How to Join or Form an Investment Club


Let’s face it, it’s important as a woman to think about your finances and your retirement, regardless of your marital status. Many women don’t know the first place to start, or how to even begin investing in stocks, mutual funds, or even real estate. One way to overcome this hurdle, and educate yourself in the process, is to join or form an investment club. Investment clubs offer you a fabulous way to build a portfolio and enjoy time with women who share similar interests. In fact, the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), says that over 500,000 women are already members of investment clubs.


What is an Investment Club?

An investment club is a small group of people who pool their own money to invest, traditionally in the stock market. You can choose the number of people (usually less than 15) and whether or not you want it to be a women-only investment club, which generally perform better than male-only clubs! You can meet however often you like, typically on a monthly basis, to learn about investing and make decisions as a group as to the investments you will make.

How Does an Investment Club Get Started?

You can start by asking around to see if any of the women you know show any interest in forming an investment club. Ask at work, your parenting organizations, and your friends. Once you have a core group of people, you will need to set the club up legally, typically establishing a partnership through the IRS. You’ll then determine how much each person needs to contribute initially, and then on a monthly basis. You’ll want to determine your meeting format (in person or online) and it’s best to conduct your meetings in a formal manner, taking minutes and voting on investments and investment strategies.

Running the Investment Club

Once the club is established you’ll want it to continue to run smoothly. Make it a point to set up established procedures for introducing new members and for when existing members want to leave the group. You’ll probably want to elect officers so that people within the investment club have specific roles. The club should insure that proper financial documentation is kept for all purchases and sales. Chicks Laying Nest Eggs provides sample documentation for Operating Procedures, Minutes, Rules, and the IRS.

Most of all, make your investment group fun! Your primary goal is to make money and work toward a secure retirement, but there’s no reason not to make it a social situation as well. Bring desserts and share personal stories with your investment partners!

Diamond Investment 101: Getting Started to Invest in Diamond

Diamond Investment

Diamond investment is relatively less popular compared to other investment vehicles like stocks, properties or even gold. While the real reason of why it does not get as much attention as the rest of the mainstream investments is largely unknown, most people feel that diamond investment is some kind of ‘rich men’s game’ and stay away from it. It is true that diamonds are very expensive, nevertheless, as with other investments, you can start small.

Diamond Investment

Diamond Investment

As with any other investment, it is important to set your expectation right to avoid any regrets in the future. First of all, diamond falls under the category of collectibles, like paintings. Hence, the price is not linear as with commodities like gold. For example, the price of two 100 grams gold bar with be the same as a 200 grams one, if all other attributes remains equal (purity, etc.). However, it is very unlikely that you can exchange two 0.5 carat diamonds for a 1 carat diamond, even they are of equal quality. In short, try to aim for quality instead of quantities.

Another factor that you should consider before investing in diamond is liquidity. Unlike gold and stocks, diamond exchange is not readily available. That translates to longer time for you to liquidate your diamond if you need some cash. The lack of exchange also means that you may not be able to sell your diamond at a fair price since you have access to very few buyers who are mostly retail stores. So, a rule of thumb is only invest with the excess money that you have.

With such limitations, it seems that investing in diamond is not a very wise choice. Nevertheless, bear in mind that diamonds have very high value per unit weight. This makes it a viable choice as a emergency disaster fund, as it is very easy to carry around. Also, unlike stocks that have very volatile price, diamonds are less sensitive to economy crisis. And as with other collectibles, you get to admire the beauty of diamond from time to time.

Once you have your expectation and budget set right, the rest is relatively easy. While we try to keep our cost low as an investor, it is strongly recommended that you buy your diamonds from reputable source. That almost translate to reputable retail stores. Unlike buying a diamond as a gift, tell them that you are after quality. It is nice to state your budget to help you narrow down your choices faster.

Diamond Chart

Diamond Chart

Once you decided on your diamond, make sure it is certified. There are different grading laboratories, with the more prominent being the International Gemological Institute (IGI) ; the Gemological Institute of America (GIA); the American Gem Society (AGS); the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) and GemEx Systems. It is one of the best ways to protect your investment by letting the experts verify your investments.

As you keep adding more diamonds to your collections, remember to learn more about it. Do not rely on the Internet alone. There are books and seminars that cover different topics in a more systematical manners. If you do that, you will become and more knowledgeable person; and with some luck, possibly a richer one.

Gold as a Secure Investment


With the uncertainty of the stock market in the recent years and the ups and downs in the trading market, a smart investment for anyone is always gold! Even in the event of market declines, an increasing national debt, inflation, war and social upheaval; gold almost always retains its market value. Since April of 2001, the price of gold has more than tripled the value of the U.S. Dollar.


Gold is measured in “troy ounces.” A troy ounce, originated from the Roman monetary system, is a unit of measure used to gauge the weight and price of precious metals. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams. Late in 2009, the price of gold spiked to $1226 per troy ounce. Financial commentator, Jim Rogers, predicts gold will reach US$2000 per troy ounce.

Gold might not bring you a huge return on your investment dollar as would stocks and bonds. However, stocks and bonds perform best during a stable political environment. In 2005, Rick Munarriz of Motley posed the question, “Which is a better investment, a share of Google or an ounce of gold?” On January 4th of 2008, that gold had beaten the share price of Google by 30.77%, gold closing at $859.19 per ounce and Google shares closing at $657 on the U.S. Market Exchange.


People generally invest in gold because they believe the price of gold will continue to rise or as a stable investment in the face of political or economic unrest. The price of gold is controlled by supply and demand, much different than many other commodities. Most of the gold ever mined is still in existance and potentially able to come back into the market. The price is further determined by “disposal or hoarding” of gold. It is estimated as of the end of 2006, the total amount of gold ever mined equaled 158,000 tonnes. The World Gold Council has report production in the last few years to be approximately 2,500 tonnes.

Your main consideration for your investment dollar is, do you want a stock with a fast return or one that will hold it’s value during economic uncertainty? The best choice may be splitting your investment dollar between gold and stocks. There are several methods of investing in gold for those interested in obtaining a secure investment for their money. Gold can be bought directly through bullion or coin ownership, purchased through gold exchange funds, or purchased as certificates or shares. The current gold price as of this writing is 1095.90 currently down. 0.50. Many people look for a low point to enter the gold market with an expectancy for the price to rise.

Silver Coins and Bullion as Investment


Silver…shiny, reasonably soft as metals go, conductive, sterile, pretty and very valuable. What of all the talk about adding precious metals to one’s investment and retirement portfolios? Why silver? What’s so good about it?

Silver is a unique commodity. It conducts electricity. It is impervious to the elements but for some tarnish. It has been used as the basis for nations to mint coinage since well before Rome. And it is sold at very reasonable prices and is a perfect investment vehicle for anyone to own. Unlike gold that is trading at almost $1500.00 USD per ounce, silver closed at $43.01 per ounce Friday evening. The silver/gold ratio is about 34 and that’s important to keep in mind…I’ll tell ya why later.


Silver Coins and Bullion as Investment

Silver has history. It has been used since time immemorial as a tender for trade. Silver is valued everywhere. And what of the possible collapse of the trust in the American economy and our money were to decline drastically? A Greenback is a representation of the US. But for the promise of the US to honor it, it is worthless green toilet paper and not much good for that either. Our paper is only good because of the reputation of the US but if our fortunes decline as they seem to be our money will decline in value. It’s known as inflation…more Greenbacks chasing the same number of goods. Printing them only devalues every single Greenback in existence. Have readers heard world leaders have been meeting to discuss taking the world off of the US Dollar as the planet’s reserve currency and standard for all international trade?

Silver bullion and coins have exploded in value of late. For example, but for the Hunt brothers of Texas trying to corner the world silver market in 1980, from at least the mid 1970’s until 2004 silver traded at about $5.00 per ounce. In 2004 silver took off in price and Friday evening silver bullion closed at $43.01 per ounce…an all-time high but for the 1980 effort of the Hunts and the brief spike to almost $50.00 per ounce. Nothing, including gold, Wall Street or real estate have experienced an 800% increase in value in these 7 years.


Silver is attractive because it is a limited quantity. It cannot be made out of thin air. It is used in tons and tons of industrial and commercial applications. It’s what backs the glass of a mirror for one to see reflections. It’s used of course for coinage as well as nation’s wealth reserves. It is far cheaper to purchase than is gold, yet it tracks gold in it’s value, albeit only 1/34 the value of the same quantity of gold at present. That 1/34th is the ratio I mentioned earlier.

Silver to gold ratio has historically held firm at between 10 to 1 up to 13 to 1. Today that ratio is 34 to 1, meaning gold has outstripped silver in price increase but as we can see now silver is leaping in gain percentages. In the last 6 months gold is up 8.33% whereas in the last 6 months silver is up 75.37%. The trend is undeniable and predicted to keep trending in this direction. Much speculation exists that silver will have to eventually return to its historical ratio to gold. It can do so by either going up to meet gold; gold can fall to meet silver or more likely a combination of the two. If silver climbed to an even 15 to 1 ratio with gold at $1500 per ounce silver would trade for $100 per ounce. I AM NOT making such a prediction, merely explaining the speculation as to ratios.

Silver has another intrinsic value beyond gold at today’s prices and the likely higher prices in future. Silver, as it is worth so much less is better positioned to serve as tender or money. Today an ounce of “junk” silver is worth $43.00. Basically it’s a $43 dollar coin. An ounce of gold would be a $1500 dollar coin. How many items does one purchase that costs $1500? See the point? Junk silver rounds and bullion could and in fact most definitely would be used as currency. Not so much for $1500 ounces of gold bullion.


I buy silver by the ounce because it’s easy to buy and store. Any firm selling or trading in collectible paper and hard currency will sell junk silver rounds by the one ounce weight and ingots in one, five, ten, one kilo (2.2lbs) 100 and even 1000 ounce sizes. My advice is to stick to the ounces or if you must, the ten ounce sizes. At today’s price a 100 ounce bar of silver bullion is worth $4300 bucks and again, how many things does one buy that cost that much? For silver to serve as emergency currency, and that is why I buy it in one ounce sizes, it needs to be in popular and easily traded and represented amounts and dollar values.

Many pawn shops also trade in silver and gold bullion, “junk rounds” and coin. Next up is an explanation of the difference between “junk rounds and ingots” of gold and especially silver, versus gold or silver coins that are legal tender or collectibles and the pros and cons of each for the purposes of collecting to stash wealth or for future currency as well as investment vehicles for retirement, etc.

Capital Gold Group

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Unstable economy alongside with economic crisis make people really worried about where they would invest their money safely since every single industry is still under the shocking affects from that crisis. The real estate market is now frozen while the stock market is completely unsecured, making you feel what you gain might not equal Capital Gold Group Reviewwith the risks you have endured while putting your money in their hand. Therefore, a promising market, where your money is guaranteed by real gold not paper money, is absolutely an ideal destination for anyone seeking for not only shelter but also profitable industry. The market we are talking about is the gold IRA.

However finding the proper market is just half way of the investment. The next step you must find the suitable company among hundred or maybe thousand competitors that may help you enter this market smoothly with the smallest cost and the greatest benefits, oh also the smallest risk as well. One of the best candidates you may come across is the Capital Gold Group. In this review, we would take a look and discover how one of the top dealers in this market can help you not only protect your money but also make them profitable.

Capital Gold Group Review

Becoming a customer of Capital Gold Group means you would have chance experiencing one of the best customer service providers in the market as they have each customer accompanied by an IRA specialist who would guide you everything about this market. Starting by how to install an application and then going around the self-directed precious metals system, they will make sure you understand everything before starting trading.

Besides, the company also has a broad network as it forms the alliance with many other companies. The first one in the list the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, who works to ensure that all customer accounts both in the past and the future are legitimate and of their exact value. Moreover, they also scan all the coins as a policy to guarantee all of them are legal and historic.  The second partnership of Capital Gold Group is their collaboration with the Professional Coin Grading Service, an association devoting to ensure that all the coins from Capital Gold Group are genuine. Regarding the coins, it is also interesting to know that this Company only uses the Proof Gold American Eagles and Proof Silver American Eagles, which are limited edition bullion coins, an ideal choice for long time investment.

The pricing policy of Capital Gold Group is quite different from other companies as you might see; their fees are somewhat higher than the average of the market. Additionally, they might calculate your fee depending on the size of your account rather than applying the flat fee rate like what most of Gold IRA companies often do. The good point is that you have various fee options regarding your requirements, so you could choose what suits you the most.


You could easily find a lot of positive feedbacks about this company online. Most of them are satisfied about their professionalism and caring since they are so devoted to not only make you feel like working with your family but also provide you with the best solution for your budget.

Other customers are truly impressed about how qualified their IRA gold coins are and how fast they are shipped to them. Besides, a lot of them have good experience about the way Capital Gold Group handle their money and the profit they gain after trading there. Their customer service is also praised as many people feel happy about the way they keep their connection with them even they continue trading there or not. Not many companies could do things like that, so these are very positive points that Capital Gold Group must keep doing in the future.


There are obviously complaints about Capital Gold Group, which cover many aspects of the Company. Particularly, many state that the coins they received are not of good quality of Gold IRA and the shipment was late which is quite troublesome for them as they had to wait so long before they could get their coins. In addition, some accuse that the service team is rude and could not provide them with proper help.

Other people feel disappointed as they believe the Company tries to get as much money as possible from them by convincing them to buy more than what they could handle. Also they believe that their Gold IRA system fails to meet their expectation and state that this would be their last trade with Capital Gold Group. We also concern about their scaled IRA fees model which forces you to pay more fee as your investment goes bigger.


At first, this Company seems to be an ideal choice and we are about to give them the max score. However, after reading some reviews about their issues relating to scam accusation on Yelp as well as the mediocre sale team who push people to buy more than what they could pay, we would reconsider our investment in this company.

Wholesale Direct Metals

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The current turbulent and unstable economy is only encouraging investors to seek different methods to protect their assets from threats such as hyperinflation and the dying US dollar. A highly recommended method is opening a gold IRA.

Wholesale Direct Metals ReviewIn this review, we are going to discuss a company called Wholesale Direct Metals to see what they can offer us, and whether we should make them a part of our investment strategy.

Wholesale Direct Metals Services

Wholesale Direct Metals is another company that sells precious metals. They offer an impressive selection of investment metals and concentrate on helping you build up an IRA, which I think is better than most average precious metals brokers out there.

Despite all the information on their website about IRAs and how they work, Wholesale Direct Metals, unfortunately, do not tell us much about their role in the process of setting up your IRA. They do include a gold IRA application form on one of their pages, but say nothing about what happens when you fill out the form.

After some careful research, I found that Wholesale Direct Metals is NOT an official IRA custodian. Instead, they just refer you to Delaware Depository with Sterling Trust as a custodian.

NOTE: The custodian Sterling Trust has their fair share of controversy, including various accusations of fraud, scams, cover-ups and more. They also receive a pretty low rating on Trustlink: a 2/5. Check out my separate review of Sterling Trust for more information.

On their homepage, Wholesale Direct Metals has a blog containing a wide range of political/investment type content, although most of it appears to be over the top and borderline feat mongering with the only intention of encouraging you to choose their investment kit.

Customers Reviews

In this part, as usual, we will go through several reviews written by Wholesale Direct Metals’ past customers to understand better the way they do business.

The first customer apparently had a pleasant experience:

“I spent a long while discussing with the two sales reps at WDM before I decided to purchase from them a junk bag of silver half-dollar coins. The representative working with me to finalize the purchase is Randy Ashburn. I paid by wire transfer and waited for my coins to be delivered. I decided to have the order delivered at work so that I could tale personal possession. The purchased was finalized on mid-afternoon on Friday, and the package is expected to reach me on Wed, but it was delivered on Tuesday and signed for by the receptionist.

When the receptionist called me to receive my package, I found that the package had been apparently tampered with, because both outside seams were totally split, and the canvas bag was hanging out. When I examined the package that evening at home, I noticed the top of the bag was secured with clear packing tape. On counting the coins I realized that 81 of them were missing. Therefore, I concluded that the package was tampered with while it was still held by the USPS.

Unfortunately, the receptionist at my office unknowingly voided the insurance by signing for the package. I called Randy and explained what happened, and he purchased and sent me the missing coins within a week of the original shipment. I was very satisfied. Randy was such a man of high character, and he earned my respect both as a businessman and a person. You can put your trust on Randy, who would treat you fairly and deal in good faith with a high degree of integrity.” – Donald

This customer, on the other hand, claims that the representative working with him was rude, and thinks that the minimum order requirements were too high:

“I called Wholesale Direct Metals today. Spot price for gold was at $1,186 oz. – silver at $18.38 oz.

I spoke with a nice gentleman to ask for the prices. I told him I only cared for gold and silver eagles, and I have always bought from Apmex and Midas over the years. The prices he quoted me were $1,240.50 oz. for gold and $20.19 oz. for silver.

I thought the prices were great, and tried placing my usual monthly order (2 – 1 eagles and 100 – 1 oz. silver eagles) hoping to save a few bucks while at the same time supporting patriot radio. Before I could ask him about shipping, time etc. he told me that he only deals with orders that are over $10.000. “Oh, o.k. sir, I understand.” Before I could say thanks for your time and have a good evening he cut me off and said in that elitist vocal tone these exact words…

“We only deal with people who are serious investors…we are trying to get some real money around here!”” – Cristiano

This customer was not satisfied with the quality of his order:

“This post is IMHO.

I bought from WDM numismatic gold British sovereign coins, in BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED (BU) condition. The representative I spoke to, Justin Boiles, told me that they would be individually sleeved for better protection. The package came in a plastic coin tube, all rubbing together. Some were smuggled from the vibration of shipping. I tried taking five coins to a local coin dealer and he claimed that they were not BU coins.

I also bought MORGAN/PEACE silver dollars in GOOD TO EXTRA FINE condition. And when the package arrived, 80% of them were so worn that only a shadow of the original image was left.

I was tremendously unhappy with my order, so I would not recommend WDM for purchases of precious metals. 35b0778” – by Athony

I managed to find some few ratings that Wholesale Direct Metals received:

A+ – BBB

5/5 – Trustlink



Wholesale Direct Metals has both good and not-so-good points. The overall feedback is quite positive, though there are still several reports here and there such as on, where you can find some serious accusations on the company.

Putting all that aside, there is still one thing about Wholesale Direct Metals that makes me uncomfortable: they set up your IRA with Sterling Trust as a custodian. After everything I’ve learned about this company, I highly suggest that you should NOT do business with Sterling Trust because of all the controversies around them.

I decided that my final rating for Wholesale Direct Metals should be: 2/10

The low score can be explained by the association between Wholesale Direct Metals and Sterling Trust. In my review of Sterling Trust, they received a 2/10, and I don’t think Wholesale Direct Metals deserves a better rating if they are going to start your IRA through a company with such a bad reputation.

We Buy Gold

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It is a smart move to invest in gold IRAs in this troubling economy. However, there will come a time when you need to liquidate some of your assets. It is possible to sell the gold directly back to your custodian, but in cases you may have to search for a We Buy Gold Reviewthird party who accepts to buy from you.

In this review, we are going to discuss We Buy Gold to see whether this company is suitable for you and your need of liquidation.

We Buy Gold Services

The name says it all: this company buys gold from you. Besides gold, they also take in silver, platinum and diamonds. Below is a full list of what they buy:

  • 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Gold
  • 999 Fine silver and 925 Sterling Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Class Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Gold Chains
  • Necklaces/pendants/lockets
  • Bracelets/ankle bracelets
  • Pocket Watches
  • Gold Pins/Brooches
  • Gold Charms
  • Watches
  • Bangles
  • Gold Ingots
  • Dental Gold
  • Coins
  • Rare Coins
  • Currency
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Unmatched or Broken Gold Earrings
  • Bent, scrap, unwanted, or broken jewelry
  • There are, of course, items that they won’t buy:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plated Material
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Gold Filled Jewelry
  • Rolled Gold Plate
  • Gold Electronic Scrap
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Gemstones

If you want to do business with We Buy Gold, you can either use their mail-in program or visit one of their various locations in Kansas City area. They even offer a free appraisal for your items, but for obvious reasons I don’t like having my items appraised by the company I’m about to sell to.

Customers Reviews

In this part, we are going through several reviews from the company’s previous customers to get a better idea of how they do business as well as how they treat their customers.

The first customer was happy with what he received for his items without even having to haggle with them:

“I was recommended to We Buy Gold by a friend who said that he already sold a few things to them. I visited to their store today and was surprised at how well things went. I was skeptical at first thinking they would be like some dishonestcompanies. They gave me a price that was above what I expected, which was nice because I didn’t have to haggle with them.

The experience was very pleasant, and I would suggest them to anyone looking for a way to get some extra money or sell their gold. I’m already looking through my stuff to see what else I have but no longer need and plan to sell to them while the price is so good.” – Kirk 

This customer was also satisfied with their service:

“It was a very nice and clean atmosphere. The staff was friendly and did not try to pressure you.I’d highly recommend, consideringmost pawn shops out there are dodgy and scary (to be honest). These people offer a fair price.” – Danny

This customer, on the other hand, was not happy with the service and thought that the representative here was rather rude:

“I visited WeBuyGold off of 151st and 69 highway and the staff there were totally rude.They barely even gave my items a look before deciding that they were all “junk” even when i knew some of them were worth something. So I went up the street to a place off of 135th and Metcalf, and they paid me almost $200 for their so-called “junk”…. The customer service was terrible, the location looked trashy, and they actually turn away money! I would never return, much less recommend them to anyone…” – Landon

I managed to collect a few ratings for We Buy Gold from all over the Internet:


4/5 – Google Reviews (7810 W 151st St Overland Park)

5/5 – Yellow Pages


Most of the feedback We Buy Gold received has been positive, and they do offer you a lot of choices when it comes to liquidating your assets. I decided that my final ratings for We Buy Gold review should be: 8/10 – as a buyer of gold and other precious metals

I advise you to try their service when you are in need of liquidating your assets. If you live in Kansas City area, visit their store; if not, try their mail-in program.

My only concern is that you should have a third party appraise your items first. I’m not saying that We Buy Gold is shady; it’s just a wise move to always have a third party appraiser.


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The financial meltdown and economic stagnation are threatening to sweep away your lifesavings and give you tons of difficulties after your retirement. You can lose all your money unless you are prepared. Gold IRA investment is surely one of the most effective ways to keep you and your savings safe from the troubling economy.

In this article we will check out Pianegonda to see what they offer and whether they are the right choice for you in protecting your money.

Pianegonda Offers

Pianegonda is a jewelry brand from Italy. Jewelry can be considered an investment as its value does not quickly depreciate like that of currency, stocks, or bonds. In addition, jewelry also has very high liquidity, so you can sell your old jewelry to get quick cash. I tend to mention these issues in my reviews.

Regarding Pianegonda, they are a mere brand of jewelry with no business service or any focus on investment. Speaking of investment, it is common that you can buy jewelry from places like Pianegonda and earn capital gains from the increase in value, yet that is not the purpose of this review, so I will not talk much about that.

The website of Pianegonda shows some information about their business activity. Here is the mission statement from their website:

“Handcrafted jewels in silver 925 and natural stones, completely Made in Italy, created for modern women who communicate their strong personality. Innovation, design and stylistic research are always the essential values of the brand, founded in 1994 in Vicenza.

The Pianegonda brand has established itself in international markets thanks to the high quality of its materials and workmanship, as well as its unique design and a revolutionary concept in the world of accessible luxury: transforming silver into a noble material by using it alongside precious and natural stones.”

There is nothing more to say about this company. There is really not much to discuss, so we will read customer feedback about them.

Customer Reviews

In this part, we will read customer feedback about Pianegonda to check out customers’ attitude towards their services and quality. However, there is only one customer review from Yellow Pages. The review praises the company for their products:

“The products from this company are exceptional, fashionable and very beautiful!” – Edward

And I could only find one score for Pianegonda, also from Yellow Pages: 5/5 – Yellow Pages


There is nothing more to discuss. Pianegonda is a mere jewelry store with no investment service. They are simply a jewelry store, so they may be the right choice for you if you want to buy some jewelry. For the investment purpose and protection of your savings, Pianegonda is not really an option. So the final score is: 0/10 if you are looking for an investment option.

Only Gold

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The national debt of the USA has gone from bad to worse and the value of the US dollar is on a downward slope. Many hardworking American are losing their money and all their retirement savings because of the fluctuations and deterioration of financial assets like bonds and stocks.

Only Gold reviewDespite the troubling economic times, people that decide to put their investments into gold and precious metals are enjoying higher and higher asset value, as gold value increases regardless of the bad economic situations. Therefore, gold becomes one of the most trustworthy and effective asset in the strategy to keep your savings safe and secure.

If you are seeking a certified gold custodian to help you with your gold assets and investments into gold IRA, this review will tell you some information about Only Gold to see whether they are a suitable option.

Only Gold Services

The first impression I have with Only Gold is their website. It hurts my eyes! The design of this website is so old-fashioned and messy that it looks like someone just took a website from the 90s and put the Only Gold logo on it. It is totally jumbled and cluttered.

Despite having such a terrible website crammed with messy texts and links, Only Gold seems to organize their business in a very simple model: They function like a gold and precious metal store.

Besides operating like a precious metal store, Only Gold also offers a huge amount of useful information regarding gold and precious metals. You can find such information in their website once you can understand and find a way to navigate through its terrible chaotic layout.

Gold Only also provides an article directory that contains more than 300 articles dating back to 1999. Nonetheless, whether or not you can find anything useful or learn anything from these articles is still unknown, considering that page’s caption:

Some timeless
Some once timely
Some probably just time wasters

Most of the articles in the directory are all the way obsolete, yet there are some recent articles you can use to find useful information.

To be honest here, the services provided by Only Gold are very simple and there is actually nothing much to talk about. They sell and buy gold and provide a large collection of information about precious metals with questionable usefulness.

Although the name of the company is Only Gold, they in fact also offer platinum, palladium and silver in their store.

One important thing to note about Only Gold is that they do NOT provide gold IRA service. If you are seeking a company to help you with establishing your gold IRA, monitoring your gold IRA, and storing your precious metals, Only Gold is not what you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

There seems to be a strange lack of customers review about Only Gold. I could only dig up a few reviews online. Perhaps the problem here is due to their “Only Gold” name that is generic and really bad for searching.

Here are some customer reviews I found about Only Gold. In this review, the customer said that he received a free silver eagle in his package:

“I placed my order at Only Gold through a simple purchase online website and a week later the package was delivered. Insurance and shipping were already included in the price. It came to me as a surprise that I found a free silver eagle in the delivered package.” – Douglas

Another customer received a free 2013 Silver Snake in his package:

“I was very satisfied with the professional and outstanding service that our representative Cathy gave us. And it came to our complete surprise that there was a free 1 oz. 2013 Silver Snake included in the package delivered to us. It was awesome!” – Ed

I also found a review from PMBull about Only Gold, yet it confuses me how they consider the website of Only Gold as “excellent”:

“The Company Only Gold in Phoenix, Arizona receives their first review from PMBull. Only Gold satisfies all of our fundamental criteria set up for gold and silver dealers in our directory. There is no review about this company on Yelp. Instead, Only Gold has a working store, an excellent online presence, and an A+ score given by BBB.

Though you may suppose that Only Gold offer only gold bullions and coins to their customers, as given by the name, the company in fact also provides silver coins and numismatics. If you are searching to purchase gold bullions or American Eagles in Phoenix, Arizona, Only Gold seems to be a very suitable place for your purpose.” – PitBull

Another review from Compare Gold Coin Dealers:

“Only Gold seems to be a great place for investors who buy in large sums only. Small investors may get lost in the business here. The minimum gold purchase at Only Gold is 10 ounces. So, Only Gold is a good place for you if you are purchasing gold in large sums.” – Alex

There is not much information to find about Only Gold in popular sites such as Yelp or TrustLink. However, there are some scores given to this company as follows:

4.1/5 – New Gold Investments

4.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB


The fact that there are only a few customer reviews about this company bugs me really much and it is hard to give an opinion on them. Only Gold seems to be a pretty nice dealer of gold and precious metals that has a terrible website design.

However, here is the most important information: Only Gold does NOT provide gold IRA service.

So the final score for them would be:

  • 5/10 as a gold and precious metal dealer
  • 0/10 as an IRA company (Only Gold is NOT)

Provident Metals

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In our current terrible economic situation, it is possible that you can lose all your money and savings at any time and all those years of hard working just go straight down the drain. Our economy is going through a big meltdown and you need to find a way to secure your life savings. A gold IRA is one of the smarted investments for this purpose.

Provident Metals reviewIn this article, we will talk about Provident Metals, find out more about their services and products and see whether you can rely on them to protect your savings and your future from the faltering economy.

Provident Metals Service

Provident Metals offers some really cool products that stand out from those of other companies. What I want to mention here is their precious metal package and themed coins. Some of their fascinating products are:

  • Birds of Prey: Peregrine Falcon – this coin features Queen Elizabeth II and the well-known peregrine falcon.
  • Zombucks the Barber: Currency of the Apocalypse – this is a coin set produced with zombie theme.
  • Nick Stram: Fit to Fight Cancer – this is has a very special meaning. All of the profit gained from this coin will go straight to the family of Nick Stram to help him fight against cancer and the costly treatment.
  • Molon Labe – This coin series has ancient Spartan themes decorated with modern weaponry.

These products may seem pretty strange and unusual to most people, but they are actually real products that Provident Metals offers to customers. One more fascinating feature of Provident Metals is that they also sell foods and gear that has the “survivalist” style, as described on their website.

Regarding the precious metal IRA service for your life savings, Provident Metals is not an official IRA custodian, and they don’t provide such service. However, they claim to be in partnership with some prestigious IRA custodians that are well-known in the field, and they seem willing to refer you to their precious metal IRA partners to help you with your retirement investment.

Customers Review

In this part, we will read reviews from customers to see what they say about this company. Feedback for Provident Metals seems to be mixed.

This review compliments the company on their quick delivery:

“My silver dollar order was done and delivered within 3-4 days.” – Paul 

Also about shipping, another customer was not so happy:

“I placed two orders with Provident Metals. The first order was delivered to me only after a month. The second order has yet to come although it has already been nearly a month. They have received my money, but I have yet to receive my items.” – Wiley

Many reviews complaint on the bad packaging of delivered items. This review describes the issue very clearly:

“My coins were delivered without any protective material, no bubble wrap, papers or anything to protect the items. Half of the Almost Uncirculated Morgan Silver dollarswere terribly damaged with scratches, and one coin tube was cracked. My coin order was worth $3200, and the scratched dollars accounted for about $700 because of the bad packaging.” – Richard 


2.6/5 – Site Jabber

3.5/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

You can see that Provident Metals receives merely average scores.


Considering all the things I found about Provident Metals, let’s give this company a final score after all. The most outstanding feature about this company is perhaps their unique coin products, which appeal to some people. Some may think they are very weird.

Provident Metals offers a lot of unusual coins to their customers. That’s a cool thing. However, they are NOT an IRA custodian of gold or other precious metals. To put it frankly, they offer no service for your IRA, they will just guide you to their partners.

So the final score for Provident Metals:

  • 7/10 for being a precious metal dealer
  • 3/10 for IRA service

Although Provident Metals is not a recommended choice when it comes to gold and precious metal IRA, their precious metal dealer business seems very decent with a minor shipping issue. Also, Provident Metals is highly recommended if you are looking for weird unique coins.