Universal Coin and Bullion

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One of the best methods to protect your life savings from the chaotic economic climate, which could destroy them in the blink of an eye, is to invest in a gold IRA. Besides, a gold IRA investment can also make your assets grow in value no matter Universal Coin and Bullionwhat happens out there in the economy that could ruin the US dollar.

In this review, we are going to discuss Universal Coin and Bullion Company to find out whether you should make this company a part of your investment plan.

Universal Coin and Bullion Services

Universal Coin and Bullion is basically another coin store where you can come to buy gold and silver coins. Even though their name contains “bullion”, they do not offer any metal bars. They do sell bullion coins, though.

During my research, I found that the inventory of this company is still very limited and disorganized. On their website they claim that:

“Over the next few months our store will grow to include a much greater selection of bullion, rare and collectible coins. Please check by often to see how we are growing our store.”

I guess the only way to tell whether this is true is to keep waiting.

Regarding IRA services, the company offers an IRA diversification kit. I found this description on their website:

“In order to hedge your investments and enjoy long term appreciation, own and hold precious metals in your IRA with the American Eagle coin series. Here is what you need to know…”

As for me, I honestly think this is just another clever way for them to advertise their American Eagle coin product.

From what I can tell, Universal Coin and Bullion do not provide IRA services nor do they refer you to an IRA custodian. I think all they have about IRA on their website is the IRA kit.

Customers Reviews

Normally in this part I will give you several reviews written by the company’s previous customers in order to get a clearer picture of how they do business. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing on them apart from their BBB rating, which is: A+


I don’t like giving my own score for a company without knowing what their previous customers said about them. Considering they have been in business since at least 1995 when they were first BB accredited, it is surprising to know that there is no feedback on them.

My final ratings for Universal Coin and Bullion would be:

  • 0/10 – IRA services
  • 4/10 – as a precious metals broker

Even as a precious metals trader, Universal Coin and Bullion cannot stand out. Their inventory is limited and disorganized. The only things they sell are gold and silver coins, no bars or other precious metals such as platinum and palladium. They do not offer much information on IRAs.

US Money Reserve

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Have you ever thought of the possibility of losing your entire life savings because of the current unstable and merciless economic condition? If the answer is yes, it is high time you invested in a secure gold IRA to protect your savings from such factors.

US Money ReserveIn this review, we are going to look at US Money Reserve to see what this company has got to offer, and whether we should make them a part of our saving strategy.

What the Company Offers

US Money Reserve is a dealer of precious metals in the form of coins and bars. Their inventory is pretty limited as can be seen from their website:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Bullion Bars
  • Certified

It’s worth noting that the “Certified” section on their website, at the moment of this writing, is blank.

Another strange thing about their website is that they show the market pricing info on platinum and palladium at the top of their website, but apparently don’t offer these items.

What I like the most about US Money Reserve is that they clearly list their prices on the website, and they let you buy online. However, orders made using a credit card instead of a check will result in a little extra charge. Below is an example of this price discrepancy:

1 OZ Gold American Eagle

QTY 1 – 9

Check – $1,354.23

Credit – $1,394.86

Remember that the prices quoted above are as of the moment of this writing and subject to change.

I could not find any info on IRA services on their website, so I believe US Money Reserve is just a precious metals broker, not an official IRA custodian.

US Money Reserve Issues

Normally in this part, I will give you several reviews by the company’s past customers. Unfortunately, I could not find much feedback on US Money Reserve. What I did find was the controversy around this company, so I guess we should examine this instead.

US Money Reserve apparently had some trouble with the Texas Attorney General’s office. On an article from 2011 titled “US Money Reserve to pay $5M in restitution to customers” from bizjournals.com, it was written that:

“Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve Inc. must provide $5 million in restitution to its customers following an investigation into the company’s efforts to market commemorative gold coins, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced Thursday.

The Texas Attorney General’s office said it started to investigate the company after customers who inquired about the gold coins featured on its television advertisements encountered sales people who urged them to purchase more expensive commemorative coins claiming they would increase their value more effectively than bullion coins.

However, the significantly higher prices rendered the commemorative coins so expensive that customers would not see an increase in value for many years.” – from bizjournals.com

Below are some extractions from another article on the incident titled “Consumer Smart: Beware U.S. Money Reserve and “Smishing”” as found on kiiitv.com.

“Complaints received by the BBB allege that consumers contacted the company for government issued coins “at cost” and felt pressured to buy more expensive collectible coins, which were represented as being a better investment.

Bligh says consumers further alleged they later found out through independent appraisal that the collectible coins were not worth the price they paid for them

The BBB has given the U.S. Money Reserve an “F” rating. Factors that caused this rating include:

1) Advertising issues found by BBB.

2) 41 complaints filed against the business.

3) Two serious complaints filed against the business.

4) Government action against the business.

5) The business has failed to resolve the underlying cause of a pattern of complaints.” – from kiiitv.com

“How the company responded to complaints:

In a response to customers’ complaints, US Money Reserve stated that coin dealers may not always appraise certified coins properly because their profit margins depend on the cost at which they acquire these coins. As a result, a customer will most likely not be paid the full market value for their certified coins when sold at a coin dealer.

The BBB files show that the company normally responds to customer complaints by explaining their return policy on the coins, and offering full refunds in some cases.” – from kiiitv.com

NOTE: The word “Smishing” in the title apparently has nothing to do with US Money Reserve, it’s just what kiiitv.com added to the article as something called “Scam of the Week.”

Seeing that the articles above are a bit old, I went to BBB site to see whether US Money Reserve has made any improvement since then. Unfortunately, they have not: the rating is still an “F”.


Although it is a good thing to be able to buy precious metals online, I honestly cannot recommend US Money Reserve to you due to all the controversies and issues surrounding them. Even though the controversy here is not as bad as that of some other companies I have reviewed, it is still unwise to do business with a company with a bit of controversy around them.

Moreover, US Money Reserve is not an official IRA custodian nor do they refer you to a custodian, so I guess it’s not a difficult decision to make.

My final rating for US Money Reserve is: 2/10

California Gold Buyers

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What can be better than investing in the IRA gold market to protect your money in such a chaotic and tremendous financial situation like this where the inflation and dying US dollar are taking away your money faster than ever before? IRA gold market California Gold Buyersis indeed a promising investment field where your money would not only be safe but it can also bring more benefits than you would ever imagine. Today, we would have a closer look about an IRA company and see how it would help you protect your saving.

California Gold Buyers Services

Have you ever heard of the term “cash for gold”? If not, then let me explain them for you. Cash for gold is the term used to indicate the activity in which the gold buyer will buy the investment grade metals from traders. So why do the traders have to sell their gold? It is because the investors in gold and other precious metals such as platinum or silver must liquidate their assets and receive cash in return. California Gold Buyers carries out the exact activity as it buys gold and other precious metal such as:

  • Gold Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Flatware
  • Silver Tea Sets
  • Diamonds
  • US Paper Currency
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Bars
  • Platinum
  • Vintage Costume Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Mobile Devices

As I have been doing reviews about numerous gold buyers, this is one of a few companies that have a broad product list that covers almost every precious metal in the markets, making it very popular among the traders. However, this company needs to notice about one their serious drawback as it does not have a mail-in program, meaning you have to come to their office in San Jose, Milpitas or Concord to do business with them.

Customer Reviews

This part would give you another diverse image of California Gold Buyers from different perspectives of other traders who have been conducting business with them:

This customer gave the Company a perfect score, citing that he had a wonderful experience trading with them.

“I think this is a great company. It has amazing crew members who are knowledgeable and friendly alongside with a secured storage for precious metals and a very nice office. Overall, I think I got a lot more for my gold than I thought and sure, I would continue my business with them.” John

Another customer, unfortunately, did not have a good experience with this company:

“Oh please never trade with this company for any reason. They are completely horrible. First, the person who I talked with cannot even distinguish the difference of Emerald, Opal or Citrine. He even mentioned that my diamond earrings are fake and tried to persuade me to allow him doing some acid and scrapping test with my stones. Sorry but no way I will let that happens. He offers me many confusing prices, proposing one after calling his boss in Florida. So that’s my horrible experience with this company. I suggest you find some other better companies out there”– Sarah 

On the contrary, another customer highly recommends this company, especially their customer service:

“I needed to exchange my old necklace and one friend of mine recommended this company. To be honest, I was really impressed by one staff there. His name is Fernando, and I have to say that he is one of the best service men I have worked with. Very knowledgeable and friendly. He made me feel like I’m a part of them. This is one of my most favorite companies so far” – Andrew 

Not many reviews are available for this company, but we found that most of them are very positive. So it’s not very surprising with their scores:

  • 4/5 – Yelp (San Jose CA)
  • 3/5 – Yelp (Milpitas CA)­­


Overall I would give this company a score of 8/10, a good choice for your business. Though some negative complaints were raised against them, but in common, we see people fairly appreciate California Gold Buyers. They also have an amazing product list consisting of almost every precious metal in the market, so if you need to liquidate your assets, it might be an ideal solution. Remember that if you don’t live in California region, trading with them might not be a good idea as they are only available in that area but if you do, then I ensure you would not feel disappointed with their services.

California Numismatic Investments

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While traders are withdrawing their money from other businesses such as real estate or stock as a fear about weak economy alongside with hyperinflation and other factors is rising gradually, there is one market which seems to be immune from this fear. It is the gold IRA market where investors could see their fortune increasing day by day instead of being robbed like other markets.

In this review, we would take a look at one of the company in this market, the California Numismatic Investments, and see how it helps people protect their savings.

California Numismatic Investments Services

First, although this company isn’t a true gold IRA custodian, their product list also includes a wide range of IRA approved metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Well, broad product choices is definitely a bonus as it helps thing go easier when we  have to consider which metals to invest in.  Moreover, they also form an alliance with an independent precious metals depository, the CMT. Besides, we also have other services and features provided as a part of their products. Those services and features are listed below:

•           Free Appraisals

•           Market Insight

•           Competitive Buying

•           Professional Rare Coin Council

Customer Reviews

We believe that customer feedbacks are the best way to see how good or bad a company is. Therefore, we always take a look at those while doing review about companies and here are things we found about CNI:

Short but positive, the review from this customer is so complimentary:

“Good working environment. Professional team. Fair. Positive atmosphere” – Hadji 


However, another customer ran into trouble with its customer service:

“I definitely hate their customer service team who are so obviously arrogant and annoying. They think that they are granting you some privileges by selling you gold and silver. Oh thank you but I’m more than willing to pay some more to be respected, of course, with another company not them” – Ryan 

Bad attitude is also the issue that another customer had to deal with:

“The man answering my phone call was really rude. I contacted them, asking some questions about selling my gold but all I receive was the surprising rudeness with apparently offensive manner. Well it is not an easy experience, but I hope not all meet this same trouble with them.”– Walter

After these not-so-positive reviews, we don’t expect a good score for it from other sources, but surprisingly its scores are still above the average:

3.8/5 – Google Reviews

3.5/5 – Yelp

3.6/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2/5 – TrustLink

A+ – BBB


After revising all their activities, we also release our final scores for CNI as follow:

  • 3/10 – as an IRA option
  • 5/10 – as a precious metals broker

Well, CNI gets a rather low score for IRA option as it is not an official IRA custodian, which might be troublesome as they are able to sell you IRA approved metals but limit their storage option since you can only have CMT store your metals.

CNT would also get a higher score for precious metals broker, probably 7 or 8 out of 10, not just 5 if it had a better customer service. You can see most of the complaints are about the attitude their service team. So it is a serious trouble as customer service, especially your people are one of the most important feature while dealing with customers nowadays.

Modern Coin Mart

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The best way to protect your savings nowadays is to invest in physical gold assets instead of financial assets such as bonds, stocks, or currency. This is because such financial assets are getting their value depreciated in the current economic uncertainty, while physical gold assets have their value increase over the time.

Modern Coin MartThe most important thing to consider when you are investing into a gold asset is to seek the most suitable gold custodian to take care of your gold and other precious metal accounts. A wrong choice at this stage may cost you money and time, and especially the opportunity to gain profits from this investment.

In this article, we will talk about Modern Coin Mart, check out their services, and see whether or not they are an appropriate option for your investment.

Modern Coin Mart Offers

Modern Coin Mart was established in 2004 by John Maben in order to create new standards for the selling of bullions and coins.

Their website showcases a very diverse variety of products for their customers. The products consist of coins from China, Australia, Canada and even from many other places, which is very interesting and awesome as not many other gold investment companies have the same diverse product selection.

Although Modern Coin Mart offers a wide range of buying options for customers, there is something you need to understand here. As explained in their website, the objective of their business is to sell precious metals, including gold, to those buying precious metals as their retirement investments. This means they are not investment broker, so their service doesn’t include consultancy for customers on their purchase or investment plan. Their best help for your retirement investments is to help you buy precious metals for your IRA with more ease and less complication, via their partnership with trusted IRA management companies.

So to keep it short and simple here, MCM helps you buy precious metals for your IRA, but they offer no advice nor service on your account management.

The next part is about the customer feedback on MCM.

Customers Reviews

I have tried finding from every source possible, but it comes as a great surprise to me that there is no customer review about Modern Coin Mart. I have tried finding at places in which I have found great numbers of reviews on gold investment companies, places like Yelp or TrustLink, but to no avail, nothing to be found about MCM.

About the scores given to Modern Coin Mart, there is not much to find, but I managed to dig up some sources.

A+ – BBB

5/5 eBay (1 year ago)

4.2/5 – Gold is Money


Generally, Modern Coin Mart seems to be a pretty decent dealer company in gold and precious metals. However, I still feel somewhat unsure about them due to two things:

  • There is no customer reviews or feedback
  • They don’t focus on gold IRAs

Therefore, the final score I give to MCM is:

  • 8/10 as a place to sell and buy precious metal coins
  • 3/10 as a place for your gold IRA

I don’t usually give double ratings to a company, but in this case I think I should do so. Modern Coin Mart seems to be a very good place for you if you just want to sell or buy precious metal coins, especially from eBay.

However, regarding the gold IRA investment to keep your retirement savings safe and secure, Modern Coin Mart is not a good option. For that purpose, you should ignore this company and seek another one more focused on IRAs like Regal Assets.

Monarch Precious Metals

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The terrible conditions of the US economy are causing great problems to every working American out there. Some believe the economy will be healed and get back to its track in the near future, but there is nothing to ensure that. The current rough times in the economy are sweeping away the savings of hardworking people and giving them difficulties after their retirement.

Monarch Precious MetalsTherefore, many hardworking American have chosen the smartest way to protect their savings and possibly earn some profits from this investment: a gold IRA.

In this article, we will be discussing Monarch Precious Metals to check out their products and services and to see whether they are the right option for keeping your retirement savings safe and secure.

Monarch Precious Metals Service

Before getting into details about the business of Monarch Precious Metals, I think we should state one fact that matters the most here: Monarch Precious Metals is NOT an IRA custodian of gold or any precious metals.

In fact, this company operates as a broker of precious metals. And although the company has “precious metals” in their name, their products mostly consist of gold and silver, with the only exception, as stated in their website, being some rare pennies.

One more thing about this company is that they sell not only coins and bullions of silver and gold, but also .999 fine silver grain and gold nuggets contained in glass vials.

Besides selling, they also buy precious metals from customers. The buying price at their store is 99% spot price. The 1% margin may sound small, but if they are buying precious metals in large volume, that 1% margin can yield huge capital gains.

Once your purchase at Monarch Precious Metals is done, their service ends at that point and you have to take care of the gold/silver and your IRA on your own. The company will not help you or guide you to any official IRA custodian, as that is not their service, so I guess you need to play it yourself.

Customers Review

In this part, I usually list some customer reviews I found about the company to see how people say about them. However, in this case of Monarch Precious Metals, there is no customer review to be found. I tried my best at digging up information and found such comments as follows.

This one customer is pretty happy with Monarch Precious Metals:

“I have purchased from them many times and I have always been satisfied. Oh and I have measured and figured out that one ounce from this company ranges between 31.3 grams and 31.7 grams.” – Anthony

Nonetheless, some reviews claim that their price is not very competitive, like this one:

“I have always loved to purchase at MPM. They have quick shipping and odd weight number such as 2, 3, and 25 ounces. Too bad I have received bro deals from my brick and mortar store.” – Ethan

And this review is similar:

“The only issue I have is that the selling price per ounce at MPM is higher on the 2-3 bars than the 1-ounced bars.” – William

The lack of customer reviews about MPM seems like a positive thing about their business, with only a few small complaints about the price. I could dig up some scores that Monarch Precious Metals have received:

  • A – BBB
  • 70.83% Five Star Votes on GoldisMoney2


Considering the features of their business that I could find and the customer feedback they receive, I give Monarch Precious Metals the final score as follows:

  • 5/10 for trading precious metals
  • 0/10 for being an IRA custodian

Regarding the precious metal trade, Monarch Precious Metals is really 5/10. Despite the wide variety of products, they are mostly gold and silver, lacking palladium, platinum, and some other precious metals.

The fact that there is no customer review about Monarch Precious Metals is also something you should consider. And their buying price at 99% spot price may land you into a bad trade upon selling your items to them.

And regarding the IRA custodian service, Monarch Precious Metals is NOT one. While other precious metal broker companies do guide you to official IRA custodians, with or without their partnership, MPM has no referral to offer, so this is a big drawback.

Missouri Coin Company Inc.

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The present terrible conditions of the economy make many people feel insecure about their investments, especially those put into unpredictable financial assets such as bonds, stocks or currency. Because precious metals, particularly gold, have shown favorable increases in their value during difficult economic periods, it is the smartest choice to start a gold IRA.

Missouri Coin reviewIn this article, we will check out Missouri Coin Company Inc. to see their products and services as well as their competency as a safe and effective option for the protection of your savings.

Missouri Coin Services

The name of the company is Missouri Coin Company Inc, so it is obvious that their products are coins. Their products consist of bars and coins made of gold or silver, yet we don’t know any further details as they don’t put the entire list of their products onto their website. And to put it frankly, their website design is horrible, but it is still more acceptable than some websites I have visited.

This company also offers supplies for collectors, yet that section is directly linked to their store on eBay.

Regarding the IRA service, Missouri Coin Company Inc. is not officially an IRA custodian, but they can help you out as they are in partnership with 4 official IRA custodians. You can choose one of the following:

WARNING:You can see the name Sterling Trust Company here. If you have already read my review on that company, you know this is nothing but trouble. The Sterling Trust Company has received a huge number of complaints and very negative feedback about their terrible services, frauds, scams, cover-ups and many other bad things. The fact that Missouri Coin Company Inc. is in partnership with The Sterling Trust Company is a REALLY BIG turn-off for many people, including me.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read some customer reviews about Missouri Coin Company Inc. to check out people’s attitude towards their business and their feedback on the company.

This one customer claimed that the owner was very rude and he faced some issues with the company:

“Usually my spending every time I come to Missouri Coin Company ranges from $300 to $400. I have read their reviews, but I have never in my life faced such a horrible attitude, until today, and from the owner of this company. The owner has been heard joking with his employees about some guy buying silver at their store with a special story and then coming again to sell the items back. I have met that guy, and he seems normal though. Nonetheless, today he showed me such a horrible attitude and disrespect for his customers.

I came to the store to purchase several Morgan Dollars. As there were a few people at the showcase, I felt uncomfortable so I moved close to the door. Five minutes later, the owner approached me and claimed that I was wasting his employees’ time as they didn’t have the time to observe me, then he told me to buy and go immediately. Are you serious? I told him I usually took some time to check the items, but he showed no care at all. Meanwhile, his daughter looked like she wanted to apologize (the daughter and the son are very cute). What is wrong with the owner?” – Daniel

This one customer also faced some problems about the rudeness and bad customer support:

“I took a coin to this company to check its value. The employee here cast half his eye on the coin in the protective plastic box, threw back and shouted loudly that this coin was junk. He refused to see any paperwork I brought along, saying that he had seen thousands of junk like this and the fact that I brought the coin to this place was an insult. He shouted out loud so that everyone there heard very clearly. It was an extreme embarrassment for me. He should have been gentler and more polite when checking out my item, instead of giving me such humiliation.” – Jose

Another negative feedback:

“I have several years of experience on collecting coins. But still, when I come to this place, they all try to claim their intelligence and belittle me. They are inconsiderate, impolite, and extremely self-centered.

They must be really good with their online business, because with such terrible customer service, I cannot believe why anyone would want to come to their place ever again. Never again in my life!” – Jesus

Generally, most of customer reviews on this company are very negative, which also results in their following scores:

3.4/5 – Google Reviews

2/5 – Yelp

33/100 – Citysearch

A+ – BBB


I have to tell you that I actually don’t have a good opinion of any precious metal broker who gives you a limited range of gold IRA custodians and forces you to pick up one of them, instead of giving you the freedom to choose whatever you want. And in the case of Missouri Coin Company, they even put the never-recommended Sterling Trust Company as one of the options for gold IRA, so my opinion on them gets much lower.

Besides, some of the customer reviews on Missouri Coin Company Inc. show great concerns about the rude treatment from the owner and the employees to their customers. Such rudeness is never accepted to me.

On the bright side of the situation, I have found no reports or complaints regarding scams or frauds of the Missouri Coin Company. However, this company is still not worth any recommendation. So the score I give them is: 3/10


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It is advised that you should protect your savings with investments into a gold IRA. The current economic uncertainty present terrible conditions and your savings are never safe if you invest in financial assets such as bonds, stocks, or currency. On the MJPM reviewother hand, a gold IRA has its value grow during the difficult times and provides a secure solution for your savings.

In this article, we will be discussing MJPM to see what they have to offer and whether they are suitable for keeping your savings safe and secure. Details are as below.

MJPM Services

When reviewing companies like this, I have to reach their websites and sometimes their website design disappoints me to no end, but perhaps nothing can be worse than the website of MJPM. It looks really messy with a 90s old-fashioned design. However, I could still dig some crucial information about their business.

Their services include the buying and selling of coins made of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. Jewelry is also amongst their trade items. To be fair, their goods variety seems to be ok, and there are some bars for you. However, they give no information about which goods have IRS approval for your IRA.

Regarding the gold IRA, there is some information on their website mentioning it, yet the information is a complete dead end. You will always end up being told to call them, nothing else.

And this may also be considered a good point for MJPM. Transaction can be made via the phone, and you don’t have to go directly to their place. This is a good point for MJPM because a number of other precious metal brokers have no mail-in system, so you just cannot reach them unless you live in their business area.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read the customer reviews about the company to check out the attitude of other customers towards their business. Nonetheless, there are only a few reviews on MJPM, mostly from eBay. And I could only find their BBB score.

The reviews on eBay are as follows:

“My coin was delivered safe and sound 5/10. MJPM is a good seller on eBay. Thanks for a great coin”

“Nice service. Good product. I recommend this company.”

“I received the coin and really love it. I am happy with it!”

MJPM has A+ score on BBB, which seems fair.


Apart from the terrible taste in website design, MJPM seems to be a pretty good broker company on precious metals. I have strange feelings about the limited number of reviews they receive, but I think it is quite reasonable as MJPM is just a small time business.

100% of eBay feedback on MJPM is positive, yet that is somewhat simple to gain unless you show really big problems to your customers. In addition, buying precious metals of investment grade from eBay is not something I recommend.

Furthermore, MJPM is not recommended for your gold IRA as they are not officially an IRA custodian. So the final score I give to this company is: 6/10

Modern Coin Wholesale

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The CEO of Modern Coin Wholesales – Ron Drzewucki – started working as a professional coin researcher and collector in 1984. Prior to moving to NGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida in order to take the position as a Grading Finalizer, Drzewucki has been very successful with his own coin company located in St. Louis. As described in the newsletter of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Drzewucki is very Modern Coin Wholesalefamous and respected for having a special flair for coin studying and for being able to tell even the smallest difference between coins in order to grade them correctly with his experience and talent. He is an NGC and PCGS dealer with authorization, and he also takes membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). In addition, many numismatic associations such as ANA, FUN, and ANS even include Drzewucki as their permanent member.

Modern Coin Wholesales operates as a coin business of the third generation. We have great passion and enthusiasm for coins and we are very willing to help you achieve your coin collecting goal regardless of your level, whether you are a professional numismatist or simply an amateur in the field. You will receive excellent and thorough help from our sociable and professional customer support service personalized to match your preference. The mission of Modern Coin Wholesales is to provide customers with the best variety of our products consisting of modern coins from the USA and from other countries all over the globe, with advanced customer support and the most competitive price in the market.

Modern Coin Wholesale Service

Original Government Packaging, Coin Prices, China Panda Coins, Silver Pandas, Exclusive Coins, Bullion, Modern World Coins, Modern Coins, Commemorative Coins, Gold Buffalo, Exclusive labels, Silver American Eagles.


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The stagnant economy nowadays is causing huge threats to every hardworking people out there, as they may lose all their savings all of a sudden. Some say the economic conditions are getting on an upward trend, but that is merely personal opinion, the value of your savings is still decreasing every day in our faltering economy.

Monex reviewHowever, you can keep your savings safe and avoid losing money with a gold IRA and the help of a certified IRA custodian.

In this article, we will take Monex into consideration to see what they offer and whether they are suitable for keeping your savings safe and secure and for helping you deal with the troubled times of the economy.

Monex Services

To put it frankly here, please note that Monex is NOT an IRA custodian. They do not provide IRA custodian service, but they do provide a place similar to a marketplace in which gold and other precious metals are sold and purchased.

One of the major services provided by Monex is the “live pricing” that plays a very helpful role in the sales and purchases of gold and other precious metals. Nonetheless, this feature is mostly useful to experienced merchants only. This feature may not help you much with your selling and buying precious metals unless you have profound experience and knowledge in the field.

Various other products providing information about precious metal investments, the economic situation, and many more relevant subjects, are also included in the wide variety of products offered by Monex, such as apps, DVDs, etc.

The drawback of Monex is that they seem not to refer you to any certified custodians to take care of your gold or other precious metals. Therefore, after you have done your purchases with Monex, what to do with your assets is entirely up to you.

Customer Reviews

We will read some feedback from customers of Monex to learn more about the quality of this company and to see the attitude of customers towards them.

This feedback shows compliments on the company’s service:

“It has been five years since I started doing business with Monex. Ever since the beginning up to now, the company has always satisfied me with professional services. Steve Thornbury, my broker at Monex, is very friendly, knowledgeable, polite and effective in processing my transactions.” – Anthony

However, this one customers complains about some unofficial fees:

“There is something shifty with Monex. You have to pay some hidden fees that you don’t even know. When you sell items back to them, they have negative attitude towards your transactions. And they don’t deliver to you what they offer in first place.” – Daniel

This one customer has the same problem with the one above. His complaint is about the hidden fees that cost him a lot:

“This company works basically to swindle money out of your pocket with frauds and scams. In 2008, I was deprived of my 190k and then I lost my house.” – Angel

Generally, Monex receives mixed reviews and therefore mixed scores for their services. Some scores are very low, while some are nearly perfect.

2/5 – Yelp


5/5 – TrustLink

2.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews


Monex offers a wide variety of products and services. However, the big turn-off here is that they are not a gold IRA custodian. Besides, the customers’ complaints also affect your opinion and attitude towards working with them about your assets.

Therefore, I give Monex the following final score:

  • 5/10 for being a dealer of precious metals
  • 1/10 for being a gold IRA company

Monex could earn a higher score as a precious metal dealer if they don’t have the negative reviews and complaints about their services and attitude. They do offer a wide range of products as well as the “live pricing” feature that is very useful for investors, yet I cannot give them high score or recommend them to you because of all the mixed reviews and complaints about their services.