gold has been doing business for half a century, there is only a few customer reviews about their service. The lack of customer feedback confuses me about the reputation that this company has gained. However, we will check out the reviews that I have found online about Morgan Gold:

This one customer is very happy with Morgan Gold:

“The professional and thorough services at Morgan Gold and Alex Collins in particular have satisfied me and lived up to my expectations. I have been doing business with them and never met any problems. No scam, fraud, or trap here. I will keep doing business with them.” – Noah

Nonetheless, this customer complaint that he lost his money to the company:

“The first purchase of gold accounted for $30610.20 on 12/27/2010. The account closed for $24510.00 on 03/14/2012. Gold was raised 21% however.” – A customer on BCA

Another customer was satisfied with Morgan Gold service:

“I am an amateur in coin and precious metal investment. Gary Allen from Morgan Gold helped me really much through the process with his profound knowledge and friendliness. I was guided and instructed very clearly.” – Matthew

We will now see the score of Morgan Gold, which are given based on only a few reviews due to the lack of customer feedback.

5/5 – TrustLink (5 reviews)

3/5 – Gold Silver Daily



To put it frankly, I cannot give a solid conclusion about Morgan Gold since there are only a few reviews about them. They have been doing business for half a century, so you would suppose that they have tons of reviews and feedback. But not in this case; so I think Morgan Gold is not very popular to customers.

There are also two more things that impress me about Morgan Gold:

  • Wide range of products for customers, including gold and many other precious metals
  • Bad website design

So the final score for them is: 5/10

The score is mainly because of the lack of customer reviews and feedback about the company. Besides, since the company doesn’t have anything positive or negative that sticks out to me, the average point is very suitable for them.

Finally, the lack of customer reviews about Morgan Gold gives you some ideas about their reputation.

Northwest Territorial Mint

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In such a troubling economy nowadays, your savings may be at stake and you can lose all your money in a blink of an eye. You are advised to find a way to secure your savings and help you avoid the consequence of the bad economic conditions. A gold Northwest Territorial Mint reviewIRA investment is certainly a smart and trustworthy method to keep your savings safe and secure for your retirement.

In this article, we will talk about Northwest Territorial Mint to see what this company offers and how they can help you protect your lifesavings.

Northwest Territorial Mint Offers

The services provided by Northwest Territorial Mint are the following three: Retail coin trade, bullion sales, and custom minting.

Since the main point of this article is to help you find a suitable company to help you with your investments and to protect your retirement savings, we should focus more on the bullion sales service of this company.

Regarding their bullion sales service, Northwest Territorial Mint provides customers with multiple choices: palladium, gold, silver, and platinum. These products are offered in a wide range of coins and bars. Unfortunately, the product selection at this company appears to have some limitations.

And other important information to note: Northwest Territorial Mint is NOT an IRA gold and precious metal custodian.

Instead of providing the service themselves, they will guide you to their business partner – Goldstar Trust Company. Northwest Territorial Mint is not a combined gold and precious metal dealer and custodian, if that’s what you are looking for.

Customers Reviews

In this part, we will see how people say about this company and their attitude towards the provided services through customer feedback I found online.

This customer review complains about the delayed delivery:

“I placed a simple order and was kept waiting like forever. I already paid for the items two months ago and they are yet to reach my house. And the company keeps my money in their pocket. That is not accepted. The company should not sell what they don’t have. Never again in my life with Northwest Territorial Mint. Never!” – Tyler

And this one customer expressed his intense anger for the delayed order:

“I paid 4 months ago and now the products have yet to appear. They just take away your money and give you tons of excuses. THEY ARE FRAUD! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!” – Aiden

Finally I could find a positive review about the company:

“It is very confusing to me that everyone is claiming their orders are delayed and no-show. My two orders with Northwest Territorial Mint came on time, and to be precise, even earlier than the agreed date.” – Joseph

Generally, almost all feedback about Northwest Territorial Mint is negative.

The company received the following scores from customers:

A+ – BBB

1.5/5 –

1.9/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2.5/5 – (this score is given by employees on working conditions and environment, not customers reviewing services)

The scores are very low and unappealing.


Considering all the negative customer reviews given to this company and the fact that they are not an official gold and precious metal IRA custodian, I should conclude this article with a final score for Northwest Territorial Mint: 3/10

Although the custom minting service seems pretty cool and the range of products at Northwest Territorial Mint is very fascinating, the controversial issues that many customers report about this company are appalling and just stick into my mind.

Besides, they are not a gold/precious metal IRA custodian, which adds to further disappointment.

Sterling Trust – Equity Institutional

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WARNING: I received a warning of an un-trusted address from my browser when trying to search for some information on the Sterling Trust website. So be wary of that.

That happened as this company is now run under a new name of Equity Institutional with a new website.

Also, they’ve changed their mail.

So what are the causes of these changes?

Sterling Trust - Equity InstitutionalIt was rumored that Sterling Trust got involved in some shady dealings, leading to its loss of prestige. For that reason, in 2009 this firm became a branch of Equity Trust Company and was renamed Equity Institutional.

We’ll talk about this controversial news later; first let’s find out what Equity Institutional offers.

Sterling Trust Services 

The first and most important knowledge about this firm that you should have is that gold IRA isn’t the only thing it offers but it brings investors a long list of various investment choices such as:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Managed Futures
  • Public Limited Partnerships or LLCs
  • Real Estate
  • Precious Metals

Just to name a few.

This diversity seems great but please beware of its catch here:

“As an independent trust company, neither investment advice nor any proprietary investment products are offered or sponsored by Equity Trust. Transactions are only conducted by this firm under the instructions of its clients or its assigned financial consultants. It can be said that Equity Trust offers its customers a self-constructing approach to investment options without any solicit offered or any investment products or strategies endorsed.”

Put it differently, whereas offering you tons of investment options, they leave the management of these things to you.

So, if you have the faintest idea of these investment types, it’s advisable for you not to do business with Equity Institutional.

In addition, despite its function of a gold IRA custodian, they’re offering lots of other services and they can’t provide you with enough assistance in your asset management.

Scams, Cover-ups, and other Controversy

Let’s take a look at some reviews to know what people are saying about this Sterling Trust and you’ll be for sure surprised at the amount of complaints and accusations piled up when researching them.

To avoid making you bored by giving my personal opinions, I’ll let you read these reviews by yourselves.

Given its alleged investment dishonesty, Colt Ledger and Associates were hired to look into this Sterling Trust and here’s the report:

“Some investors who had suffered frauds of Sterling trust reported that this firm and its parent gave rights to dishonest companies to use their notorious image and reputation as a official custodial company licensed by the Federal government after strict procedures so that they can lead naive IRA owners into their well-prepared investment traps.

Many poor victims stated that they counted on the allegation of Sterling Trust’s or Equity Trust’s presence in such frauds. Moreover, in the case of Equity Trust and Craig Orr which was owned by a convicted felon, the investment was actually endorsed by Craig Orr.” – Jacob

Let’s read here a brief report from an anonymous customer of Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional:

“In Jan of 2013 when their computer system had some problems with hackers, leading to the threatening of Sterling Trust’s clients’ profiles, there was no notice of this havoc made to customers until the end of April.

They haven’t even bothered to reply to my e-mail about this issue. Due to its terrible customer service, my financial advisor has warned all of his clients to stay away from this shady firm though they’ve changed their name into Equity Trust Co.” – Christopher

Customer service is still a hot potato for complaint:

“Sterling Trust is totally a communicational disaster.

Everyone from a client to an agent receives a total ignorance from its customer service.” – Joshua

Here’s an accusation of a guy losing his life savings to Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional:

“This company was best said that he carried fire in one hand and water in the other. Please stay away from them! I’ve just received threatening letters from them stating that unless I pay annual fees for virtual coin storage, they will return my money and report it to the IRS. BRING IT ON FUCKERS! SEND ME A BOGUS CHECK!” – Michael

This is not the whole tragic story. There’re thousands of comments like these out there but I couldn’t quote them all here. Now I’ll show you some ratings for this company.

2/5 – TrustLink

1/5 – Yellow Pages

60/100 – Bright Scope

1/5 – Superpages

As you can see, Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional ranks below the average.


Regardless of those bad comments, I need to be fair with this company by giving them a final score based on its nice website and diverse offerings.

However, a large number of disadvantageous complaints and accusations on customer service will surely drag its score down.

More importantly, though serving as a gold custodian, they don’t shift much focus on gold IRA management. This will make them unsuitable for opening a gold IRA or rolling over a current IRA.

My final verdict for Sterling Trust/Equity Institutional is: 2/10

South Bay Gold

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We can surely have no understanding about the possible length of the volatility that hyperinflation and a useless leader have on the economy. Therefore, it’s advisable for most people to put their investments in gold IRAs for savings protection. How much South Bay Gold reviewprotection do your savings receive? Could they be able to manage in another economic recession?

Throughout this article, we’re gonna take a look at South Bay Gold and how it protects your money when you put it in your investment list.

South Bay Gold Services

In practice as well as on their website, you may say South Bay Gold is “LA’s biggest gold and diamonds buyers”. At first glance, this firm may play a role of jewelry dealer (one creating and trading attractive and catchy jewel designs. However, in reality, there are some offerings of services in which you may be interested in order for your savings to be safe.

Let’s go through the list of their offered services on their website:

  • Bullion & Rare Coins: this is where gold, silver, platinum coins/bars, PCGS & NGC certified coins, and raw coins are traded
  • Trading Diamonds & precious stones with the public
  • Gold Refinery
  • Buying: Gold, Platinum, & Silver from public

Although they’re a true jewelry dealer, they don’t ignore the changes in the market for precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum bullion/coins. This is supported by the widget they have on their website to keep track of the current value of these metals as well as palladium.

One disadvantage here is the lack of necessary details about IRAs on their website, which leads to your necessary carefulness in purchasing metals allowed by IRS and finding your reliable keeper to store them.

Customer Reviews

In this section of the article, customers’ reviews about South Bay Gold will be considered so that you can better understand the way they do business.

Their prices for buying gold please this customer so much:

“Selling Gold: their prices per gram or pennyweight, which is more competitive than their nearest rival – Gold, is posted on their website. All precious metals are tested!” – Alize 

However, some dislikes about the price for coins are shown:

“I find their on-line purchase price for US gold coins unreasonable at which they hope to buy coins big numismatic value. They said they would pay me $200 less than their on-line price for my AU-53 Liberty gold pieces. This offer just received my immediate refusal. If I were you, I would spare a moment coming to this tiny shop – bottom feeders.” – William

However, this trader feels satisfied with some very good prices from them:

“They offered me the best service in the world at nearly doubled price for my gold and coins compared to other dealers! With my most satisfaction, it’s a right decision to come here as nowhere can I find a better price than at this shop for almost 2 years now! Thank you so much South Bay Gold, new customer for life.” – James

Let’s check the scores of South Bay Gold from other rating website:

4/5 – TrustLink

4/5 – Google Reviews (Torrance CA)

4.4/5 – Google Reviews (Manhattan Beach CA)

4/5 – Yelp (Manhattan Beach CA)

3.5/5 – Yelp (Torrance CA)

Final Verdict

Finally, this article finishes with the score based on our knowledge about South Bay Gold.

0/10 – as an IRA option

6/10 – as a precious metals broker

The lack of IRA information on their website gives me a doubt that they’re able to assist you with your purchase of IRS allowed metals for your IRA. Above all, there is no suggestion of any custodian that you can rely on after purchasing your metals.

Furthermore, they don’t provide any telecommunication through email after selling gold/diamonds, which also means that they’re most likely to be of no service to you if you’re not a permanent resident in southern California.

Siegel Jewelers

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The US suffered great damages from the recent economic crisis in 2008 and people are still struggling. There are more and more people who end up losing all their retirement savings and have to work past their retirement age.

Siegel Jewelers reviewThe good thing is you can protect your savings and in some cases even get to witness a rise in your net worth with a gold IRA. This is possible because gold and other precious metals have a tendency to increase in value in times of economic hardship or maintain their value in good times.

Our review of Siegel Jewelers helps you find out whether it is a good fit for both you and your investment strategy.

Siegel Jewelers Services

As suggested by their name, Sigel Jewelers is a company specializing in jewelry. However, they provide other services as well which you might find useful. Among these, the most noteworthy are their gold and diamond buying services and their appraisal services.

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much information on these services on their website besides “See store for details”.

Apparently they do not have mail-in service and so if you aren’t living in Grand Rapids Michigan you’re out of luck because their store is located there.

Customer Reviews

In this part of our Siegel Jewelers, let’s look at what people have to say about this company, both positively and negatively.

This individual found the high level of customer service at Siegel Jewelers impressive:

“I’m in love with Siegel Jewelers! The company offers excellent customer service, helps you decide what you want and also helps out office with appraisals. Not only is CJ great to work with but we are always hooked up with the best people to work with as well!” – Alexis

This customer, on the other hand, reports having her watch allegedly damaged and being put through an ordeal by an employee:

“As Siegel appeared to be reputable (on the surface at the least), we went there to have them replace the water seal and battery on a Raymond Weil watch valued at $1800. They did not seem the least reputable to us. First, they claimed to be authorized service providers for the watch brand; that was not the case. Then they claimed that they would send it to the manufacturer for resealing and battery replacement, which they did not do. In reality, they replaced the battery in a “remote location” of their own and did not re-seal the watch against water damage properly so as a result the watch was damaged.

We brought the damaged watch back to Siegel to hear them claiming that we would have to pay $350 for the “routine cleaning”. Eventually we checkout with the brand manufacturer and found that it was not right. They only admit that the “battery leaked” after they were pressed, which was again not true.

The damage was caused by water leaking (and they SHOULD have taken over the repair even if the battery they replaced DID leak within only a year). We could not locate the receipt so we visited the store to be told by the clerk how all records of battery replacement for the watch (over the past 10 years) have somehow magically “disappeared”. This way we have to go over historical charge statements in order to verify the date when the watch’s battery was replaced.” – Catherine

In response to the previous review, Jim S. of Siegel Jewelers wrote:

“Dear Catherine,

As the owner of Siegal Jewelers, I want to personally apologize to you and let you know that we would do anything to make it right for you. We are deeply sorry for the unwanted trouble and confusion that you had to go through.

We have dealt with the employee who provided you with the misinformation and can assure you this problem will never occur again. We truly appreciate your honesty and wish you all the best.

Thank you and hope to see you again at Siegel Jewelers!” – Jim

This customer below found the product selection here impressive:

“Siegel really beats those cheesy small Jewelry shops.  They have a GREAT variety of sparkly goods as well as very knowledgeable staff. It was surprising to learn that they offer such an extensive collection of Estate, my personal favorite :)” – Patra 

The overall scores for Sigel Jewelers appear to be mostly positive:

3.5/5 –

A- – BBB

4.5/5 – Google Reviews

Final Verdict

Siegel Jewelers appears to be quite a good location for purchasing jewelry and other services such as gold and diamond buying, appraisal, etc. For the most part their customer feedback has been good and issues like the above-mentioned case seem to be rare as well.

Nevertheless, their website is about investment in gold and precious metals so I have to score Siegel Jewelers accordingly. It’s unfortunate that I’m not certain whether they purchase investment grade metals or not so the final scores for this review are:

?/10 – as an option to liquidate your precious metals

8/10 – as a jewelry store

If you need to have some of your precious metals liquidated and you’re also living in the Grand Rapids area, it cannot hurt to give them a visit to see what they can do.

Rocky Mountain Coin

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The faltering US economy is threatening all hardworking American over their lifesavings. One can lose all his money in the terrible conditions of the economy if he is not well prepared. It is advised that you choose gold IRA as your retirement investment channel. Gold IRA is the most effective and highly recommended strategy for you to keep your savings and your future safe and secure from our chaotic economic situation.

In this review, we will check out Rocky Mountain Coin to see what they have to offer and to see if they are a suitable option for your IRA strategy.

Rocky Mountain Coin Offers

The main product of Rocky Mountain Coin is coin, as given away by the name. Rocky Mountain Coin sells collectable coins and bullion coins, as well as some bars, which makes a wide range of products for investment.

Rocky Mountain CoinUnfortunately, the website of Rocky Mountain Coin only shows information about their bars and bullion coins. You have to contact them in order to find out more about other products of that company, e.g. collectable coins, etc. And they have an online store on eBay so you can contact them through any way.

Rocky Mountain Coin does not just sell coins to you, they also purchase precious metals from you. Unfortunately, information about this transaction is limited to sentence. If you want to know more about selling precious metals to them, once again you have to contact them.

An important thing to know about Rocky Mountain Coin: they are NOT an official gold IRA custodian. And they don’t have any information or service related to IRA of any kind.

Customer Reviews

In this part of the review, we will read some customer reviews to check out the attitude of customers towards Rocky Mountain Coin and their service quality.

This customer is very angry at the customer service here:

“I have been a very regular customer of this place for thirty years. I bought gold and silver from this place ever since it was $35 for an ounce of gold. I actually liked this place. Some weeks ago, I went to them to sell the gold I purchased from them at a premium price not long ago. And they claimed that my coins were damaged. My coins were always kept in plastic sleeves and there was surely no damage to the coins. They didn’t agree to offer the going rate for my coins, and instead they just offered a very low price. I tried to tell them that the coins were exactly what I purchased from them at a premium price some years earlier. Then I was told I was a liar, the young man at the store said that to my face. I was their regular customer for thirty years, and that’s how they treat their regular customer.

So I visited another store to sell my coins. I received the going rate, the transaction was very smooth and I received no comment about the coins except those saying that the coins were of good quality. That’s it!” – Dennis 

Another customer complained about the pricing of the company:

“I am a student and I had to find $250 in the following day in order to secure my rent. Therefore I had to sell my American Silver Eagles to get the cash for the rent deposit. The employee at the store gave me $1.5 less than melt for 13 coins and $1 less than melt for 6 coins. You see? She gave me LESS THAN MELT. American Silver Eagles is virtually always valued MORE THAN MELT. This is really irritating and unbelievable. But because I had to drive all the way from Golden and I just needed the cash so badly, I actually accepted that terrible deal. I really regretted my decision because I read from the comments that Dave offered better price for my coins. Rocky Mountain Coin is NEVER recommended!” – Chubby

We can also find an average and somewhat positive review:

“The service here is great and I am satisfied to sell my coins here. The price is great and the staff is very professional.” – Dick A.

And here are customer reviews from eBay:

“Transaction was smooth, quick, and professional. You deserve two thumbs up from me.

Great service and products. Many thanks.

Good deals! A+” eBay user

The scores for Rocky Mountain Coins are mostly average, yet their eBay score seems to be very appealing.

A+ – BBB

100% positive – eBay

3.5/5 – Yelp

4.1/5 – Google Reviews (Greenwood Village CO)

3.5/5 – Google Reviews (Denver CO)


Regarding their coin business, Rocky Mountain Coin looks like they have a decent business with many products. Their business is not very appealing, but it is decent. Their range of products as well as customer feedback are merely average. Their eBay store seems to be a very nice place to do coin business with them if this is what you want, as customer reviews praise this store very much.

Regarding the IRA custodian service, Rocky Mountain Coin is not a place for you. If you want to buy precious metals from them for your investment, you need to be really experienced and wise. In other cases you had better find some reliable gold IRA custodians such as Regal Assets. They have the professional and proper services to take care of your assets for you.

So I give Rocky Mountain Coin the following score: 6/10 (with one bonus point because their eBay store receives very positive feedback)

Rosland Capital

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The terrible economy is pulling all your money and savings down the drain, and everyone is turning to gold IRAs as the best solution to protect them and their lifesavings from the economic disaster. Are you also investing in a gold IRA for your retirement plan? If yes, you have made the right choice.

Rosland Capital reviewFinancial history has shown clearly that while financial assets like currency, bonds, and stocks, lose their value very quickly during economic downturns, the value of gold increases regardless of the situation.

In this review, we will talk about Rosland Capital to check out their services and we will see if they are the best place to keep your savings safe and secure.

Rosland Capital Services

When I researched through the website of this gold investment company, I was impressed at how simple and minimal their website could be. There is only a few information on the site and nothing much to find.

In their Product section, they just show their gold products and that’s it. Nothing else. It seems like Rosland Capital expects that you just come to their website, take a look at the products, place your order and go. Nothing else to do.

Regarding their gold products, the range of products at Rosland Capital is not very diverse. They have fewer products than many other competitors do in the market. There are several coins but only three bullion types. Not many options to choose after all.

There is also an opt-in form on the website of Rosland Capital that says “Get Started Today.” I still don’t know if we should fill in that form and get started for what? My guess here is that the form is a registration to receive mail updates from them. So it means they just try to send you information and do off-site marketing.

After searching for a while and finding nothing special about them, I contacted them directly via phone call, which was perhaps what they want after all. The conversation went well until the representative pulled his sales line.

Rosland Capital recommends numismatic coins to their customers instead of gold bullion. This came as a very big surprise for me and my caution sense told me something was not normal here. The reason is that it is widely known bullion is virtually always superior in term of investment.

Customer Review

In this part I will show you some customer reviews of Rosland Captial to see how their services are received by their customers.

This customer claims that he may be overcharged by the company:

“This company is very skillful in scams. My order simply included some one-ounce gold coins. I knew the cost very well. The company realized that I was not really fooled and they decided to blame that I was mistaking and that I was at fault. It is very nice of you guys.” – Eric M.

On the other hand, another customer was happy with the customer service:

“The service at Rosland Capital is exceptional. I got the chance to work with many employees in the company, but Ian Rasten was the best. At first I was very anxious, and he helped me with all the processes in a professional style. Gold investment is my lifelong business, and I believe Rosland Capital is amongst the best companies around.” –Ivory W.

Other customers may not feel as satisfied as the one above. Some accused the company of false advertisement:

“Rosland Capital started on their advertisement on William Devane that they certainly sell very well. So when I approached them to ask about beating or matching another competitor who was greatly advertised, they spoke the truth that they couldn’t go any lower as it reached below their cost.

They should be sued as frauds unless they can do what they claim on their advertisement.” – Robert J.

The scores given to Rosland Capital were merely average with nothing outstanding.

A – Business Consumer Alliance (AAA is the highest score)

3/5 – Silver Gold Daily

3/5 – TrustLink

You should be aware that Rosland Capital is quite a young company in the industry of gold investment. They started their business in 2008. Therefore, they don’t have as many customer reviews as other older gold investment companies do. So their popularity seems quite strange and questionable.


During my research to dig up information about Rosland Capital, I found that the biggest aim of this company is to generate profit.

Of course earning profit from your business is a normal and obvious thing. Nevertheless, I still feel somewhat unsure and suspicious of their activities, namely the customer experience in general and customer service in particular, especially on their site.

And my opinion on them gets lower when they show that they are more focused on coins than bullion. We know that in most cases, bullion is always more superior as an investment choice for IRAs.

So considering the issues I found about Rosland Capital along with their services, I give them the final score as follows: 4/10

Their effort to sell you items and earn profit is understandable, but the fact that they decide to focus more on coins than on bullion is a big turn-off for many investors. I don’t think they can be recommended at all.

They seem to have a very forceful business strategy that is to get you call them and then try so hard to get you buy their coins. Honestly, they are not even an option for you if you are looking for help on setting up gold IRAs or looking for bullion to invest in.

Royal Metals Group

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If it has ever crossed your mind that the troubled economy of today could cause you to lose all your savings, you should know that it is actually true. As chaotic economic factors are robbing more people of things they have worked so hard for, one of the few solutions to protect your savings is to invest in a gold IRA.

Royal Metals GroupOur view on Royal Metals Groups aims to provide you with an insight into the company and what it offers and help you decide whether you should do business with them.

Royal Metals Group Services

As its name suggests, Royal Metals Group is a broker specializing in precious metals and therefore expected to offer a variety of bars and coins to choose from.

However, it seems that they only have gold and silver and this is a significant downside in case you are into other precious metals such as platinum or palladium.

One thing about Royal Metals Group that I do like is the section on their website for IRA eligible metals. Moreover, all metals that are IRA eligible and approved are marked as such. Nevertheless, their website does not list the prices although it does have a widget for indicating the current market price.

Also, there are other sections on their website for resources, videos and an education center which could be useful if you are interested in studying more about investing in precious metals. But in my case, I’d just as soon leave this side of things to a qualified gold IRA custodian.

There is also a US Debt Clock displayed on their homepage and it is quite interesting.

Regarding IRA services, you should be aware that Royal Metals Group is not an IRA custodian and they also give no mention of it besides the marking of IRA eligible and approved metals.

Customer Reviews

In this part of our Royal Metals Group review, you will find actual comments of people about the company as well as the way they do business. Actually there isn’t much to find but here is what I managed to dig up.

This review below reports issues with the pricing; however, it also sounds like a masked promotion for some rival dealer:

“For purchasing metal products, Royal Metals Group should be Hawaii’s last choice. The company is run by an incompetent owner who actually allows and promotes favoritism when it comes to location, personal relationships and similar things. There is more than one price and if they like you, you can even get a 50% off. In this aspect, also local on Ohau but Allied Machinery offers exactly the same products with no favoritism. They always sell you at the same rate based on quantity of order.

With Royal Metals you only waste your money, this our company only figured out after 10 years. Therefore, we are now enjoying a fair business relationship with Allied Machinery. (Inspired by owner Chris along with his lack of relationship with neighbor island biz KD)”– Ricky 

Royal Metals Group receives a BBB score of A.

Final Verdict

Generally there is not much about Royal Metals Group besides the products and services that are available on their website. With trust being a major factor in dealing with investment grade metals, it is also unfortunate that there is not enough feedback of the company to give it a reputation.

The only thing that separates the company from its rivals is the fact that it marks which of their products IRA eligible and approved metals are. This is a good point but it’s definitely not enough to make the company outshine similar businesses.

Therefore, the final score for this review on Royal Metals Group is: 5/10

Rust Rare Coin

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Imagine waking up the next day to find most of your savings is gone because of the fickle economy today. That’s right, nothing is for certain in this day and age and therefore to protect your savings against dangers of hyperinflation, the fall in the US Rust Rare Coindollar’s value and the incompetence of our government, a gold IRA is the way to go.

Our Rust Rare Coin review aims to discover what this company does offer and whether it is advisable to do business with them.

Rust Rare Coin Services

Rust Rare Coin is, just as its name suggests, a coin dealer. They offer a pretty impressive selection of coins that are organized by type like quarters, half cents etc.

In all honesty, they only sell coins and pretty much nothing else so there is nothing much to say about their services and products. What about investment grade metals then?

As you cannot find a section for investment grade metals and they do not indicate whether their product listings are IRS accepted or not either, it is not entirely clear which may be allowed for a precious metal IRA.

The website of Rust Rare Coin actually has a page about bullion, IRAs, investing in precious metals etc. but it only goes as far as information and no services related to gold IRAs can be found. Therefore, it seems that the company is not an official gold IRA custodian.

The company does provide two additional services that are their Mormon money section and Boy Scout coin collection merit badge program. Nevertheless, none of these applies to precious metal investment.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our review on Rust Rare Coin you will look at some customer feedback on the company to see how they do business.

Here is a disappointed customer who complains about how the company never had Silver Eagles available when he wanted them:

“As this shop came up in Google search results, I decided to check it out. Over the phone they seemed nice so I drove down that morning. The shop has odd hours and is not opened until 9:30am. I asked for a few Silver Eagles but was told that they were not in stock. I tried a different coin shop in SLC named Monarch coin and they had them. I even went back to Rust Rare Coin for the Silver Eagles three times after that (each time about 1 month apart) but they never had them either. It’s possible to order them but then it would take about a month before you can receive them. In SLC there are several other reputable shops that actually have the Silver Eagles in hand so just don’t waste your time with Rust Rare Coin.”Ben 

This customer, however, was impressed with the customer service that he received:

“Rust Rare Coin is impressive and I do not even look at my income to say. At RRC I am always treated in the same manner as with a man in expensive suit or a lady in nice dress. I have purchased quite a few ounces of Gold, several ounces of Silver and also sold some Gold for my friends at Rust. All transactions are handled in the store front and each only takes a couple of minutes. Depending on the demand delivery of rounds might take a while but that’s an issue of the market sector. I will surely go back to Rust in the future.”Rory 

And here are two short yet contradicting reviews:

“Honest and reputable coin dealer” – Joseph Samuel

“Terrible customer service while employees are all douches!!!”Jose 

Overall there was not much feedback for the company but here are some ratings that I managed to find:

5/5 – Yellowbot

A+ – BBB

3.9/5 – Google Reviews

5/5 – from 

Final Verdict

With a very simple and streamlined business model, Rust Rare Coin sells coins and that’s just about it. The company does offer some additional services such as the Boy Scout program; however, nothing really applies to investment in precious metal.

It’s a mixed bag as far as customer feedback goes but there are more positive comments than negative ones.

Despite that I cannot really recommend the company for investment purposes except when you’re highly experienced with purchasing investment grade coins or you’re buying through qualified gold IRA custodians.

Therefore, the final scores for Rust Rare Coin are:

7/10 – as a coin dealer

1/10 – IRA services

Sahara Coins

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Is it possible for threats such as the decline in value of the US dollar and hyperinflation to destroy your savings? In the tough economic climate of today, you are truly at all times on the brink of losing everything. Therefore it’s advisable to take the time and Sahara Coins reviewmake an investment in a secure gold IRA.

Our Sahara Coins review aims to give an insight into what this company offers and whether you should involve them in your investment plans.

Sahara Coins Services 

As you would have guessed from the company’s name, Sahara Coins and Precious Metals buys and sells precious metals, mostly coins but they also provide a selection of bars.

You will find on their “Buy and Sell” page a list of various products as well as their current buy and sell prices. This is a plus point because it gives a lot of transparency.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that the company places significant emphasis on their eBay store. In reality, clicking on any of their products will direct you to an eBay listing.  Therefore, you might not enjoy this if you don’t like doing business on eBay.

Sahara Coins is actually not an official gold IRA custodian as far as services related to gold IRAs go. On their website no information about IRAs can be found and they do not mark whether their products are IRS accepted or not either. Therefore, if you were to buy from them you will need to call and verify before buying.

Customer Review

This section of our review on Sahara Coins features actual comments of people about the company.

Here is an individual who found the customer service and expediency impressive:

“This place is great for buying and selling bullion and coins. Adrian was fast and friendly. I needed 5 minutes only to unload my rounds before walking out with cash, which is the best!” – David 

On the other hand, this customer actually felt like everything was a rip-off trap:

“HORRIBLE!!! I had an appointment with the owner who was very RUDE and acted like my coin was worthless. HAHAHA, I guess since he thought I was a woman he could pull it off. NICE TRY SAHARA but I know better so I took the same coin to another place and was offered more than $4000. So guys, DO NOT EVER GO THERE, unless you wish to be RIPPED OFF!!!” – Shara

Now here is a short yet positive review:

“They were more helpful than the other shops I’ve visited and we have a good talk about my state quarter collection. Thank you.” – Shakia

Besides their eBay score, the feedback for Sahara Coins is for the most part a mixed bag. Check out some overall scores that I found on the company:

4/5 – Yelp

A+ – BBB

3.4/5 – Google Reviews

99.8% positive – eBay


Sahara Coins appears to be a pretty decent business and despite reports of “pawn shop prices”, the eBay operation on their store actually seems very popular and well received.

As far as products and services go, Sahara Coins has a good selection of coins but, unfortunately, no clear focus on investment in precious metals.

The final scores for this review on Sahara Coins are:

6/10 – as a coin dealer (an extra point is given for their good eBay track record)

1/10 – IRA services